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Getting real tired of the DC's

ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303
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I've tried playing 5 diff matches bringing a mori because I'm in the mood for a good old kill, and this is the result everytime. I hook 1 person, and then this happens... Is it a bug, or what?(PS4) If not, grow the hell up and stop quitting. I don't quit when you bring keys EVERY match. I'm tired of this survivor sided bs. They don't like the killer, they quit. They don't like the map, they quit. You bring a Mori, they quit. You start getting the upper hand because your a better player, they quit. Then they come here and whine until said killer gets beat down with the nerf bat because they simply got outplayed and it isn't fair to them. I'm sorry, but after tonight, I think I've lost all enjoyment in playing this game as a killer until we start getting a lil more love and respect. And surv mains, sharpen your claws and attack me all your want, but there's plenty more that feel the same and are hanging up there killing gloves. Without us killers, there is no game to play, so always keep that in mind. This is a damn shame. I love a good, competitive game, but playing killer now is like trying to juggle bowling balls while someone kicks you in the bean bag.

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  • TisfineTisfine Member Posts: 148

    I thought BHVR implemented a penalty for disconnecting. Literally have not seen it take effect. People still disconnecting left and right.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    It was only a 48-hours-test for players on pc and switch. Nobody is getting punished at the moment.

    There is a problem with the dc penalties though: DbD is so buggy that a lot of people got punished during the test just because the game kicked them from matches. It's a difficult situation.

  • BagelLordBagelLord Member Posts: 15
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    Honestly, I understand both sides. I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, dcing when you see a Mori, but I will admit, playing survivor and seeing that hidden offering is definitely telling me that I'm probably going to get next to nothing in bloodpoints, depip, and in general not really be able to play the game I spent 10 minutes loading into. Now, from the killer side, I definitely understand that feeling of frustration, and honestly believe that if someone does dc, you shouldn't lose perks/add ons/offerings. At this time though, we've just got to suck it up and keep going. Best of luck out there, my friend.

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 270
  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Im not taking a jab at anyone. I'm tired of people quitting because the game doesn't go there exact way. I wasn't being a douche, I hardly EVER run mori's, and I never even got to use it. That's why I ran it 5x because I WANTED TO SEE A MORI! After I down the first person, the WHOLE TEAM rage quits. Where is the fun in that? I had proof, but because I didn't edit out the names, it got took down. There is no excuse for crap like this. So to conclude, I lost 5 mori's, and 10 add-ons because of this. But I guess that's fair right? 🤷‍♂️

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    It's all good. Survivor mains will never get it. They think the game is perfectly fair, or even killers are STILL to strong...

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    Who need mori if you a God on it but if you suck well yea you need mori and the different about key and mori is that 80% the key person won't survive no matter what but mori do happen so mori need a nerf.

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    Who need mori if you a God on it but if you suck well yea you need mori and the different about key and mori is that 80% the key person won't survive no matter what but mori do happen so mori need a nerf.

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    It not fun getting mori and is unfair because the killer always win so need for it.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    So, what your saying is it isn't ok and unfair for a killer to use something they rarely ever use just because they want to see a kill instead of the same boring 3 hook schtick? Man, gotta love the fan base here...

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303
    edited December 2019

    The point is to switch it up. Some people get tired of the same 3 hook bs. Some wanna see a Mori every once in a while. Just because someone brings a mori doesn't mean they suck or there bad..lmao... I could care less about pipping or BP's, I just wanna see my mori, and when people quit 30secs into the match, that's just BS. And I also play by an honor system. You play fair and non-toxic, I'm not using the mori until after 2nd hook. Most the time, I run a mori and don't even use it. It's for the toxic players and SWF mega teams to get the upper hand.

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  • Waldorf_2R3Waldorf_2R3 Member Posts: 20

    Honestly man you're wasting your breath, I'm a survivor main but i 100 percent get where you are coming from. Granted it's boring to me if I get mori'd but at least the draw back for using it is it's worth less in scoring when used. As far as keys go, using the hatch to escape gives extra points, if the devs made it the same scoring system you'd see keys used alot less. Anybody that only plays survivors that read this, please take the time and play killer for a while. You'll understand some of these complaints and hopefully we can move away from the toxic part of this community. (I came to this game from league of legends to get away from it).

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Administrator, Mod Posts: 10,951

    Please keep the discussion civil and respectful, no need to attack another on a different opinion.

  • mmainmmain Member Posts: 430

    The only time I DC is when it is obvious a killer and survivor are working together. Not referring to farming. I mean when a killer and survivor are working together for points at everyone else's expense. It's rare, but it happens and I just DC and go to the next game.

    Having said that I think BHVR could help the DC issue. A penalty is needed for DCing, but that isn't what I am talking about. There are elements BHVR has put in this game that incentivize DCing.

    Mori's are perfect examples. I understand why survivors want to DC when they know the killer has a Mori. In the hands of a good killer a Mori is almost a guarantee of a short boring game with very few bloodpoints where you have a good possibility of a depip whether you DC or not. Given the choice of be killed with a mori and depip or just DC, depip and get to start a new match sooner many people are going to just DC. It may not be right, but I can at least understand.

    Many of the challenges contribute to DCing. Lots of people are just going to DC if they were trying to complete a single match challenge and something happened that made it impossible. They were only playing to complete the challenge at that moment anyway so they just DC so they can start a new match and try again.

    I'm not claiming BHVR put those things into the game because they want people to DC. At the same time it does create an incentive to do so. I honestly think at some point BHVR has to realize some elements of this game make DCing the most convenient option, and just maybe those elements need to be removed or revamped in some way.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 690

    Penalties never fix anything. It only creates more unhappy players. I learned in Psychology class that responses are cause and effect. If we look at the root problem of what has occurred in this game. DCs have increased 10 fold because of players frustrations. I've logged 1,200 hours on the game over the last couple of years. DC never use to be much of a thing.

    None of my findings are "Ancient magic" or "rocket science". or AP calculus. They are simple observations from responses to changes in the game.

    My findings of DCs increasing are;

    • End Game Collapse
    • Shorter pallet loops
    • Pallet vacuum gone
    • Killers spawning in on top of survivors.

    1 ) If you ever notice that the DCs are generally within the first 30 seconds of the start of a match. The first person hit, Disconnects or during DC penalty. They kobe'd the hook. I've seen it more than once, where a killer spawns directly infront of a player, and I've had it happen to me. I had a meyers FACING me within 25' of my exact spawn-in location. More than once with a killer too.

    2 ) The next DC i've seen happen is a player that puts the pallet down infront of the killer, and the killer strikes them DOWN, and there it happens. DISCONNECT.

    3 ) The next DC is the killer camping. THe survivor gets pulled down infront of the killer by their team mate, the killer hits them down again and you hear the "BOING, DC".

    4 ) Last but not least, is the 2 remaining survivors. When the last survivor is picked UP by the killer, they disconnect. This way if the killer has BBQ, their team mate's position is NOT revealed to the killer. This really is NOT unsportsmanlike conduct, because they are TRYING to help their fellow survivor OUT. Not the killer.

    Im not going to put any feedback here about my opinions on changes. Because no 2 people left on earth will EVER mutually agree with one another.

  • LmronbyLmronby Member Posts: 339

    He brought it up because it happens so Often, that it's Warrented to just say "Everyone", even though it clearly isn't Literally Every Single player.

  • MedivaMediva Member Posts: 98

    Lets be clear. I am a survivor main. I do DC and "ragequit". Very simple reasons actually as to the why. And i am actually surprised they arent mentioned here.

    Mori? i dont care about that. I still play the game, its an offering. Its in the game to use, just like there is stuff for survivors. Do i think mori's are fair? No. Especially not cause it makes the ONLY perk against tunnelling complete useless. Mori's should only happen after the 2nd hook, not the first. Killers who bring a mori, 100 percent tunnel the first people they hook. Always proxicamping, just out of BT range.

    Why do i dc:

    1. If the first person getting downed gets tunnelled for all hooks till death. Easy Dc there for me.I am not giving a killer any more points for playing like a total c*. He can get my 600 points for dc-ing and i move on to a better game. There simply is no point in playing those games. Doesnt matter if you have DS. If the killer wants your ass that bad, you leaving the game with 2k points. Not fair to the first person being found, so i certainly dont have to stay in that game cause its "fair". Killer didnt care about that survivors experience, then why would i care about his? I am not having fun in games like that. So i leave. Simple as that.
    2. Hitboxes. Even with dedicated servers, you still get games where hitboxes are so weird that you get hit while being 10 meters away from the killer. Why in the world would i want to play a game like that? There is no outplay with that kind of desync, lagg on the server. And it happens a lot. Even to fogstreamers. Enough examples of hits that where pretty much not even close to the survivor and they still get hit. Hitboxes in this game are the size of a big truck sometimes. if i load in a game like that, I simply leave. Cant win from that kind of BS

    To me, this is what i pretty much see at every Dc. Yeah there is a lot of DC. But when the biggest concerns of survivors arent getting adressed (how many perks do we have by now to stop genrushing and how many are there against tunnelling?) this is what happens. Combine one and two,and every survivor dc's. Adding penalties isnt going to stop this. People just suicide on hook. I will. Unless developers really adress those two things, survivors will DC. I dont care how much of a legit strategy it is. If people dont have fun in a game (and face it, who does have fun with everything taking forever and tunnelling and proxicamping being meta) they simply leave. People say go play killer.I do. And i dont tunnel. But maybe those killers main should play survivor sometimes against any killer that brings ruin/sloppy butcher/thanatophobia and pop goes that weazel? And on top of that brings a mori? Welcome to the world of survivor on a daily basis people!

  • SafetyOffSafetyOff Member Posts: 68

    This. It's much worse for the survivors when a player rage quits. Or griefs on hook cause they got hooked first and you're 3 v 1. Then you get sweaty killers running Mori, BBQ, Ruin and Whispers.

    Then other people leave. Everyone is tired of the unfixed problems in the game. Solos tired of getting stomped and DCs. Killers tired of SWF and smurfs.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 4,986


    Yeah? And BHVR has also made adjustments to killers where they were needed. Spirit is nowhere near being any lower tier than she was. They also reworked Freddy and is in a good place atm. Nurse is still strong, just not broken status as she was.

    But sure, go ahead and tell us how BHVR plans on nerfing Ghostface next.

  • sk1913sk1913 Member Posts: 84

    I always quit on mori offering. Not because of the kill, but for the unfair game. Killing just after one hook is not fair. It changes a lot game balance. So I do not play. Enjoy your mori.

  • PereliePerelie Member Posts: 433

    This is exactly correct, and I think it's a disgusting way to treat the playerbase.

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    It not BS that people quit because they have the reason to do it when the killer don't deserve the mori and it unfun as well get hook and die fast like where the fun.

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    Mori and keys should be removed for this problem to be over.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Actually it is bs because it takes away the killers add-ons as well. Survivors don't deserve built in coms that help them every step of the way either and practically grant them OoO without having to reveal themselves to the killer. I'll just be taking a break from killer until they implement the DC system and make this game fair for BOTH sides. Just because something doesn't go your way doesn't mean you have to quit. Think of the person on the other side, and if you were in there shoes and how you would feel. Killers hardly ever run mori's, because they don't get crap for BP's or pip. They run them because they want to see a kill instead of the saaaame 3 hook bs all the time. Get over it, and move on to the next match. Why ruin someone else's experience? We can go back and forth all night, but it will get us no where. I'm out and off to the fog. Happy hunting or surviving.

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