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What your favorite killer, why and what perk build do you recommend?

My favorite killer is trapper, he gives a lot more possibility of mind games, making the survivors think if there is a trap or not in that area making they chose another way.

Perk build that I recommend:

Hex: ruin: give u a bit more of time to place traps and think in a plan.

Overcharge: when they blow a gen they will leave the area and if there is a trap around they have a small chance of getting cought.

Monitor and abuse: if they can hear you what about know if you set a trap? Also it can be used to get closer without they know.

Barbecue and chili: extra blood points and if you see a survivor you can think a better way to slug or kill him taking him in to a trap



  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 988

    Pig. I'm a SAW fanatic, and I like stealth killers.


    Video Tape + John's Medical File - Instant dash, almost same as Insta-Saw, but actually fair.

    Hex: Ruin - slow stealth killer needs to alow the game down. Just a little bit.

    BBq + Chilli - Best tracking perk. And BP gain to replenish add-ons.

    Surveillance - NOBODY expects this perk. It's good tracking, especially with an ambush style of play.

    A Nurse's Calling - combine with Dash for easy downs.

    Build relies on you focusing more on generators than hunting survivors. Chase them if you find them, but outside of that, don't leave your generators. Don't unload your RBT's early either. Wait until after first gen is done, or Ruin is destroyed. Then use to stall.

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 402

    Mainly Trapper or Billy at the moment, and a meme build on spirit.


    Add ons: Trapper bag and tar bottle/setting tools


    Hex: Ruin: As you stated, you need that extra time sometimes to place your traps around the map without losing a gen or two. Ruin helps especially if it lasts long enough for you to trap it.

    A nurses calling: Usually not a perk I use but trapper is an exception. As survivors often escape from the traps and heal near by, this perk makes it so that they can be found easily, and if the survivor recognises and leaves, then they are forced to waste more time, which gives me time to place traps and patrol gens.

    Whispers: An essential perk for me that I honestly struggle to play without because it gives so much info. Knowing if you should patrol a gen or if no one is on it, knowing if someone is near an exit gate, the list goes on, and this perk is just a time saver.

    Monitor and abuse: Another great perk that links well with a nurses calling (Terror radius 24m and A nurses calling aura radius 24m). Gives survivors a much later reaction time of when to and when not to leave a gen, which can only really be countered by spine chill.

    How to play:

    Early game set traps whole they look for your ruin. Try to place atleast one trap on your ruin, one in the killer shack and one on the main generator.

    Spend time getting more traps and set them on safe loops, dont bother with dangerous loops as they will help you regardless.

    If a survivor escapes a trap, use whispers, a nurses calling and monitor and abuse to see if they left the 32m radius from the trap or are still in the area.


    Add ons: Doom engravings and The Thompsons mix


    Whispers: As stated before, a necessary for me when playing killer, tells me to much info.

    BBQ and Chili: Probably the best perk on Hillbilly and one of the best in the game. The ability to see a survivors aura outside of your terror radius and to be able to be on that survivor in 5 seconds is great.

    The blood points are great too!

    Discordance: As I don't use Hex: Ruin on Hillbilly, as his map pressure is great on most maps, discordance helps alot with gens being done fast, with me being able to instantly go over to a gen that multiple survivors are working on, usually guaranteeing a chase.

    Tinkerer: Like a nurses calling on Trapper, I feel like Tinkerer is a good perk only on HIllBilly. Survivors will often expect that you are just zooming around to another gen and not expect you as they are both trying to complete the gen and don't hear the terror radius. If you are fast enough, you are often guaranteed a down.

    How to play:

    The first thing to keep in mind is no ruin, but if you know how to play Hillbilly, this shouldn't be a huge problem.

    Ignore god loops and put as much pressure on gens as possible. If you are in a chase for +30 seconds, go back to map pressure, or if tinkered activates, you can do one of my favourite dukes in the game. Pretend you've gone off only to turn around and down the survivor.

    Use whispers rather than ignore it, as it helps with patrolling gens.

    Spirit meme build

    Add ons: Prayer beads (OP pls nerf) and any recovery speed add on.

    Perks (wont be explaining them)

    Hex: thrill of the hunt

    Hex: ruin

    Hex: devour hope

    Hex: Haunted grounds

    How to play:

    Play normal game up until you here that a totem is being worked on. Go over to said totem and pick the survivor off it.

    Nooby? Yes.

    Annoying to face? Yes.

    Fun to use? Yes.

  • FJSJ_LunarFJSJ_Lunar Member Posts: 230

    You're not useless <3

  • FJSJ_LunarFJSJ_Lunar Member Posts: 230

    Rank 1 legion main hereeee

    My favorite build that mines salt and pips is this:

    Ruin: early game slowdown

    Thana: keep them wounded so my m1 is a one shot essentially plus slowdown

    Dying light: late game slowdown

    Pop goes the weasel: works well with dying light cause I'm trying to get as many downs as possible

    Addons: defaced pin/legion pin, legion mural/sketchbook

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 637

    Wraith is becoming my favorite killer. He's not nearly as craptastic as people make him out to be. I don't claim to be a god with him, but I held my own against a team of skilled red rank survivors.

    Shadow Born


    I'm all ears

    Franklins/Thanataphobia depending on what their loadout is.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Save the best for last is my favorite perk in the game. It lets you recover from attacks much more quickly, which can be the difference between getting a down and not. Pig and Demogorgon can use it efficiently because they can ignore the obsession penalty by using their secondary attacks. Some Killers can't get too much use out of it (nurse, Billy, huntress), but general M1 killers can definitely use it well.

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 296

    Well it usually change, currently is the Demogorgon, very underrated killer, best m1 killer imho, around 3rd 4th place in tier list under spirit, nurse and billy...


    Save the best for last, one of the best perk for him, since you can m1 people then just right after shred them, you also don't lose stacks shredding your obsession

    Ruin, you don't really need ruin on him, it's just a quality of life for the beginning of the game, since you don't have any portals and need to find survivors, corrupt intervention works too

    Infectous Fright, when you get used to slugging, you'll find out is the best way to slow down or win the games, this perks gives you a lot of info, you know if someone is close, and if you are in needing of slowing down the game, with sbtfl at 8 stacks, it's nut, helps you a lot

    BBq, for points, and to know where to teleport after you hooked a survivors

    Another great combo is thrilling tremors- Pop, but since i'm a slugger this works better for me..i don't use or need any add ons, but for him the best ones are the browns, faster movement speed while charging of the abyss, and faster recover when you miss a shred.. or just a 1 extra portal more..

  • TheEntity03TheEntity03 Member Posts: 45


    Pop goes the weasel:

    Slows down the generators. Also it's effective for Legion since he can frenzied to the generators.

    BBQ and chili:

    See survivors auras that are far away. Also can tell if they are trying to heal themselves.


    Easier to track survivors when they are injured since Legion can't find them when he frenzied.

    Nurse's Calling:

    Able to see where the survivors are at when they are healing. I could run around with Legion and find them healing theirselves.

  • AngelicLawAngelicLaw Member Posts: 9

    Hello Rank 2 Demogorgon main here

    Favorite build


    1: Save the best for last - For me STBFL is a must for demo the reduced cooldown is amazing for chases but the best part is with the demo you can use your shred attack on your obsession so you dont lose stacks of STBFL it is so easy usually i wouldn't reccomend this perk for mostly any other killer because you usually wouldn't be able to keep all your stacks but for the demo i couldn't reccomend this perk higher. If STBFL is not your cup of tea then your next best would be spirit fury

    2: Enduring - Do i even need to explain this? Very amazing perk for eating pallets and getting rid of loops faster

    3: Ruin - With the demogorgon he needs time to set up his portal's and activate them across the map to apply gen pressure as well as it being really easy to find survivors with killer instinct whether they are working on the gen or digging up your portal's but without anti gen progress perks like ruin survivors can easily get a gen done in that time your using to set up for mid - early game portals i find ruin to be the best remedy to this problem but a hex is a hex and comes the next perk

    4: Corrupt Intervention - Another perk here to slow down the game even more for partially the same reason as ruin but is also here in case ruin is cleansed early but even if not the combo with these 2 perks will buy you plenty of time to set and activate your portals

    add ons: Any add ons for slowing down the time it takes to dig up your portal's as well as add ons for reducing your portal cooldown. reccomend add ons Unknown Egg, and Upside down resin

    The way i play this build is easy to follow pressure gens hard you can commit to chases easy with this build as well its a all rounder build but it works best in mid game when there are 2 or 3 gens left cause thats the sweat spot for your number of portals but if your in trouble and facing a good team i reccomend placing portal's at both exit gates and activating them early this build is not complicated but its really F*CKING FUN

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 2,192
    edited December 2019

    I have three favorite Killers and one that's about to join them.

    DOCTOR (in case you're wondering, 99% of my games last between 11 and 25 minutes)

    BBQ and Chili:

    Double BP is always good. The aura reading is very helpful in determining if I need to go to the other side of the map or not.


    Doctor actually wants a big terror radius to raise Survivors' Madness tier.

    Unnerving Presence:

    You'd be surprised at how often this perk works at higher ranks. It's saved me many times.


    The skill check becomes very, very difficult with Unnerving Presence and they can help stall the game

    Add-ons: Iridescent King (overload the Survivors with afflictions) and Moldy Electrode (helps Doc at loops)


    BBQ and Chili:

    Works very well with his power. I can teleport to a gen that's near an aura and start chasing that Survivor.

    Pop Goes The Weasel:

    Freddy's teleport makes it easier to find a nearly completed gen and kick it.


    Tells me if I need to teleport back to a gen. Combine it with PGTW and I can quickly take a gen from 99% all the way down to around 40%.


    The early game slowdown is always good and it's easier to defend my totem with BBQ and my teleport.

    Add-ons: Red Paint Brush (Survivors starting in the Dream World makes it easier to use my abilities and if they want to wake up, they have to run all the way to their clock) and Paint Thinner (Watching a Survivor drop a Dream Pallet and then getting hit is so satisfying, you can't get that with the snares)


    BBQ and Chili:

    Double BP and the aura reading are pretty good. I can teleport to auras if a portal is nearby.


    Demo needs some time to set up his portals, so the early game slowdown can be a big help. It staying up and helping me out later is a bonus.

    Dying Light:

    The slowdown kicks in after Ruin has allowed me to set up my portals.

    Pop Goes The Weasel:

    This is just a good perk in general. If I think that a gen is nearing completion and I have a portal near it, I can teleport there and damage it.

    Add-ons: Mew's Guts (Shorter missed Shred cooldown gets you back into the chase that much sooner and the extra portal is pretty nice) and Rat Liver (The increased movement speed while charging Shred is very helpful during a chase as it means you aren't slower than a running Survivor).

    PLAGUE (the Killer I'm starting to love and is about to join the other three as my favorites)

    BBQ and Chili:

    Yeah, this perk again. You can probably tell that I love it. Makes tracking even easier with Plague.

    Dying Light:

    Even if you cleanse, you'll still be dealing with this slowdown.


    You don't want to cleanse? Scared of my Corrupt Purge? Ok then, have fun dealing with insanely slow gens!

    Pop Goes The Weasel:

    You thought double slowdown was bad? After a hook, I'll be coming to that gen that you've worked so hard on and delete 25% of your progress.

    Add-ons: Black Incense (the aura reading is really helpful and tells me where to go even without a hook) and Vile Emetic (get Survivors broken faster to increase the slowdown, give me my tracking capabilities, and oneshot Survivors) or Ashen/Blessed Apple (At least one guaranteed Corrupt Purge can be devastating and in the case of Ashen Apple, the extra infection time for objects is cool).

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 843



    • Makes the easy first hits even easier.


    • I don't want to get genrushed. :(


    • If they heal they will waste a lot of time and if they don't they will work on a gen with a 16% debuff.


    • Some Survivors will just vault the window until your power gauge is depleted or the window is blocked, this eliminates that kind of strategy against Legion. (And it's funny sometimes)

    Sometimes I change M&A for Fire Up or BBQ, just to be even faster at the End Game or If I want more Blood Points.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768
    edited December 2019



    Hex: Ruin: (emblems)

    M&A: Stealth on Nurse is dirty

    Nurse's Calling: Waste time or get downed, love it. Works good with M&A.

    BBQ: Long range aura reading and free BP.

    Addons: double CD, get good map pressure and keep your chase potential

    EDIT: I love nurse, because she allows you to improve nearly infinite.

    Post edited by FriendlyGuy on
  • the pig

    what im currently like to use on pig


    for that nasty slowing downs of gens i dont want to lose


    this perk is so good on pig combine it with my next perk moniter and abuse and u can crouch and lose ur heartbeat and the will never notice it was even there since they dont hear it go off thanks to moniter

    moniter is self explaines now

    save the best for last to buy that extra time

  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 197
    edited December 2019

    Nurse meme build:

    Spasmodic breath + matchbox or torn bookmark


    Hex: ruin: to slow the game down whilst ur M1 nurse

    Enduring: to reduce stuns whilst ur M1 nurse

    Play with your food: see below*

    Dark devotion: to get rid of your TR and ditch the obsession to get a PWYF stacc.

    The aim here is to find your obsession, blink attack them to get ur spasmodic breath activated and dark devotion and leave them. You are now essentially a Wraith without a cloak form for 20/25/30 seconds. This works sooooo great in chases that it's just so funny to look at the survivors trying to anticipate and juke your blinks when in reality they just run into you by running in a zigzag motion, slowing themselves down. Little do they know that you are 115%/120%/125%/130% movement speed M1 nurse. This works so well even in red ranks 😂😂😂. You can switch to bamboozle or pop goes weasel if you don't want PWYF, if your going for pure M1 -ing killer.

    Edit: I've gotten pallet and window grabs purely because of the survivors paranoia thinking I'm going to blink to the other side, they fall right into my hands LMAO.

  • xBEATDOWNSxxBEATDOWNSx Member Posts: 140

    Legion cause I enjoy my stabby boy

    Sloppy Butcher - slows heal on regular attacks on top of the deep wounds from your FF ability

    Bitter Murmur - Pop a gen and I know where you are.

    BBQ and Chili - Standard killer perk. Use it to its full potential

    PGTW - gen slow down. Super useful when used correctly

    Watch them kills pour in.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 3,244
    edited December 2019

    Either Pig or Trapper, usually going for Pig, because I am grinding BPs with her.


    Perks (currently, since Grinding):

    Enduring-->To let me eat Pallets without any problems

    Brutal Strength-->To get rid of said Pallets


    BBQ-->BPs because I grind with her and information regarding peoples Traps.

    No Add Ons

    Before I started grinding BPs I used Whispers and Monitor (instead of BBQ and PGTW), simply to know where people are with Whispers (best tracking Perk) and Monitor to make sure that I can crouch to them.



    Corrupt Intervention-->Setup Time, usually I ignore Survivors when I cannot get in easy hits at this point

    Enduring-->Again, eating Pallets...

    STBFL-->Godlike on Trapper, quite ez to get a lot of Stacks


    Add Ons: Usually one of the Bags and Tar Bottles or setting Speed, when I am out of Tar Bottles. Sometimes I also go for Bloody Coil and Oily Coil (let them spend a lot of time disarming, just to get them injured) or Padded Jaws/Honing Stone (for STBFL-stacks). But those feel uncomfortable, because I only have one Trap.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,093

    Trapper: Corrupt Intervention, Save the best for last, BBQ, Infectious Fright. Tar Bottle, Trap bags

    Wraith: Save the best for last, BBQ, Ruin, forget the last perk. Windstorm, faster uncloak

  • kate_mainkate_main Member Posts: 178

    Legion : Bamboozle,BBQ&C, PGTW and a perk of your choice; Thana and M&A are also really good on them.

  • GH0ST3DGH0ST3D Member Posts: 93

    Favorite killer to look at is Julie legion in the Halloween outfit. But I'm a Wraith and Michael main

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 237

    Freddy with Make your choice and a player hooked close a gen. Love that deadly combination. Really deadly but not gamebreaking

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,914

    Now that I finally have Oni, I really like him and plan on using Enduring, Brutal Strength, Bamboozle, and Fire Up.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 983


    I keep changing my build around cause i don't like the same thing all the time but this is what i found

    Moniter and abuse: helps you get closer without alerting survivors and has the nice additional benifit to lower your terror radious after going for survivors in killer instinct, making it so you don't waste your power by running to someone too far away

    Thanataphobia: either they will have a 16% debuff that will slightly slow the game down or they get in the trapmindset to heal which gives you a ton of extra time

    Pop goes the weasel: you can run slightly faster to generators that need it then other killers and it just lets you snowball really well

    Distressing: let's you know where multiple survivors are so you can use your power to it's full potential

    Enduring,spirit fury: don't know why but survivors really like to stun you out of your power even if they're injured which bassicly is a free down if spirit fury is active

  • Umbrae_pkUmbrae_pk Member Posts: 460
    edited December 2019

    Well I’m not exactly a killer MAIN 🔪 but The Huntress 🐰🪓🎵 is my favorite. She’s not like Spirit 👻 where all you need are good headphones 🎧 . You need to be good at PREDICTING and using your brain 🧠 with your hatchets.

    My favorite build is half basic and meta and half “unique”, but whatever:

    -Pop Goes The Weasel 🎭

    -Barbecue and Chili 🍜


    -Iron Maiden 🚪

    I use a majority of add-ons because she has so much unique and good ones.

    -If I want to be a jerk 👿 to survivors then I’ll use Begrimed Head and/or that one that causes them exhaustion when hit

    -If I want more hatchets I’ll use the Infantry Belt ♾ and the one that lets me see their aura when hit

    -If I want to be speedy Huntress 🐇 then I’ll use a cool down before and after throw

  • CogHeadCogHead Member Posts: 4

    Favorite killer (atm): Trapper because of how forgiving he can be with getting kills.


    Ruin (early game pressure)

    Whispers (tracking survivors)

    Surge (pressure combined with Ruin and even after it's gone)

    Brutal Strength (because pallets suck, and for just a little extra pressure)

    I use this build because Trapper simply lacks gen pressure. These perks fix the issue. I plan to swap to Demogorgon soon and I'm sure I'll find a build that works.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 979

    Legion. Because of the story and what you have saw of them in the dlc trailers.

    I use the Legion perks, because well... That's how I like to play the Legion.

    However, with the fourth perks I experiment very often. At the moment I think, I let "Stridor" on its place there.

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