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Can someone explain why gens are allowed to be done so fast?

Allow me to add some context i am not a killer main i play both sides of the board and even so i know people have talked about this issue a lot but i want to talk about this. Generally when i play killer 8 out of 10 times i will get a swf i play in the rank 10 to rank 2'ish area in case you wanted to know but im sick and tired of playing killer gens get done way to f*cking fast even with ruin and corrupt intervention as well as me playing very well with good map pressure i will rarely have a game where 1 or 2 gens are not done in the first 3-4 mins and thats while getting hooks gen rushing is such a problem for so many people that when i dont run ruin, Corrupt intervention , Pop goes the weasel ext i will almost never get a game were i have survivors even considerably pressured if i have this gen almost done i kick and there right back on it if i try to pressure that gen another gen gets almost done its come to the point where im more afraid of survivors running 4 man toolboxes then flashlights please if your reading this share your opinion cause at this rate im probably never going to pick up killer again



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