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Anyone else stuttering when playing?

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but while i walk around during a match my character will randomly stop in place for like .25 seconds and then continue walking normally. It's kind of like walking into an invisible wall but it's happening everywhere randomly. I've tested it on both survivor and killer and it's doing the same thing which is problematic because it's made me miss hits when lunging as killer and resets my sprint speed as survivor. I've verified my game files on steam and that did not fix it. The only other thing i'm going to try is to reinstall the game but just curious if i'm the only one having these issues.


  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 197

    This might be unrelated but I finished the last gen, and a second or 2 afterwards I get a notification from my computer that my vram got overloaded and couldn't load textures, which essentially just crashed my pc at endgame :). I think my gpu is just dying though

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