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Unpopular Opinion: “The Game” Map is Strong for Survivors

The loops and countless safe pallets can make this map so strong for survivors. I always see people saying this map is killer sided, but I just don’t see it? I love when I get this map as survivor, as I know I can take advantage of so many strong loops and waste the killers time.

Great Loops I can think of include: 2 pallets above the bathroom, 2 pallets beside the bathroom (the closer one gets incredibly weaker once the gen gets done, so it’s better to use that sooner rather than later. Although you can choose not to do that gen which can be very unsafe depending on the killer), Jungle gym (usually/always just one), Enlarged T/L wall (reusable!), Pallet outside of red room (completely safe), Those two complete safe pallets in which one spawns on the top corner floor and the other spawns directly below it on the bottom floor, meat grinder drop (even better with BL) into a decent pallet.

That’s just the great ones! That’s 10! amazing spots on this maps. There’s also a lot of decent loops where you have a good chance at winning. I’d say around another 10-15 of those quite honestly.

As killer, (it depends what killer I am) I usually feel neutral about it. LOS is a big asset as it’s hard for a survivor in discern where you are in a certain location. Can be great for totems spots too if you like running those.

I honestly find this map quite balanced, if not a little survivor sided (high ranks).

Those are my thoughts about this map. What are yours?



  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    This is my favorite map as survivor, I always thought it was pretty nice for survivors.

  • AAAAAAAAAA Member Posts: 558

    My biggest complaint is the verticality. As survivor, I can hear a strong heartbeat and I don't know if the killer is right on top of me or just literally right on top of me. And as killer, lots of distance dependent perks (like BBQ, Devour Hope, and Make Your Choice) are much harder to use. I like maps with some verticality, like Badham or Hawkins, but The Game just messes with so much stuff.

  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 1,077

    Hmm weird. I haven’t really experienced that myself. Especially with coordinated groups (whether I’m a killer or survivor).

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,426

    the one thing I absolutely hate about this map is dead zones because a gen isn't finished

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,592

    It's surprising that it's an unpopular opinion, because it's a very easy map to do long chases on if you know where pallets are. 15-20 completely safe pallets on that map.

  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 1,077

    I actually just remembered the underneath the stairs pallets and the drop down ones (there’s also the upstairs around the corner ones, but I don’t find those always completely safe). So 15-20 safe pallets might be that range.

  • rabid_pygmyrabid_pygmy Member Posts: 61

    Historically, it's been killer sided. Lately though, at least in high ranks, survivors have all the good loops and pallet spawns memorized. Personally I escape it more often than not these days. The number of pallets may need to be brought down to make it fair for the average m1 killer. Some more lockers upstairs would be nice too.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,824

    It’s strong for survivors if they are conservative with pallets and get generators done fast. Once the pallets are gone the whole map is a dead zone. There is almost no vaults on the map so there is nothing keeping survivors safe besides the unmindgamable safe pallets.

    Luckily for survivors the map is full of safe pallets that the killer HAS to break and the pallets seem endless so rarely do they run out of pallets before all the generators pop.

    The map is definitely favored toward survivors because most of the pallets are safe. If they just throw down pallets and go through them quickly then the match will quickly turn into the killer’s favor.

  • iamscumqueen101iamscumqueen101 Member Posts: 101

    That's my favourite map as killer so I disagree but of course some are gonna be optimal on different maps, you could be a maverick on farm or estate both I dislike passionately.

  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 1,077

    And even then, they don’t have to be THAT conservative. And at high ranks, rarely do you see someone waste pallets and a high rate unless it’s a low rank SWF. But yeah, I do agree.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Before they gutted Balanced Landing, yes. It was definitely a survivor map.

    Now... maybe. There are a lot of safe pallets but for a lot of killers this map is really strong. Really the only killers that are disadvantaged on Game are Trapper and Billy.

  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 1,077

    I’d argue the most the killers you didn’t mention aren’t at a disadvantage OR advantage on this map. It’s actually quite nice.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227


    Stealth killers are definitely at an advantage.

    Killers with some form of teleport are at a clear advantage.

    Not a great map for Huntress but then again what is?

    Doc can get an easy 3 gen on this map.

    Clown with Brutal Strength can eat through all the pallets pretty fast.

    Basement is very strong so Bubba can potentially snowball hard.

    Who's left? Plague and Legion I guess. Legion gets more benefit from Killer Instinct so it can help. Plague doesn't have to go as far for fountains.

    So if we count them 2, Bubba and Huntress, that's only 6 killers out of 18 that are clearly disadvantaged.

  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 651

    The Game is a disorientating map for newer players. Its easy to get lost and the 2 floors and limited line of sight can make it hard to know where the killer is coming from.

    That being said, once you get accustomed to the layout, survivors can have a field day abusing the complelty brain dead pallets that are all over this map. Allmost all of them are completly safe. If you know what you are doing and are against a killer with no power or perks to play around pallets, you can run them for an absurdly long time as long as you don't make any mistake.

    Its the Doctor of DBD maps. Annoying to newer players but a joke to red rank veterans.

  • luka2211luka2211 Member Posts: 1,433

    Agreed,i always said its survivor sided cause there is legit like 1 unsafe pallet on the whole map

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 438

    Mostly depend on the rng, not to mention it is very easy to get 3 gen in that map.

  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 1,050

    It's a quite boring map, when it comes to pallets. They are all safe and most of them have to be thrown when beeing chased through. So there is barely any play choices for both sides. No mind games or movement predictions.

    But it's still hard to say, if it's survivor sided. Pallets are strong, but when they are gone, they fall quick and you create complete deadzones from one chase to another. The endgame situation is heavy survivor sided though. Both gates spawn at the opposite side and the hatch is always downstairs.

  • kate_mainkate_main Member Posts: 178

    3000 safe pallets.

    Of course it is survivor sided,lol

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    "The Game" is situational. As hillbilly it's survivor sided, as wraith it's killer sided.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    I'll take this map over Blood Lodge any day, that's for sure.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 4,255

    Have you fought doctor on this map.

  • Not unpopular with anyone I know, its a very survivor sided map. The pallets are insane.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 4,043

    Yes, the pallets are incredibly safe.

    That's largely countered out by the difficulty in finding gens, VERY strong totem spawns, and the fact that you can easily three gen yourselves in ways you can't even see, but the killer can.

    I'd say it's one of the more interestingly balanced maps because it has some extreme strengths for both sides.

    I also just like rarer maps in general cos they change things up a bit.

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853
    edited December 2019

    love the aesthetic of this map, it's also super fun for stealth killers, it also works great for doctor and hag, cuz with doctor your terror radius pretty much fills the entire map with distressing, and with the dried cicada add on the hag can teleport nearly around the entire map which is a great tool for map pressure

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    Well, the map has no vault locations, and while the pallets seems safe you don't loop them because they are often a long that requires you to drop them instantly, which leads to an arguement whether or not these pallets are safe. Also, totem spawns in this map are pretty good, and this map helps big TR and Stealth killers at the same time because of the million line of sight blockers or the constant terror radius that you dont know is in your floor. And, some popular perks here are greatly boosted on the killers side, like spine chill that is always on and nurses calling that is always on range. I think these reasons make it a killer sided map

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    Most of the pallets are safe, but the loops they are in are too big to loop even once, so the pallets have to be thrown early and when that is done 3 times, the map is a dead zone

  • laurelstroodlelaurelstroodle Member Posts: 432

    I love this map as well, is haddonfield 2.0 but you dont need Balanced Landing on this one (it is even more strong with bl) pallets are safe af

  • ArtyomichArtyomich Member Posts: 281
    edited December 2019

    Yes, Exactly. The Game Map is really strong. There is no reason to be afraid of M1 killers that may come out of nowhere when almost every pallet in that goddamn map is safe and is accessible by the sprint burst you get from getting injured.

    If you know how to be pallet efficient the 4 pallets near the bathroom is one of the most annoying thing ever.

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  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 1,077

    Does have that enlarged T/L wall, jungle gym window and the frozen meat room window. I disagree with the pallets. There’s only the red room you can’t really loop and the two corner ones. I agree stealth killers are good, but that by itself doesn’t make the map a killer sided one in general. I talked about totem spots being good already in my OP. I think there’s a lot of good perks for both sides to be used on this map.

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