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The 4.6.0 PTB is now available on Steam. For full details, click here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/231267

Dev`s ill fix it for you


  • Temple of P- Reduced map size
  • Rotten fields - Reduced map size, added pallet
  • Plague - Increased chase/brutality points awarded for downing a survivor broken by puke (so you actually pip correctly)
  • Toolbox`s rework - Reduced repair speeds by X% , increase sabotage speeds by X% (similar to med-kits so they`re more efficient when doing secondary actions like sabotaging) this should be obvious if freddy add-ons were too strong so are the toolboxes (its called balance dont hate)
  • legion - Increase mend time by 1 seconds
  • Mori`s - moris can now only be performed after the survivor has been hooked twice, awards bonus BP for killing survivors by your own hands
  • Keys - Increased the amount of game progress required to unlock the black locks (all gens must be done to allow 3/4 survivors to escape via hatch, if two survivors remain only one gen should also remain)
  • Keys - Increase all key charges by 5 seconds
  • Totems - Breaking totems now awards BP for survival category instead of boldness (allows more points in survival without the need to escape)
  • Pipping - Remove the double pip option, award bonus BP awarded after match instead (this stops people from ranking up too fast when matched against killers/survivors not of their skill or due to DC`s/Boosting)
  • Numerous perk reworks (have plenty of idea)

Personally i think alot of these are perfectly acceptable and would change the game for the better, you want a game that is balanced and enjoyable for all players of any rank, obviously there can be many different changes but these are the main ones and i think theyre fair and balanced for both sides considered. hoping a dev will see this and understand how these changes would affect the game for the better. each match should be decently long regardless if they have a key/mori, allowing BP`s in all categories regardless of escape`s or not


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