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Why are immersive players looked down upon?



  • C0ntr0113d1nf3rn0C0ntr0113d1nf3rn0 Member Posts: 4
    edited December 2019

    When being unhooked by someone that has BT or WMI, there's a notification that pops up on the left side of your screen for either.

    BT shows that you have the Endurance effect to the right near all the status icons as well.

    So while playing, when you get unhooked, try paying a bit more attention to the left side of your screen and you'll see what I mean but only if they have the perks.

    With WMI, unless the Killer is within 30 metres, it's always better to just heal off hook. Wastes less time and gives the person who just got unhooked a fighting chance when the Killer does return. Not to mention that wasting time trying to find a hiding spot to heal with it could help the Killer especially if they have NC.

  • ElegantElegant Member Posts: 443

    Mostly because it just makes the game boring. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just uninteresting and can drag the game on for a longer

  • BloodwidowBloodwidow Member Posts: 190

    Immersive player doing no unhooks, don't help their teammates, and never do objectives. They just connect and sitting on the hatch till the game ends. 🙃

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110

    It's not that they are looked down on as a whole. There are super immersed players out there who get things done in games. Whether that be gens, saves, totems etc.

    Then there's the person who will run across the map from the generator they were at even at the faintest sound of a heartbeat. The person, who when you are hooked, can be seen urblend evading around the edge of the map being useless. Those make up the majority of the super immersed ones.

  • TheDizTheDiz Member Posts: 240

    if you get unhooked and the person starts to heal you, it's easy to see if they have We'll Make it by the speed and if you feel it's an unsafe heal simply run away and break the healing process. But I do hate when you are being carried to a hook and see someone running right behind the killer and unhooking you immediately only to find out they DON'T have borrowed time! Being farmed to death is the worst, especially when you bring a good item.

  • NinoV1NinoV1 Member Posts: 382

    As a killer it’s boring as F to verse a bunch of immersed players. Only so many times I can check untouched gens before I get bored.

  • KingHEADBUSTERKingHEADBUSTER Member Posts: 75

    I don't see this bc I'm red rank, get good use object of obsession and bate killer into chases. Look at the killer while running, so many bad players just look where they are running, I kno I play a lot of ghostface.

  • HoldonholdonHoldonholdon Member Posts: 48

    The arms flailing while on the hook used to be at least when I played on PC, is when a killer was Camping, face camping, and survivors would flail their arms to tell other survivors that the killer is a camper and , either do gens and be prepared if you're coming to unhook.

    I started playing on console and now all I see are people flailing their arms to either rush everyone for a unhook sace or simply cause they are just goofing around. It's annoying because the flailing of the arms should stay as an alert to fellow survivors the killers status, i.e., camping, facecamping. It helps a whole lot believe it or not, because you can prioritize your time doing gens, totems and being more prepared when you come for the unhook/save. Every survivor knows we have a camper and take on the task accordingly.

  • OGBatDad69OGBatDad69 Member Posts: 32

    Omg I hope I never get matched with you. As a survior main you are the very definition of the surviors I CANT STAND!!! GG GET GOOD

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

    I mean there are more ways to distract a killer than just looping them - and we should not confuse stealth play style with fully immersed...the fully immersed just doesn't do anything or if they do they make sure there is no risk to themselves when they do it. A stealth player can waste a killer's time by having them look for them - killer knows someone is there, but the stealth player is good at keeping them guessing. Either way killer is being distracted the same.

    There will come a time when one does have to get better at chases. Looping is a big part of that - it's really the only reliable defense survivors have, especially against tunneling.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343

    I'm exactly the same way. Personally, I wish that stealth were a bit more of a viable option, both gameplay-wise and emblem-wise, than it currently is, because I like to think of stealth and aggression as the two main playstyles in DBD.

    Considering how much harder and more unavoidable chases become at higher ranks, though, I can see Peanits' point that it's better for people who don't do well in chases to be deliberately kept lower.

    Of course, one could argue that the game could just be rebalanced a bit such that choosing to avoid chases altogether is a more viable option at top ranks, but if every survivor is doing that it can get really boring and frustrating for the killer, so it starts to become a problem in that regard.

    So as Peanits said, perhaps there's no definitive answer either way.

  • UsuiUsui Member Posts: 531

    Because I have a serious problem with you being in red ranks and watching someone die on the hook while you crawl around the corner, not on a gen, not in threat of anything, just sitting idly by like a crow on the map. That's why.

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    How about the situation where the killer isn't very good and I'll get max score on objective and about 4,000 on altruism and escape only to no pip because the killer chased just one guy the whole match and never found me. I feel like that's kinda messed up, am i suppose to run to the middle of the map and drop pallets to get his attention? The whole point is to escape right? Seems counter productive.

  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 240

    Because you aren't good for being in the place the killer didn't check ( most likely in the corner of the map away from every objective).

    Also little baby stealthers don't know what it means to stop crouching and run, they must not realize only the hag requires a lot of crouching or something.

    Definitely one of the most draining aspects of this game is when survivors decide to stealth and not do any objectives. I'm tired of these no skill players begging for stealth to be rewarded when you aren't doing anything special what so ever. Looping is not that difficult to pick up on and what are you so afraid of? It's a video game for crying out loud try something different.

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 270

    I always wave my hands around on hook because I'm bored. It's not normally survivors telling you to hurry, heck I've had some people tell me it's a signal that the killer is close but honestly people do it for different things so don't take a survivor wiggling their hands to mean anything...

  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 740

    You can be very good at stealth, and do objectives but still be detrimental to your team, why?

    Because you won’t be found, therefore as killer I will keep finding the other survivors, instead of my usual try to 2 hook 4 people (which I somehow normally do without even trying, don’t question it), then kill, I’m gonna be killing the other 3 survivors much faster because they’re the only ones I can find, therefore survivors will get taken out faster as you’re not using one of your hook states to waste my time.

    Its also extremely annoying when the person who hides all game, you finally find them and they can’t even last 10 seconds in chase

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 3,007

    Long story short. You always get the one who is immersive when they dont need to be. Killers gone but they urban up to you or you watch them urban around while on the hook. Seriously is obnoxious.

    Stealth with a purpose not just to stealth.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    You are confusing the names. An immersive player is a player that is too scared to or won't do things in a match. He will crouch in the corner and Self Care.

    A Stealthy player on the other hand simply prefers to not be seen, and most people respect those players that chose to not be confrontational

  • PuckGOAPuckGOA Member Posts: 25

    To be honest the best groups have both immersive and non immersive players. Its best if everyone can run the killer If they get caught but if your running the killer that immersive dude who ducks til you lead the killer away and then gets right back on genny is your best friend. I play different styles with different survivors. Immersive David is silly. He sticks out. So I run around and do what I need to. But my urban evasion Meg gets work done and safe unhook like a pro. I can run the killer if needed but I just adopt a style for every character I play. That's why I run different perks on almost every character.

  • rickyray101rickyray101 Member Posts: 141

    Because the majority of the players are cry babies that are too lazy to learn a new strategy.

  • Auron471Auron471 Member Posts: 1,308

    im only upset about immersed players is if they are immersed for no reason. If the killer isnt hag, and the killer is miles away? WHY TF ARE YOU URBAN EVASIONING AROUND THE MAP.

  • WalkerWalker Member Posts: 16

    Honestly, I play most solo queues and I rarely have that kind of thing happening in my games. I'll usually stick to what I am doing, and I have a good grasp on calculating how long it would take me to reach someone on the hook and unhook them the moment before they hit the next stage. I'll wait around until this limit, and only then abandon what I am doing to go save. Most of the time they'll already be saved by then and I won't even have to let go of whatever else I'm doing, 'cause people in rank 1 tend to generally be very altruistic.

  • bilauetabilaueta Member Posts: 341

    Stealth is great but sometimes it is better for you to get hooked for the first time and not let the others die on their last one

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Because you are shorter when you crouch.

  • T2KT2K Member Posts: 637

    Maybe Im wrong here, but I thought DbD as survivor is about teamwork and chase. If you have fun hiding and doing gens its ok but its also like only playing a part of the game. And in terms of teamwork playing immersed will often get your team killed. Ofc its good if the killer doesnt find you immediately and wastes time for searching. But if you never get chased and one player dies and you havent been even hooked there is something wrong. Many immersive players also tend to unhook and hide right after. Many dont take protection hits, set priorities wrong or are too inexperienced in chases due to playing always immersed. Imo I dont know why you should play DbD if you like playing hide and seek the whole game. There are many other games better suited for this playstyle. And yes I admit I dodge bush people at R1.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,285
    edited December 2019

    My definition of people being 'immersed' in dbd: Survivors that seemingly hide all game, hardly do anything, take way too long unhooking, take 10 mins looking and cleansing all the totems and chests. They're overly cautious and generally use SB and Urban Evasion too. They ABSOLUTELY LOVE saving their SB by crouch walking across the entire map.

    Immersed players will urban evasion away and hide in a corner as soon as their spine chill goes off or as soon as they hear the faintest terror radius. If they're found they'll instantly drop every pallet they come across, don't look behind them and tbh... aren't great team players.

    I don't like immersed players as killer OR survivor. Killer is boring without chases. Survivor is frustrating at red ranks because we need to be as efficient as possible. Urban evasioning around the corners of the map to eventually start a gen or cleanse a totem isn't efficient. RUN! Do something!

    Don't get me wrong. I don't mind survivors that are stealthy now and then. But being stealthy and being immersed are 2 very different things, from my perspective.

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