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We're not gonna act like gen speeds are fine as is right?

RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428
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(Hey guys, if you're coming here now scroll down and take a look at the last 2 paragraphs of this post, the top 2 paragraphs I admit are flawed because I didn't take certain things into account but I don't want the meaningful things I said to go unnoticed. thx for understanding)

I don't like using videos on forums but honestly I think if I'm going to use a video now would be a good time. It's by Tru3 love him or hate him, it's not really about him though as he didn't do anything spectacular, just did gens and saved.

If you didn't watch the video fine but tru3 on multiple occasions was destroyed by this Nurse player, seriously one of the better Nurse players I've seen since the nerf (Not that I went out of my way to find better nurse players). This Nurse had one bad chase and it was over, ruin and pop wasn't enough (pop she especially made use of). This Nurse's crime was... not playing like a (Bad Word), didn't tunnel anyone and he paid for it. Survivor mains if you're wondering why you get tunneled off of 2nd hook when there's 2-3 gens left this is why, it's not personal (usually) we'd just rather win. If this Nurse secured the kill on Tru3 he would've won, 3v1 is so much easier than 4v1 for obvious reasons. This wasn't even a Swf group, those aren't a problem themselves but when they're there they make certain problems worse.

Tl:dr bottom line is we should add a small secondary objective for survivors to do like making dull totems give a small slowdown penalty to gens per each totem active, this way it doesn't feel like such a waste of time watching someone do a totem next to a gen, actually gives them a reason to exist aside from 1k boldness.

Added on after: to make up for these changes I also want to see killers punished for playing like ######### for example tunneling one dude into the ground at the start of the match/blatant facecamping. I was thinking for being in a certain proximity to the hook (10-14 meters something like that) survivor repair/heal speeds increase by a fair bit as to punish facecamping just to secure an easy win. This way it rewards killers for playing fair by making gens just a little more manageable while punishing those who go out of there way to be ######### and gives the survivors a real chance to get gens done even while someone is pretty much out of the game.

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  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    I was kidding around. On a serious note: I'm not taking any video "proof" unless it is from killer side.

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428

    I watched the first 2 games and here's what I have to say, first off this is old Nurse which I have to say without addons is far better than new Nurse without addons, the map control possible with old Nurse was amazing, new Nurse is much slower in comparison. Second Zubat intentionally camped people and went after people who just got unhooked, that Nurse player did not, he played nice (I'll get to that in a bit). Third the maps were much more favorable for Nurse, swamp is a nightmare for most killers. The Tru3 game wasn't a complete gen rush I have to admit as well, and I should've elaborated more on what I was thinking. Here's how really I want the game to change, I want the game to reward killers for not playing like #########, I don't think the way Zubat played should've been rewarded and if I were the survivor being camped to death I definitely wouldn't have had an enjoyable experience. I'll have to think about that, I'll edit my original post and mark what I added.

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428
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    Damn that's crazy bro I wasn't talking about Swf, glad you pulled statistics that show nothing that happened ingame aside from people died lol. Did they die from getting mori'd after first hook, did they completely throw, or did they get face camped to death? I won't lie my original post was flawed but I edited it to make it more reasonable, check it out it's at the bottom of my original post, lmk what you think after. I dunno why you're so angry though, are you feeling ok?

  • maaadinsomniacmaaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440

    It's totally crazy, whoo, gens done in just 7:20 compared to how fast you can do 4K as Killer, like 5-6 minutes, when you play against casual players. I do not count tryhard Survivors.

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428

    My issue was how fast gens were done once they were started but then I remembered a fair amount of killers don't play fair/decent (tunneling from the start, facecamping) you get the idea. I added a bit after addressing that and what I think should be done about it but not many people saw it I guess, oh well what can you do.

  • yoiyoi Member Posts: 338
  • Stitch7833Stitch7833 Member Posts: 632

    Terrible video to address the issue, gen`s alone arent so bad its when toolbox`s are implemented with add-ons too. its like "forever freddy" as people called it was unfair due to how long gens took, however if people use toolboxes its the same effect and thats where the balance falls in my opinion, even more so if you`re doing a build without gen defense (most adept achievements)

  • PigpenPigpen Member Posts: 58

    I don't think gen speeds are the issue. Sitting at a gen for 80 seconds is already long enough. I think killer speed is the issue. Allowing killers to do their job faster and pressure multiple gens by making smaller maps with fewer safe tiles would help a lot of killers. I think if most of the older/larger maps were to be cut down to a more manageable size I think we'd all be surprised at how much more powerful most of the killers would become.

  • SpookyJeffSpookyJeff Member Posts: 108

    Yeah, he's definitely had games from both perspectives where the game was over in under 5 minutes, and the killer/he didn't really even get outplayed that badly. As a survivor, I get a minimum of three times I can screw up in an epic fashion and still escape (each down/hook). Killers in the situation of gens being done in under 5 minutes can make one mistake and be completely cooked, especially if ruin goes down in 30 seconds like it normally does.

    That being said, this is an a core mechanic of the game and an absolute nightmare to try to tackle rebalancing it. They can't just flatly nerf gen repair speed because new players get absolutely wrecked by killers in low ranks as-is, and the skill gap with great/ruin skill checks already makes better survivors way more powerful/faster on gens. It's also worth noting that newer players are missing perks, items/addons, and offerings, so their gen speeds aren't quite as ridiculous as 4 commodious boxes with socket swivels and BNPs. My idea would be to maybe leave gen speed the same and have something similar to cleansing totems as another objective so it would flatly add time to the process regardless of rank. I'm not a dev, nor do I claim to really know what I'm talking about, so there's probably a better way to tackle it, but I don't think a flat generator speed nerf would do much for balance outside of red ranks.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,798

    I'm okay with gen speed as it is. It's when they pull up their toolboxes and pop gens in under five minutes that I have an issue with. Devs fixed Freddy's slow down speed, why can't they fix survivors toolbox speed?

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 10,664

    I would say git gud.

    But I know, this is only allowed from Killers if Survivors complain. If Survivors are free to do Gens, they do Gens. Simple as that.

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