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Permanent light blindness.

roy_valdezroy_valdez Member Posts: 11

After breaking a pallet mid chase as freddy for some reason the light blindness would not go away. Not sure why but it persisted for the rest of the match until the remaining two survivors escaped.


  • peep_the_toadpeep_the_toad Member Posts: 1

    I had the same playing ghostface on Macmillan estate

  • sensualsatansensualsatan Member Posts: 92

    It happened for me as well while playing Ghostface on the Game. I got pallet stunned out of my power and then chain blinded. It happened at the safe pallet next to the laundry room.

  • It happened to me twice now... it's kinda sad that it takes so much time for them to fix these things...

    I'm having the infinite puke of the Plague too, for 2 weeks, and they haven't even addressed the issue yet.

    I just wish they'd put more effort into getting these things right.

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