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What's one thing that you want explained in the Lore?

Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

With the release of Tomes, I've found a lot of good information on Trapper and the Entity (There was barely anything on the Alchemist, and Claudette... it's just about her 8th birthday. In the context of the game... not really impactful as much as Trapper's. It's still interesting as showing how far back her interest in botany comes from...). One thing they didn't answer, though, is the prevalence of a grin, or The Grin in the game. Susie's mask is described as a grin, Trapper's Iron Grin and newly re released mask are distorted Grins. Feng min has a Grin mask.

I'm just curious as to why the same motif keeps coming up in game... speaking of music, the same melodic theme seems to arrive to those who will be taken as well. You know the one. Legion's mixtapes probably has it. Kate introduced the idea of the entity's melody influencing her...

I would just like a bit more info on these two things, to be honest.

Is there anything anyone else wants explained in the Tomes?



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