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Killer Nerf Predictions



  • MoppotMoppot Member Posts: 9

    Do people really still think killer should be nerfed and not buffed? Do the math, a good chase for killer lasts 30 seconds and probably takes another 10 to hook them and get to another survivor with BBQ, that's 40 seconds of work on 3 gens when they only take 80 seconds total. In other words survivors get 150% of gen work in 1 chase, not including the possible 20 seconds to find someone if you get unlucky. Not only that, but if the survivors go for the unhook and heal it takes probably 10 Seconds for the unhook then 16 for a heal, so 26 to get rid of your 40 seconds of chase and finding a new chase. This amount of time allows the 4th person to pop 1st Gen about the time killer gets 1st hit on new chase, and for the unhooker and unhooked to run back to the unhooker's gen and pop it by the time the killer gets 2nd down, AND there will be another gen at 50% from the first person chased. None of this is including perks such as we'll make it for an 8 second heal off hook or if the survivors can't hit their ruin skill check but I think just based on the fact that 60% of gens (2 complete 2 at 50%) will be done by a smart team with no items by 2nd hook to a decent killer is kinda ridiculous. I feel like most people who complain about killer being over powered have never actually sat down and played killer for a rank reset. I can tell you right now that unless you're playing nurse or spirit you will tell immediately when you make it even to purple ranks how much more difficult it is to win as killer against a good team of pallet efficient survivors. I know this is long and we could get into details about perks and add-ons and items and offerings and blah blah blah, but I think even if we look at that a good survivor team should come out on top with atleast 2 if not more escapes. I play both sides rank 1 pretty evenly so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what's up with the game, but maybe I'm wrong. That's my 2 cents but if you wanna have a discussion about it I'm up for that but I don't really check on threads often so I guess if you care enough or think I'm wrong you can hit me up on steam at Moppot.rats. Sorry for the long ass comment that probably made no sense I typed it up in like 5 minutes and I'm too lazy to read through it lmao

  • KycerKycer Member Posts: 337

    Freddy nerf:

    now survivors have to be inside his terror radius in order for their sleep cycle timer thingy (whatever it’s called) to increase. If they’re outside of his terror radius, the timer will pause.

  • matt6996matt6996 Member Posts: 82

    Freddy: Remove the undetectable status effect so BT can work against him

    Huntress: Let iri hatches apply the DW effect but she keep all her hatches

    Bully: Don't let the chainsaw rev up add ons stack

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,499

    Billy: Has to refill his chainsaw with gas after a certain amount of use.

  • MonstarellaMonstarella Member Posts: 7

    Yes they will. Please do your research before spouting nonsense. Thank you.

  • Snow_LepSnow_Lep Member Posts: 230

    That huntress one is golden. Turn an Iri into a Brown in 1 swift blow.

    Yeah they aren't removing that one buddy. Just work on not getting hit. Oddly enough, once you play killer and know the bs hitboxes for her, you can dodge them a whole lot easier.

    Tbh Wraith is a little underpowered as a killer, as any survivor with eyes can tell he is coming (unless its an indoor map) and any survivor with ears will hear his elephant footsteps before he gets to you.

    The Hag suggestion is just laughable. Oh yeah, lets take the killer who is the LEAST viable in higher ranks, and nerf her even more.

    Only nerf she needs is just a fix.. Stop making my camera snap to that phantasm every time I trigger one.

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