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We're not gonna act like gen speeds are fine as is right?



  • xP3nnyWizexP3nnyWize Member Posts: 282

    Think the problem is killers feel like they are rushed and can't take their own time in the game. Killers feel pressured. When survivors should feel pressured but usually don't and are chill. Killers are honestly timed in red ranks. If they mess up a little they are done for.

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 150

    ruin isn't an "op" or something like that , but it's used by everyone .. and trust me , seeing every single match killers have ruin .. it's mehh ... it need some sort of a re tweak or something ... double the speed of gen repair but higher great skillcheck zone , can be an example (people can choose to do the gen anyway or go for the totem ) , now it's too stressful to get the tiny little red zone while watching after ghostface who stalks you .. :))

  • xCarriexCarrie Member Posts: 982

    I think this would’ve been a better video...

    4 gens done in 2 minutes and 29 seconds. The video you showed were honestly average speed so not a lot of people are going to agree with you.

    Another good example would be this video.

    5 gens done in 4 minutes and 10 seconds...seems pretty rough.


    • No ruin for both matches
    • No perks for both matches
    • Rotten fields for the first match
    • Doctor was used for the first match

    @Peanits could we possibly get a review or statement for those videos? For me it just seems like a gen rush. In the first video yes tru had tunnel vision on someone, but for that many gens to be done in one chase (two with the pallet stun), just isn’t balanced.

  • bgbombbgbomb Member Posts: 434

    the killer already do that.

    and only one chase fail in less than 30sec which already hit one hit.

    4 gens done in the next chase.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726

    4men slug/just 4k on 5 gens is good because it shows killers skill

    5 gens in 5mins are bad xd (in most cases killer is semi afk anyway)


    i saw more 4k's on 5 gens than 5 mins 5 gens xd (from both perspectives, and i dont run slowdown perks or slug excessively) and ofc on same EU redranks as you guys (adding this so you wont add "my red rank survs/killers are better than yours)

    someone told "i have 5min gens every second game" (maybe its your fault buddy?)

  • SafetyOffSafetyOff Member Posts: 68

    Came into this thread thinking it was gonna be more bad ideas. But if you nerf both killer and survivor like that. To nerf griefing in exchange for more gen time, I think that would be good for both sides.

  • rickyray101rickyray101 Member Posts: 141

    Thanks for wasting our time. I've had killers run Ruin, Pop goes the weasel, discordance, and thantraphobia without a single generator done. One could make the argument that all four of these perks mashed together is way too over powered which they are.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,410

    You might want to choose a better video to make a point with.

  • DBDITDBDIT Member Posts: 169

    Nerf gen repair speed? No. Adding a second equally objective? That's cool. They can't keep nerfing survivor defenses, perks etc in favor of some killers complaining about whatever, but you have to look at both sides. Do you know how annoying it is to see the devs little by little take away from survivors?

  • TimmylawTimmylaw Member Posts: 77

    Then your bad. I usually 4k at red ranks with most t any killer. If all or your games go to #########, your the problem

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,410

    Lets back off the gen time argument for a second and propose another question.

    How long should chases be on average?

    More particularly, how long should the first chase be?

  • Chicago_PrimeChicago_Prime Member Posts: 14

    Have them nerf Hex Ruin and then come back and talk about the ALREADY nerfed generator repair speeds.

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428

    It was at first but that's because I forgot a lot of killers act like ######### so just making it harder to get out of a game with someone who face camps and tunnels wouldn't be good, so I went for more of a give and take. I used that video to show that playing fair isn't rewarding thus he lost horribly despite getting very quick downs most of the match. Just making gen times longer is abysmal so why not a give and take, punish toxicity and reward decency.

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428

    No I totally understand, my original post is flawed, I tried to change it to fit more what I think would be fair to both but it was too late and I made it a ######### flinging match. Just making gens take longer is dumb, nobody wants to stay in a game longer vs a killer who face camps and religiously tunnels after hook so I went for rewarding decency and making tunneling/facecamping less viable (my solution would be add a small secondary objective like making dull totems worthwhile like 2% slowdown per dull totem active but giving survivors a solid bonus to healing and repair speed when the killer is in a proximity to the hooked survivor after 15 seconds of being hooked)

  • HemsutHemsut Member Posts: 1

    These types of post are what I do not understand at all. Most killer mains say survivors cry all day about not everyone getting out, being camped, tunneled, and game being killer favored. Killers cry just as much as us survivor mains, and this post is EXACTLY why killers need a reality check as well. Some people have pointed out something important. BHVR is not trying to favor killer or survivor. They want balance for the average player because this is what keeps the game alive. How many times has this happened to ALL high rank killer or survivor. "Que times so long at red ranks" or "it's same people at red ranks so boring" Then people depip just to be able to play a game faster. So then tell me what is the point? People like this OP cry, and cry, and cry that survivor is OP. Same with some high rank survivors cry all day. The game is boring because you make it boring. All I ever see posting here now is nerf this, buff that, omg we are broken as killers, FML as survivors we won't live now, and etc. Stop changing #########, stop crying, and just play the f-ing game. Can not even tell you how much times I have gotten people interested in this game, and playing killer or survivor. They get discouraged due to red rankers going to even rank 11 or below. Why you ask? Because of OP's "suggestions" like this. You don't want BHVR cater to avg or low players. Well then why should they cater to you? If red ranks players get bored of playing with each other. They depip to play with people of lower skill than them, and do toxic ######### because they now feel superior. Also as an fyi depiping is toxic it does not matter what you say or your reason. You are dropping down to a skill level of players you know you can you with. BHVR should be focusing on balancing the game to keep new people joining the game itself. If all they do is cater to red ranks. They get bored since they are never happy, risk of losing community due to high rank killers/survivors in like rank 13 just to farm people. New people could change their mind, not play, and it then equals no money for HBVR as well.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    Who cares about average? It is about the outliers, following your logic prenerf nurse was totally fine as it was the weakest killer across all ranks. slowclap


    Can you confirm what the japanese community manager said about the published red rank stats? That the red rank statistic just needed to have a red ranked killer and not red ranked survivor in it?


  • DBDITDBDIT Member Posts: 169

    I gotcha. Between only doing gens and always seeing ruin and bbqc every match the game has been feeling really repetitive and I play both sides. If I'm being honest idk how much longer the game can remain popular and it's sad because this game has honestly been one of the most refreshing new concepts I'd say in this past decade.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    This kinda reasoning is why gen speeds are only a problem at the very start of the game.

    Past that the Killer is capable of using momentum gained from hooks to buy them more time to get more hooks and so on. Meaning for most Killers it's reasonable to keep momentum going long enough to secure a win.

    The issue is thus only either with Killers who have so little anti-loop that this isn't enough, or Killers that struggle early on and thus can't get that critical first down in time. This is also why both a secondary objective or speeding up Killers is both more effective than slowing down gens directly.

    And even then there is obviously some degree where it stops to be a problem and starts to just be the Survivors doing better (which is the right reason to win)

  • SheldorSheldor Member Posts: 198

    Of course not. A gen should take 45 minutes to repair and constantly be visible in yellow while being worked on for the killer. Also all survivors who worked on it should show their aura to the killer constantly for 30 minutes. Also in the next round possibly. Remove all pallets. Remove all windows. And still killer mains will find something to whine about...

  • PokinoPokino Member Posts: 65

    But the fact is a fair killer without camp or tunnel has to get 24 hits to kill everyone, which means 24 surv mistakes... as killer, even 3 or 4 mistakes could mean a complete defeat and gg ez for survs.

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428
    edited December 2019

    Not asking for an easy win, why not read and actually see why I said what I did and then add to the conversation. Is punishing toxicity and rewarding fair play such an awful idea?

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428

    Exactly, that's why I want to reward fair play by adding a small secondary objective but not just make playing against people who play scummy even worse.

  • The_Sharp_NinjaThe_Sharp_Ninja Member Posts: 39

    This may be true, but if they balance for the top players the lower players will eventually quit thinking the game is too difficult. That loses BHVR money to use to update the game and make it better.

  • SheldorSheldor Member Posts: 198

    Its not that this game is actually rewarding hide and seek tactics. Most maps get generated with open spaces where you can see survivors across 75-80 % of the map since the engine change in 1.4. And back then generator times where even shorter than today. Most of the games I see when I play random end with at least 3 survivors dead on the hook at ranks 10-4 so I do not see how and why generator times should be extended even more. I would rather like to see a lot of design mistakes revoked or reworked, for example that killers can actually see survivors over most obstacles like boxes or hay cubes for examples. And for my taste the ultimate crutch for killers, the scratch marks, have completely lost their justification to still even be in the game at all.

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428

    You talk like it was even remotely balanced back then, double pallets in one spot, pallet vacuum, double open windows where there's no need, shorter gen times, even slower vaulting if I remember correctly, old DS being the biggest crutch perk in the game by far. Not to mention nobody was even talking about hide and seek/stealth, I don't wanna be rude but if you wanna talk about that make a different post.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,487
    edited December 2019

    The only thing that these type of videos show is that many if not most of the players asking for gen speed to be slowed down or a “secondary objective” is that you want more time to correct your mistakes and at the cost of a survivor out-performing you no longer being a thing.

    Also, slowing down gens would also benefit campers who clearly want to play the game in a way where it is just to annoy survivors (i.e. Not chasing, don’t care about emblem points). Because only focusing on gens is the direct counter to camping.

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,631

    You know this is old righ?....... as in no cooldown for nurse...... you ask zubat to play nurse right now and he'll do it for money but he says shes in a bad spot.. as in unfun AF.

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