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I swear I'm going to uninstall if this is not fixed soon



  • MorfedelMorfedel Member Posts: 209

    Several hours is frustrating, but in the end its just hour, not days or weeks. I think you're overreacting

  • TheEversongTheEversong Member Posts: 25

    I'm only a rank 13 killer myself, use to play a lot of survivor which helped me understand their mind set a bit more. Not saying get good but playing both sides helps you understand things to win as either side. Could try that to help your odds?

  • LeobolicsLeobolics Member Posts: 28

    You take your own mediocre lost noob this is a serious problem

  • TronicusTronicus Member Posts: 19

    If you really think that you can't win just because your rank is a certain color, then you lost before it ever began.

  • Wubsyy__Wubsyy__ Member Posts: 116

    Do it u wont

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 543

    well, sadly, matchmaking is infamously broken since the new rank reset and the change in the swf matchmaking

    so i guess dont play nurse for now

  • MeneLawMeneLaw Member Posts: 157

    Is this bait post?

  • TokkernTokkern Member Posts: 74

    They are on vacation. Wait few days. Don't sweat it. Try to improve and don't care much.

  • MikebrixMikebrix Member Posts: 14

    Yeah, I don't run Nurses calling, you probably tunnel and camp, while the rest of the team finishes of gens. Get a better strategy. Survivors that get tunneled always seem to DC, and as a survivor I'm constantly blocking or taking a hit because sweaty killers won't even chase me until I'm injured

  • SlimyTacoSlimyTaco Member Posts: 118

    You are doing nothing but trying to aggrivate people and divert attention from the actual topic, how about staying ON topic.

  • TheDizTheDiz Member Posts: 231

    I'm usually float around ranks 10 and 11 as killer because I don't really go try hard and usually just 2 hook or do daily's. But I can tell when someone is red ranks and usually kill them as they are usually kinda toxic. I'm guessing the 2 red ranks were SWF which made it worse because just being red ranks isn't that big of a deal with killers typically having the advantage. I have noticed that if I don't bring ruin gens are done really fast against obvious SWF teams? Like ridiculous fast so ruin is almost a must and both the red ranks brought small game otherwise the match would have been different and this would never be posted to begin with, lol.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 8,363

    "How can you expect to get good at the game if you're only comfortable vs-ing green ranks?"

    It's more like "being comfortable vs-ing players you are intended to be matched up against instead of people out of your league."

  • TooKoolFoUTooKoolFoU Member Posts: 378

    Aside from people arguing with you because you played nurse and used meta, i agree with you. The matchmaking with ranking is [BAD WORD]. I rarely play swf anymore and when i do, its just my really Good friend and no one else. I hate as a solo player when im matched with a lot of low ranks and they literally ruin the game for me. They get me killed because they don't know what working together means. Its also really annoying when i play killer and I'm stomping a bunch of potatoes. Im always in purple ranks as survivor/killer because i dont play enough to get to red ranks. So i stay around rank 5-6. Also doing some challenges hold me back from ranking up. I also can't stand people being carried to rank 1 by their friends and constant hatch escapes because they urban evaded the entire time. I hate seeing rank 1s who are just as bad as the rank 15s.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,180

    Nurse with meta perks and some quality add ons? I think this is just the day by day case of “git gud”.

  • AlphaFlashAlphaFlash Member Posts: 3

    is that why so many people can’t reach red ranks after hours of play? I call bullshit

  • ScytereScytere Member Posts: 123


  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,262

    Take a break if this is bothering you. See you in a couple of hrs if not a day.

  • AceonfireAceonfire Member Posts: 304

    That moment when someone says save the trash-talk, then immediately proceeds to trash talk.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,690

    If I were a newer player I would be upset too.

    @Shenochek tough it out man. My first game was against a team of Claudette's with flashlights while I was playing Wraith. I was a baby Rank 20 and I got spammed with hatemail because I killed the one lower ranked player. You gotta tough it out, this should be fixed when the Devs come back to the office, until then, don't take the game too seriously.

  • SylorknagSylorknag Member Posts: 760

    Lol has a working matchmaking

    DotA has a working matchmaking

    Jesus, even sports have different brackets dividing teams by skill level.

    Only entitled pandered dickheads (by the devs) surv mains would claim a 9 skill level gap is ok.

    Imagine a CHALLENEGER player in Lol stomping some bronzes and telling them to get gud.

    But I guess is ok. According to devs, only survivors are supposed to have fun.

  • MonikaMonika Member Posts: 113

    I know a very, very simple solution to this. As killer, and this applies to everyone who mains killer, (i do this myself being a killer main). You CAN tell when someone is knew, someone is weak, someone can't run, loop, mind game, or know the maps well. Those are your low ranks, give them a fun chace, don't use red rank skills to merc a rank 19 in a 15 second chase, pretend you mess up here and there give them a feel of the game, hit them then run. Still obviously hook them, but you know leave them down on the ground a time or two, give them some second chances

    And when you can tell it's a higher rank, be a high rank killer give him your chases, down him, hook him just like if you were playing a 4 man red rank team.

    Do that, and you will decrease the amount of DC's, and frankly you'll enjoy the matches a lot more as you're not ending certain chases within seconds and you're still getting satisfaction in chasing the higher ranks.

    Now this doesn't fix the issue, but as a community of people we're capable of actually making the game enjoyable for everyone. Even survs should do this to obviously low ranked killers. "Mess up" a mind game here and there, let em hit you hook you, so on so forth. If you feel like being real nice let him get you as a final hook so he gets a kill or two if he hadn't gotten any already.

  • Honestly, this is all counter-productive to the point.

    While there are many compelling arguments to the point, unfortunately most are either hidden behind the "git gud" excuse or looked at by OP as such.

    What needs to be addressed is that, regardless if they fix how ranks are match made, ultimately it still won't matter because it will still happen so that friends with different ranks may play together.

    I hate to say it, but OP needs to understand that most of what ails them can't really be changed.

  • Dirtypaws20Dirtypaws20 Member Posts: 6

    I mean, I just started a PC account yesterday (I've been on ps4 for a year), and the first killer I faced was a rank 15 leather face with a maxed out BP and with over 1k hours in the game. It was my first game so theres no way the algorithm could calculate my skill and place me with that. On ps4 I go against red rank killers as a rank 11 survivor but get rank 3-7 survivors as a rank 12 killer.

    What I'm getting at is that matchmaking does just seem broken rn. In every rank for both killers and survivors. It's making it difficult to get my account started up.

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763

    It’s been awful lately. Not just the ranking system, but the lobby wait times and overall toxic way the killers are playing.

    I chalk it up to a lot of stupid teens being off school for holidays and pushing their angst into the game. It’s never been this bad.

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