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The new disconnect penalty counts disconnects if you task manager out during infinite loading screen

Like the title says.

@Peanits This has got to be a bug or something, if you keep getting infinite loading screens and use task manager to kill the process of the game, at that rate you could get perma banned for "disconnects".

TILD on the current system as it is right now: bad connection - you’re screwed


  • SpyMatureSpyMature Member Posts: 204

    Also, the whole system of punishing people for disconnects doesnt fix anything and just creates more problems, the only people it's gonna punish are players that are gonna be ######### over by the game's bug, for example: a bug still exists where you could down a survivor, and you wont be able to pick him up, neither will his bleed out timer go down, normally under these circumstances the killer could just DC and move on, but now they'll get punished instead.

    Otherwise salty survivors will just kill themselves on the first hook instead, the whole difference is that its gonna take them 10 seconds longer to get out of the game.

    Devs, can you at least fix the game first before implementing this system and ######### over players who encounter one of these bugs?

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 610

    Oh great ... So I had my game freezing few times in the past 3 days. Well I said it before that this would be a shitshow and and I was right. Because all other popular games who have punishment for dc/afk work perfectly and there is no way your game would freeze twice in a roll one after another. But not here

    And btw freezing have nothing to do with your connection it is the game being the problem ...

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