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Petition to get coach from left 4 dead 2 in dbd

While you guys are voting here is my perk concepts for coach:


You encourage others to make the best of a bad situation while hooked survivors gain 5%/10%/15% speed to actions in the altruism and objective categories does not stack.

"Alright everybody, you are giving 110%." - coach


You will survive no matter the injuries while injured gain a 1%/2%/3% haste status effect additionally while injured you repair generators 20%/15%/10% slower

"Man said, any fight you walk away from is a win." - coach


Being on the verge of escape pushes you too your limits when the exit gate are powered and attack that would put you into the dying state from the healthy state will instead injure you salvation is active for 60/80/100 seconds after the exit gates are powered

"No pain, no gain. I must be about to gain some serious ****." -coach

Petition to get coach from left 4 dead 2 in dbd 41 votes

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  • DrVeloxcityDrVeloxcity Member Posts: 284

    Momentum will lead to even more genrushing.

    Touchdown and Salvation are useless.

    I love the perk names but refine them a bit please.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    Don't really have anything against Coach, i'd just prefer to see the Tank come in first, to join Bill.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,255
    edited October 2019

    While I would like coach I think two perks are a bit too much.

    Momentum - increases gen rush do you save at the last minute.

    Salvation - Direct NOED counter and it weakens every Insta down killer at end game. You could take hits for anyone to get out removing some of the rush and fun oh ######### moments.

  • Theoretical_HeartTheoretical_Heart Member Posts: 398

    If we got anyone from 2 I'd prefer Ellis.

  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 551
    edited October 2019

    Interesting ideas though Momentum is busted. It encourages gen rushing and leaving someone on hook (extra rough for solos).

    Touchdown is dangerous. 10% reduction at t3 is neglible, and 3% haste is pretty decent. Sounds like it would combine with Hope, though. That's 110% speed granted at endgame. I do like the idea, but feel like gen speed should be reduced further.

    Salvation is, yes, a direct NOED and oneshot counter which I think is perfectly fine. It only lasts 100s and sacrifices a perk slot in order to help potentially get an endgame save / escape. I like this perk the most.

    EDIT: Corrected Hope/Touchdown % combo. Hope is 7%, not 4%.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 6,637

    Counter proposal.

    How about X from X franchise? Think about it. Wouldn't X be a perfect fit for the game? Think of all the new players we could pull in.

  • SaintDenisSlasherSaintDenisSlasher Member Posts: 227

    Id actually rather have coach than Bill but since we already have Bill i kind of feel like the only way left for dead should be revisted is for a killer.

    And speaking of revisiting, Scream really needs to be at the top of that list with Sydney

  • CallMeBaconCallMeBacon Member Posts: 54
    edited October 2019

    We can make as many petitions concerning licensed characters as we want on the Dead By Daylight forums, but unfortunately it's always up to the licensed holders, not BHVR. (in this case, Valve.)

    We might have better luck asking Valve to approach BHVR on the matter, rather than asking BHVR to approach the silent juggernaut Valve on the matter.

    But then again, Valve doesn't do anything anymore no matter how much anyone asks.. so I really don't know. I think we might just be screwed concerning Valve properties.

  • Theoretical_HeartTheoretical_Heart Member Posts: 398

    This, and if I am going to harass Valve about anything it will be about Left 4 Dead 3.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    Bill is bae.

  • Yes

    If Coach got in, they should bring in the port from the passing. Both Bill and Coach have been there, so it could work as like a left 4 dead franchise thing.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,397

    I'd never say no to my one man cheese burger apocalypse

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    This made me smile ear to ear. God I would give anything to see Coach in dbd, but I know it'll never happen :(

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,238

    We need a coach outfit for adam francis/detective tapp and a nick outfit for ace!

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