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New rank reset system is horrible

DwightOPDwightOP Member Posts: 2,328
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Just as expected, it's horrible. Tons of potatoes destroying my fun in red/purple ranks.

Just recently against Plague: someone gets infected and Plague leaves him to continue infecting others. That mate IMMEDIATELY cleansed. I knew it was gg at this point and it really was, 3 gens left. I did both with ruin while the others kept cleansing and searching ruin, dying left and right. All of that against "Legit" red rank killers who deserve to be at these ranks.

And this is just one example of many. Thanks devs, you just made solo Q even less enjoyable.

At least dump EVERYONE to rank 20 so the difference between potatoes and and actual skilled players is clearer on higher ranks compared to low ranks.

The new rank reset system will make it worse and worse every month and eventually after a couple of months we will end up with tons of players in red ranks. Green, yellow, and grey ranks will have nearly not players left and the Q times there will be insanely long. It's already very long grey ranks, friends wait 20+ minutes for one single match.

Update: ohtofu spoke out what I thought in a video, watch here https://youtu.be/_1DNS_alCtQ

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