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A massive portion of the game's imbalance issues could be solved by literally just adding comms.

TheMonadoBoiTheMonadoBoi Member Posts: 338
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Before you assume I'm an xyz main or whatever please read my whole argument. Not giving survivors comms as base kit is the most easily fixable aspect which would create a much more balanced environment for EVERYONE.

As a solo survivor the most stressful aspect of the game is not being able to communicate with your team, especially if you know they are SWF or everyone's just not being able to coordinate and instead of being fun games just become annoying and unfun.

When you're playing SWF and there's 1 or 2 randoms it's the same issue; it's almost impossible to communicate with people using our 2 available emotes.

And as a killer it's more than obvious that the most stressful part of the game is facing SWF teams, especially in high ranks.

Giving all survivors a way to communicate (walkie talkies, magical entity telepathy or whatever) would instantly breach the gap between solos and SWF and gives an opportunity for survs to have a more enjoyable and much less frustrating experience and to balance killers accordingly and apply the necessary buffs and changes to make every game an even playfield in which both sides have opportunities to win if they play correctly.

Now before you say we can't force people to use comms, I understand and I wouldn't want to make DBD a stressful experience for people with anxiety or who don't have mics to communicate. We don't even need to have literal voice chat or text (since it would be hard to use it while struggling for example), but a quick comms option similar to Overwatch and other team based games would massively increase the quality of solo survivor gameplay, and everyone else by consequence.

Devs said changes to Kindred are one of the ways they're trying to bring solos to the level of SWF but if anything they keep making it worse by proving they don't really understand the frustration of solo survs at the moment, and I can bet despite it being a decent buff its usage rate has not changed in the slightest. Why should we have to run Kindred just for a chance to survive while the 3 man squad can use that slot for DS, DH, etc without sacrificing team coordination?

I'd love to know what you guys think and if the devs have already said anything about this, but I have no doubt it would be a step in the right direction.

Edit: since I think I wasn't clear enough I DON'T think implementing voice comms would be the best option, and I meant Overwatch's voiceline wheel in which you can easily access a few useful phrases such as heal me, I'm repairing, etc.

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  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 463

    . . . . No, I remember reading something that the devs said way back in the day. "We don't care if the character in game is scared, we want to scare the player"

    Communication is a curse that is destroying this game. You hear a random heartbeat you get off a gen and scout around. With communication it removes the fear that the Killer could be targeting you. SWF is a horrible mode that shouldn't have been added. Be honest if your running with 2, 3 or even a full stack how many of you tell your friends "The Killer is chasing me do gens"

    Communication ruins the fear aspect that this game tries to build up. Killers become a joke because survivors shout out they need help and here come 3 survivors to body block the hook.

    Its so bad on console that I get spammed with party invites to join the other Survivors. It happened Yesterday in two matches. And when I didn't join I got hookfarmed, sandbagged you name it. I would be in the side of the map healing and her comes a survivor dragging the Killer right too me.

    Communication is ruining this game point blank and simple.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    You know what really gets me? People's damn smoke or co2 alarm dying and it beeps every 60 secs. Change the battery!

  • TheMonadoBoiTheMonadoBoi Member Posts: 338

    SWF is not going anywhere, that's a hard fact. You remove the ability to play with your friends and you kill the game, it's that simple. Not trying to make assumptions here but you sound very defensive and I don't know if I didn't convey my idea properly but it's pretty clear if we put all survivors on equal grounds we can proceed to buff killers to deal with it.

  • gaydavidkinggaydavidking Member Posts: 151

    It is true though that opening the possibility for in-game comms also includes the possibility for its abuse. Personally, I like the stressful, tense atmosphere of the game and I feel that adding comms would just make it too easy or boring for solo survivors. Where's the fear factor when you have the person being chased telling you it's safe to work on a gen for 5 minutes straight?

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 463
    edited December 2019

    This is one of the 2 games that brought me into the Multiplayer world. Hitting Red Ranks as Both A Survivor and Killer I have to say it was easy to rank up as survivor. Playing Killer was massively harder. Now a day's in red ranks I have one survivor trying so hard to get my attention and after he's dead on the hook I get spammed messages calling me a tryhard, a Tunneler. Gen's pop like crazy so I run Noed. Spammed by SWF's party's calling me out for using it,

    My point is SWF really needs to be reeled in. Its to the point on console I get spammed invites to join party's all the time and when I don't I get the Killer lead right to me, I get Sandbagged. Its annoying, and it feels like the Report button just leads to the delete bin.

  • TheMonadoBoiTheMonadoBoi Member Posts: 338

    I know and I understand your point completely. What people don't understand is this is going to keep happening until we EFFECTIVELY (no need for perks) put ALL SURVS on an equal playfield.

    This benefits both solo survivors AND killers since they can now be buffed to deal with the incredibly annoying advantage of SWF teams. If you had a comms wheel with just basic phrases (heal me, killer's after me, I'm repairing, or whatever) all these toxic SWFs would stop inviting you to their parties and sandbagging you for not complying with them, and all teams have an easy way to communicate and coordinate.

  • TheMonadoBoiTheMonadoBoi Member Posts: 338

    Please read my post before commenting.

    I never said we need VOICE comms, hell I'm openly AGAINST voice comms in most games, but a similar system to Overwatch's comms wheel in which you can only select a few useful phrases would be extremely useful for EVERYONE.

  • SoulSeverSoulSever Member Posts: 40

    This game is really not a scary game, communication or not, it has horror elements but it is not an horror game, the mere fact of it being a multiplayer game severely impairs any fear it might cause, and if that does not take the fear away, playing the game repeatedly will.

    Prioritising making it frightening over being balanced would only lead to old players being even more tired of the balancing issues than they already are.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,370

    Imagine hearing little Jimmy getting yelled at because he's playing Dead by Daylight after his bedtime.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    More emotes to choose from would be nice.

  • TheMonadoBoiTheMonadoBoi Member Posts: 338
    edited December 2019
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  • ThatOneGuyThatOneGuy Member Posts: 219

    Laughs in Xbox. Most the time no one joins the party invite that gets sent out or if they do their muted and don’t talk at all. Or you’ve got the lovely person who is first one hooked and starts going off on the team about it being our fault he got hooked cuz we didn’t rush to body block. Or you’ve got the classic music blasting, dogs barking non stop, someone cooking or doing dishes in the background, baby’s crying. All the noises you wanna hear in a game that requires 100% listening.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,949

    Last Year has voip and the first thing you do is mute it. Talking to friends is one think. Talking to random assholes is another.

  • TromanTroman Member Posts: 116

    Voice comms - I'd glad most people agree that we don't need it.

    Concerning "Overwatch's comms wheel" - it doesn't fit DBD. And if someone refuses to communicate and share information, it's pretty useless.

    It's beed said so many times, what we need is more info on the HUD about current survivor activity:

    when someone is being chased, when someone is working on gen or opening the exit gate etc. It fits DBD much better and will work regardless of someone being not very "talkative".

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    Jake - Heal me

    Claudette- Lets finish this gen first its at 80%

    Jake- Heal me, Heal me, Heal me, I need healing, Heal me, Heal me, hea-

    Claudette- Goddammit alright!

    Jake- *Runs away* Heal me, heal me, hea-

    Claudette- F this shi*! *DC*

  • Nutty_ProfessorNutty_Professor Member Posts: 619
    edited December 2019

    Another thing is you haven't considered with VOID with DBD is European servers, there are so many language barriers that you wouldn't even be able to communicate with the other survivors even with in game voice system.

    If I wanted to talk in DBD I'll play SWF, like everyone else I don't want to have to deal with listening and talking to randoms. Also in solo I can freely say "wow this David is boosted" or this "this Meg is useless" without hurting anyone's feelings.

  • VincentRedfieldVincentRedfield Member Posts: 285

    "But there would be annoying people in chat." Well mute them what are you a 3 year old?

    The game very much needs voice comms and the display to show who is in chase.

    That or devs need to go Splinter Cell and actually make this a stealth game not "crouch and face the wall to hide your bright shirt."

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,167

    The main issue i see is how mich info is too much? How would that change the game and would it be for the better for those who enjoy playing solo and not knowing?

    The game is such a simple premise that knowing too much imo could and probably would start to make it mundane.

    The reason it doesn't get as mundane for friends in a lobby is they have fun playing and having a laugh with each other.

    A chat wheel doesn't work as it takes time so when someone is in chase it really has no use as it could mean taking a hit just to tell something.

    I for one feel this is why the devs are reluctant to add certain things as they know this themselves as the game itself would start to become something other than it is.

    Most games like this in an assymetrical setting where team work is paramount don't tend to do so well with a PvP setting history has shown this.

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 831

    *The Entity claims Mercy for another Survivor*

    Jake - I need healing

    Mercy - *DC*

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 831

    A chat wheel is plausible, and would add some needed communication to Solo Players who currently can't do anything beside emote or take specific perks.

    Some people think this would be abused via spamming. Similar to Overwatch, the chat wheel can be locked for a period if someone spams.

    Some people think this would break the game and make Survivors overpowered. If nothing is changed when the chat wheel is added, yes. But if we buff Killers or/and nerf Survivors when adding the chat wheel, Survivors won't become overpowered.

    If implemented properly, this would heavily close the gap between Solo Players and SWF Groups, and make balancing the game significantly easier. Perks like DS, BT, Ruin, etc, can be changed to feel balanced in all situations.

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