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Why instadown perks notify when being hit by the killer powers?

I dont see the sense of that....

why i can't hide i have devour hope or noed by chainsaw survivors or using the huntress hatchet's.

also... i think there are a lot of perks who should work by any hit and not only by basic attacks.

like sloppy butcher, surge, remember me, dark devotion, third seal, any instadow perk, and a long etc, i know i know... doing that addons who apply mangled for X seconds become useless... but meh... they already look pretty useless anyways.


  • slayaslaya Member Posts: 30

    This would be way to op for killers, imagine getting chainsawed and you get sloppy butcher, hex third seal, save the best for last, and infectious fright happen all at once, wouldn’t be very fun and it would just imbalance the game

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,251


    It was made that way for a reason, if Killers could just hide Devour Hope until they actually need it, than they could get to 5 stacks on Billy without anyone knowing and just randomly mori a Survivor.

    Or they could continue to down Survivors with a chainsaw or other such secondary attack, afterwards they'd use the M1 on a fully healed Survivor to gain a lot of traction after someone is hooked... they easily get to 5 stacks and than start mori'ing Survivors.

    It was set this way for a reason, mainly because you only need 2 more hooks after you get 3 to start mori'ing Survivors. You could easily fake out a lot of hits with secondary power hits and than just down them when the time is right, this could easily down an entire team with a full stack of STBFL at one generator with two Survivors.

    You'd hook them all after, than you'd have 5 stacks and mori anyone you come across. It would just be way too strong.


    It's easy to get another hook after you get 3 stacks of Devour Hope. If it was hidden behind secondary power hits like chainsaws, Feral Frenzy hits, etc, than the Killer could manipulate a scenario where they would get 2 downs in a row and than hook them both to activate Devour Hopes mori ability.

    This was mainly done to make it not extremely OP.

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