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Your Personal Killer Nicknames



  • DoctorHermanCarterDoctorHermanCarter Member Posts: 14

    Trapper -> Trapqueen/Juicy Butt

    Hillbilly -> Billy

    Nurse -> Nurse

    Wraith -> Bing Bong or Philip

    Huntress -> Huntress

    Shape -> Myers, Mikey or Michael

    Doctor -> Doc, Daddy, Bae, Husband  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Leatherface -> Bubba

    Nightmare -> Burnt Testicle or Burnt Chicken Nugget

    Pig -> Pighead

    Clown -> Clown

    Hag -> Hag (i had another name for her once but i forgot it ;-;)

    I hope i didnt forget a killer, i always feel like i forget someone :‘)

  • LaakeriLaakeri Member Posts: 835
    Trapper: Fu*k you leatherman
    Billy: Billy by Daylight
    LF: Re*arded Billy
    Clown: Captain Murica
  • slingshotsurvivorslingshotsurvivor Member Posts: 943

    Trapper: Jason Vore-hees
    Wraith: 75% leg
    Hillbilly: Not Bubba
    Nurse: Silent Hill 2 enemy
    Shape: Shape-ly booty
    Hag: Cannibal before Bubba was cool
    Doctor: Black science man
    Leatherface: Bubba-Butt
    Huntress: A literal furry
    Nightmare: Unironically wears a fedora
    Pig: Shorter than the Survivors #########
    Clown: Fat Clown

    Lol I died laughing ty for this! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • slingshotsurvivorslingshotsurvivor Member Posts: 943
    edited August 2018
    Hill Billy= Billy Boi or Hiddy Bitty or cause I think He's so tragic an cute I call him Sweety-Pie
    Huntress = Big Bertha or Amazonian Woman or Big Tiddy Huntress
    Leather Face = Fatty or Bubba or lives in Mommas basement boi
    Trapper = Trapp Boi or Smexy Arms
    Michael Myers = Cum Face or silent butt deadly
    Freddy = Well Done or Crispy
    Pig = IT'S THE PIGGGGGG! or Piggy
    Clown = Alchy or Beer Belly or Mr. Jiggly
    Wraith = No see'um or Stick Boi
    Dr= Laughy Boi or Bright Eyes or I scream You Scream We ALL SCREAM
    Nurse = Nurse Ratchet
    Hag = ARE YOU FING SERIOUS RN? or Jump scare Lisa

    EDIT: words
  • BarpleBapkinsBarpleBapkins Member Posts: 36

    Myers: Mr. Mori
    Trapper: Chuckles
    Leatherface: Bubba
    Wraith: Bing Bong

  • The doctor= Mr Baton

  • WINTERSWINTERS Member Posts: 127
    edited August 2018
    Hag - grandma
    Freddy - freedy
    Myers - mikey
    Clown - jiggly or jiggles
    Doc - Uncle 
  • UnitUnit Member Posts: 190
    Trapper = Trappy Boi
    Wraith = Bing Bong Boi
    Hillbilly = Speedy Boi
    Nurse = Easy juking session
    Doctor = Shockta
    Hag = Thiccc
    Myers = Stalky Boi
    Leatherface = Grillbilly
    Pig = Tunnel Vision
    Freddy = Primetime
    Clown = Johnny Wayne
  • Trapper:  Trapper

    Wraith:  bing bong boi

    Hillbilly:  billy

    Nurse:  nurse

    Hag:  Nea's mom :)

    Myers:  stalky boi

    Doctor:  electric dildo man

    Huntress:  Mommy Huntress

    Freddy:  Scary Terry

    Leatherface:  leather daddy

    Pig:  Peppa pig

    Clown:  fatty

  • JEWberryJEWberry Member Posts: 76
    Nightmare = Fred boi
    Hillbilly = Billy boi
    Myers = Mykale
    Clown = Thicc Nibba
    Leatherface = Thicc boi

  • FinLaddFinLadd Member Posts: 190
    Trapper: cheap jason
    Nurse: nurse
    Hag: grandma
    Hillbilly: zoomer
    Wraith: chickenleg
    Doctor: doc
    Huntress: furry
    Freddy: aww #########
    Myers: myers
    The pig: ms. Slam metal
    Leatherface: bubba
  • pauloandrade22pauloandrade22 Member Posts: 697

    Trapper: Daddy trappy or Evan.

    Wraith: his name or ojomo.

    Hillbilly: billy

    Nurse: Nurse or the killer.

    Huntress: Anna

    Shape: Myres or Mike or Michael.

    Leatherface: Bubba

    Doctor: Doc or Herman.

    Hag: Hag or Lisa.

    Nightmare: Freddy .

    Pig: Amanda.

    Clown : Clown.

  • DocFabronDocFabron Member Posts: 2,383
    Trapper: Ankle Snapper, Evan, Trappy Boi

    Wraith: Chicken legs, Bing Bong shamalama Ding Dong, Skinny boi, Predator Reject

    Hillbilly: Hillbully, Usain Billy, Billy Bob Thornton, Billy Willy, Chilly Billy

    Nurse: Asthma girl, Noclip mode

    Doctor: Herman Carter, The Shocktor, Big D, Kinky boi, Dr. Satan

    Hag: Senpai, Trappy girl, Dirty girl, Grandma, Djibooty, Yum yum

    Michael: Daddy boi, Fisto, Stalky boi

    Leatherface: Insidiousface, EZ DC, Big boi, Leatherbilly, DiscountBilly, Leatherdick, Leathertits

    Huntress: Sexy girl, Mama H, Booty call

    Pig: Senpai, Bacon tits, Yum yum, Lemme smash, Swine wife

    Clown: Thicc boi, Fat back, Smokie boi, Santa Tits, Colonel Sanders

    Freddy: Sweater Meme, Punching bag, Dapper boi
  • JaPoniiJaPonii Member Posts: 88
    edited August 2018

    I only play as Pig.

    So i call my adorable lil piggy....Lil Piggy..

    Or Lil miss piggy, Peppa pig, piglet, oink oink, and pork chops

    For the others:
    The Wraith: Ring a Ding-Ding
    Michael Myers: Jason
    The Huntress:THICC Rabbit

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