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Should the last survivor should have a chance at unhooking themselves?

You played a great game so far. You helped multiple people off of hooks and even healed a few. You completed a generator by yourself and co-oped a few others. You even opened an exit gate. Then BAM! killer catches you. NOED is active, of course. Next thing you know, you're on a hook. But wait, this is your first time being on the hook all game, the gate is open, you have Deliverance! Redemption is one button away....

Nope, sorry, straight to "struggle" and you don't even get points for that, straight to the entity you go.. Because no one else is alive.

Does this make sense? End game collapse already shortened the heck out of the games, so it can't be for time savings. Why not give the last survivor a full chance like everyone else got?



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