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Tips so i can get better as Legion ?

I play many games as Legion every day and i finally managed to get the Adept Legion achievement. I try to deep wound 2 or 3 people and I try finish one of them with M1. I try to apply pressure on gens by regularly coming back to the most frequented ones. I usually use the basic perks because they are good enough for me, but it is also because I didn't level up my Legion too much (only lvl 10 so far, i spent every BPs into survivors and other killers in the past, before i realized how much i enjoy playing as Legion).

I would like to know which perks fits the best for Legion and if you have any tips so i could eventually master him (so builds, advice etc).

Thank you!

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  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,235
    Accepted Answer


    legion tactics

    You keep applying damage as Legion, he isn't a Killer that just focuses on one chase and than downs them... he's a Killer that focuses on all opportunity to put each Survivor into the injured/mend state.

    Focus more on that, because the more Survivors that're damaged and mending, the more time they'll be wasting healing themselves from you... basically to avoid your M1 for an insta-down. Unlike Plague, Legion can get every Survivor into the injured state a lot quicker! The downside to this is, unlike Legion, the Plague can keep them in that injured state for the whole game afterwards because of the fear of her super vomit.

    Focus on hitting everyone in the game as much as you can before beginning to down them... you don't have to injure EVERY Survivor at the start for this to work... but injuring the most Survivors you can REALLY benefits The Legion in the long run.

    You seem to know most your basics though, so above is the most important ones to follow.

    add-on combos

    As said before, when you starting a match you should always focus on Feral Frenzy hitting as many Survivors as you can... in the past his Speed + Duration add-ons would be the best choice for doing so... but now just using Stolen Sketchbook + Mural Sketch will suffice, as they keep his Feral Frenzy active for much longer...

    Another add-on combo is Cold Dirt + Joey's Mixtape. This combo can easily injure a Survivor and than have you cancel your Feral Frenzy ontop of them for a quick M1 chase, (If there isn't any pallets or windows immediately nearby that is).

    But, those two add-ons focus on his already inherent ability to apply damage... If you're already good at doing this without them, than you can try this really good add-on combo.

    One of the best add-on combos on Legion would be the Iridescent Button + Filthy Blade combo. This combo will eliminate every pallet in and out of a chase when vaulted, and it projects your Terror Radius onto the entire map as well... Filthy Blade also allows you to keep Survivors into the mend state a lot longer... so it wastes a lot more time as well!

    Other combos like Filthy Blade + Nasty Blade also work great with keeping people off generators and mending! (The exploit was patches a long time ago so don't worry about that).

    Or you can combine a Duration build with a mend build and just use Stolen Sketchbook + Filthy Blade... that's also a very good build to use if you want to have a longer Feral Frenzy chain-stab AND keep them off generators longer. This add-on combo could be argued as THE BEST combo.

    perk builds

    Last, one of the important ones. Having the right perks on Legion can make a big difference in-game... so here's the perk build that I use on him... this build focuses on his primary goal (damage) and also rewards the legion for downing people AND keeping them injured.

    This build would be, Thanatophobia, Nurse's Calling, Pop Goes the Weasel, and BBQ & Chili. Now allow me to explain why this build is so effective...

    Thanatophobia rewards the Legion for doing his primary goal, it gives each Survivor a small but noticeable action speed boost to Repairs and Healing... but its primary function on the Legion is why I use it. Thanatophobia when paired with Nurse's Calling can allow for some very good mind-games to be had... Thanatophobia will make Survivors think it's a good idea to heal MORE than without it... this is so the penalty is removed when not fully healed... but if they heal within 24 Meters of me with Nurse's, than I can see them and easily down them.

    Nurse's Calling is also good on its own without Thanatophobia, it allows me to track people that're healing within 24 meters... this makes for some easy downs on unsuspecting players... but with Thanatophobia is where it truly shines! Nurse's Calling is by far a must have on Legion... not so much on Plague because Plagues injured Survivors never heal, and when they do it isn't shown on the fountains.

    Pop Goes the Weasel rewards The Legion for finally proceeding with the down phase. Once a downed Survivor is hooked by his hands, he gains a 25% generator regression bonus on any generators he kicks WITHIN 60 seconds. This covers the other side of the Legions cycle of damage, downing, damage, downing and can keep generators from being repaired for a long time! The less generators that're on the map... the easier it is to monitor and keep them from being completed...

    Last, BBQ & Chili. A Basic meta perk, but it also rewards The Legion with a 100% bonus BP gain during Post-Game AND an Aura reading to any Survivors that're outside of the 40 meter aura reading... This really helps finding Survivors on generators AND any injured Survivors nearby as well.

    other perk builds...

    You can also mix and match perks as well to see what you like... Before I used to run Discordance instead of Pop Goes the Weasel... Discordance will lets you know if the Survivors are gen rushing you AND notifies you if they're actually near you as well with the vague generator aura reading...

    It's best to pair this with PGTW, but that's up to you if you want to remove BBQ & Chili, Thanatophobia, or Nurse's Calling for it...

    Also, I don't use Ruin on Legion despite his post-nerf because it's never needed for me... Ruin isn't always a 100% "I win" perk... it requires a lot of luck to keep up for more than 30 seconds to 1 minute... and for a Killer like Legion... cutting your attention off your primary goal to keep people away or off your totem ONCE found is a hassle.

    So don't use Ruin unless you think not even caring about it once found is... acceptable... if that's the case than just use Corrupt Intervention... Corrupt isn't a Hex perk and turns off 3 generators that're the farthest from you... having to monitor only 2 generators with a Killer like Legion is VERY powerful...

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,235
    Accepted Answer

    That's good to hear! I'm glad my build suggestion helped you out with your issue.

    It's a pretty good build indeed, so I'm glad every thing worked out for you! Good luck with your future matches.


  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 218

    That seems like a nice build! I have BBQ, Ruin and Thana unlocked so far, i will just have lvl up Legion. I'll try to get Bamboozle as well. Thank you for the advice!

  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 218

    I know I posted this a long time ago, but I wanted to thank you for the build suggestion. All this time I have been trying to play few games of Legion to better myself. And I recently managed to gather all the needed perks. I just did a match as Legion, using your suggested build (although i replaced Nurse's Calling with Ruin, just to try), and i managed to get a 4K + the hatch. I managed to maintain a lot of pressure and even down some gens back to zero when they were the closest to being done.

    Thank you very much, I will be able to learn how to master Legion now.

    Thank you as well, when I will get Bamboozle, i will attempt it on the Build.

  • wydyadoitwydyadoit Member Posts: 144

    playing legion is mostly about having the right perks. the ones they give you to start with are pretty bad.

    don't sprint so much. you only need to do so to counter a pallet drop or window vault loop. mend is super easy to cure. When you do use it make sure you focus on getting a single survivor down. people keep trying to talk you into getting mend on all 4 survivors. that's not necessary when there are 4 survivors up all you need to do is down 1 and get rid of him/her as fast as possible.

    once you remove 1 player the game becomes easier. just sprint and injure all of the survivors because they'll start sticking together. bait the hook if you have to.

    bottom line is blood lust is better than feral frenzy in most situations.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,235

    I disagree that blood lust is better than Feral Frenzy in most situations.

    Blood lust only procs in a long chase, The Legion can FF stab the entire team and than just chase them normally into a one shot down.

    Blood lust hardly ever plays a role on Legion, the only time it does is in a long drawn out chase with a skilled Survivor... and most of the time that Survivor is injured and more likely to make mistakes

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