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Hee hoo hold the heck up

So. Doctor is in a bad place because he has a high skill cap for a relatively low reward and passive which only really works once for guaranteed tracking.

So. They didn't do anything to help him in a chase...well....idk how the no stance changing thing is gonna work but....they put that passive on a 60 second cooldown. A non lethal skill on a sixty second cool down. From the leaked add ons it looks like your going to HAVE to run distressing and the terror radius increasing add ons to even hope to use it.

Unless it's a guarantee tier of madness up. But even still, 60 second cooldown. If it's going to have that long a cool down idk. Put them on a timer to snap out of it if they're in tier 3 or else take damage or get downed or something. 60 seconds is an entire evil within 3



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