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Devs Stop Ignoring Us: Thread of all Non Addressed Issues

YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,928
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This thread is aimed directly towards the developers of Dead By Daylight and its objective is getting responses over every issues devs either straight ignored or mildly addressed with their awesome "Soon™".

I openly ask, as a forum and community member, to every player who reads this, to write any issues I missed and to please keep alive the thread, I made it for the community. Here we go:

  • it's been an year since you promised the survivor husks when someone DCs, so that killer could get BBQ stacks or Pop or even have the sacrifice counted, when are you planning to do it?;
  • what happened to the orange crane in Ormond? It's missing since the first month of Legion release and nobody has ever saw it again, why did you removed it?;
  • why do you keep ignoring the issues with the Ps4 trophies despite the many threads every week people open about this hot topic?;
  • why haven't you updated the Ps4 report system? It feels pointless, also the entire Ps4 ban system is a joke, and the only time I've seen it being effective was to ban *popular DbD streamer*;
  • why did you remove the "switch to killer/survivor" button, it was so useful and nobody complained about it, so why remove it?;
  • why is decisive strike stun still 5 seconds long (a change that was made when enduring used to counter it), despite enduring no longer decrease the stun time?;
  • why Trapper for some reasons can't see the aura of his nearby traps? It wasn't so before and it makes playing Trapper even harder than it should be;
  • why when Hag gets pallet stunned with enduring her camera points to the ground, making you waste time? Never thought of a fix?;
  • why you keep changing stuff nobody has ever asked for, that eventually ruins the experience (like the old red screen when you get stunned during Ghostface chapter, or nowadays the sounds notification of the doors location, that only confuses you and makes harder to know which gen was the last done);
  • when will you change the emblem system? Winning a match and getting "brutal killer" is one of the most annoying things in the game, also fix the insta down-chase system;
  • why do you keep lying about your "matchmaking 6 ranks hard cap"?;
  • any plan to fix the ironworks of misery window? (as suggested by user @Galklife);
  • when will you make that survivors load in together whether they are SWF or not to prevent dodging, as you promised? (as suggested by user @malloymk).
  • (as @BBQnDemogorgon pointed out) you should stop putting band-aids to core issues of the game (the entire deep wound tragic comedy, or bamboozle for infinites or ruin to stop gen rush).

Thanks for reading, if anyone has anything to say, write a comment, I'll add your issue to this post and i'll tag you.

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