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What is your solution to SWF matchmaking? Open to ideas.

So once general matchmaking gets fixed the other problem people disagree on is SWF of wide ranges of ranks. It seems there are three popular options:

  1. ranked based on the worst ranked survivor. Obviously this part can be unfair to the killer and frustrating for new players, a rank 20 killer ranked against even one rank 1 and his lower rank friends will struggle to catch him and may not know enough to drop chase. Also I used to see rank 1 1 1 15 just to get a rank 15 killer to bully.
  2. base it on highest ranked survivor. Flip side this is unfair to the survivors, as two rank 2s and two new rank 20s against a rank 2 killer will spend the whole gaming unhooking there new players because they will most likely be instant downs for any good killer.
  3. use the average. This seems like an obvious solution but if you look at a team of 2 2 14 and 14 they would face a rank 8 killer, the difference in looping between those ranks is so severe IMO that he will quickly down the 14s but be faced with long, multiple gen chases against the 2s so this has the potential to an unfun game for 3 out of the 5 players at least

what would your perfect solution be, assuming whatever you decided on would actually be programmed correctly?


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