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you guys made freddy way too strong



  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Gens can go fast if you play on a bad map or as a bad killer but on normal gameplay the killer has control of what gens get done and all survivors can do is hold m1 and pray they aren't interrupted. I hate to be the typical git gud guy but they usually have a point.

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    If all 4 survivors go straight for a gen and can power through ruin or god forbid you don't run ruin they will crush you. If you find 1 right off the bat that still leaves 3 people doing gens. If the survivor is even halfway decent at looping/running the killer by the time you down them 3 gens are done. The killer is 1 person, he can't be in 4 places at once. How exactly do you counter that?

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Oh you think ruin is neccessary. Here's me, thinking you will bring up good points. You don't know the meta if you think Ruin is required.

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,293

    Freddy fine. Learn to play against him.

  • ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 466

    Haha oh yeah, I can see that unfortunately.

    I will admit it's not fun to play against a good GF. But I actually run Spine Chill regularly, and that certainly helps, although there was for a while a bug that made it so GF wouldn't activate Spine Chill when he was in stealth mode, idk if it's been fixed because I haven't faced many since then but at the time it was very frustrating.

    Thing is, the whole stealth style is what makes GF the killer he is, so they shouldn't mess with that.. if anything just fix Spine Chill so that it works properly and more survivors who are struggling against him should use the perk.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    They just need to make his reveal make more sense for both sides. A survivor directly in front of him staring at him should reveal him while a survivor he can't even stalk shouldn't.

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    Here's me thinking you'll have a response but has nothing but an attempt at an insult. So i guess you're not even going to try to answer how to be 4 places at once and if you're not running ruin and don't get gen rushed you must be playing rank 20 as killer cause you don't run ruin on most good survivors and don't have a high mobility killer that match is over in 5 minutes.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Yes I know that. All about it except the part where Ruin is required. Ruin barely does anything against good survivors btw.

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,762

    Freddy is fine, some freddies you win against, some you don't it's just how this game is.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    You should ignore this person. They spend too much time avoiding the actual debate and belittling differing opinions. Do what I do and ignore everything they say. You'll save yourself a few headaches :)

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 270

    Bruh, I'm fine with Freddy and don't really care for the change the users suggestion but you can obviously escape about him. A completely balanced killer would have a theoretical 50% kill rate. Of all the points you could've made to support your argument that was probably the weakest

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    You keep making this statement over and over. Back it up with anything, just once in the hundreds of posts that you make, about ruin.

    Sorry to say that ruin barely does anything against good survivors is wrong and completely. You can do the math with great skill check progression and with hex skill check progression, after you did that please explain how it doesn't do anything.


  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    It adds hopefully 10 seconds per gen which is worse than pgtw, thrilling tremors, and surge by far. It might even be worse than thana on certain killers.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246


    That is assuming that all skillchecks will be hit, which in reality doesn't happen and everybody misses a skillcheck now and then. The diffrence is however doing most of them.

    By the way, surge only works in a limited area which is equal to the TR of most killers and only works with a normal attack. Thrilling tremors does absolutely nothing against gens that are being worked on and pgtw, only gives regression on one gen. Which you need to use efficiently and wasting time going to the gen, kicking it etc.

    Meanwhile ruin is just there and requires you to do nothing but do your job as killer.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Ruin doesn't require you to do your job. You also refuse to acknowledge the bonus time from the other perks is much better than Ruin, which has really easy to hit skill checks.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    What other perks? I already told you that surge only works on conditions (normal attack and only at 1 gen or 2 so quite situational at best or do you have normaly 3 gens in your tr?).

    Thrilling Tremors doesn't give any bonus time either, it assumes that survivors which are not down are not working on gens uhm yeah no.

    PGTW -> only good when you kick a gen that has good progression on it, otherwise it is wasted and you need to go to the gen and kick it.

    Ruin -> no requirement at all

    Sorry and thana is a joke at best, do the math even when in full affect it is not worth to use.

  • DocFabronDocFabron Member Posts: 2,408

    Why the bait thread?

  • Rje52Rje52 Member Posts: 14
    edited December 2019

    Freddy can be quite strong in the right hands, but that doesn't change the fact that he does not get any ability to end the chase effectively. If a chase occurs before you are put to sleep, Freddy is basically a Trapper without traps. You just loop and when you get into dream state you throw pallets down early if he has dream snares. Freddy loses to not having anyone in sleep. He has no power, his map pressure is limited, and has no way to put someone to sleep unless he hits them or waits the 60 to 90 seconds.

    Verdict: Freddy is good, but in a way he is kind of like the Plague in the sense of understanding the Plague's power. Freddy loses to people being awake and while this may waste time, you face a killer with no power for those 60 to 90 seconds making an easy to loop killer. Freddy is undeniably strong, but he can have most of his power taken away from him with missed skill checks, having a survivor wake up another survivor, and going for the clock.

    If you have trouble with Freddy, consider the following perks

    • Bond - Not only does this perk do a good job at replacing self care, but also you can run to a survivor to wake you up.
    • Adrenaline - This perk wakes you up when all the gens are completed.
    • Sprint Burst - You can get a massive head start against Freddy if he is warping to the gen you are on.

    Some niche perks that work against Freddy

    • Any Means Necessary - While in sleep, if Freddy is using dream pallets, you can throw all the pallets you want and when you find a real pallet, lift it up and try to maneuver around that pallet.
    • Empathy - If Freddy loses a survivor he has hit, you can go and wake up that survivor.
  • Rje52Rje52 Member Posts: 14
    edited December 2019

    Freddy is weak to everyone being awake. There are many possible ways to wake yourself including missing a skill check, having another survivor waking you, and using the clocks to wake yourself. Freddy turns into a M1 killer with little map pressure when everyone is not asleep.

    Perks that are good against Freddy:

    • Sprint Burst - You can get a head start when Freddy warps to you're generator.
    • Bond - You can run to another survivor so they can wake you.
    • Adrenaline - You wake up after all the gens are complete.
    • Iron Will - Freddy has no ability to track survivors which makes him weak against immersed and sneaky survivors.

    Some niche perks that work against Freddy:

    • Any Means Necessary - You can throw all the dream pallets you want and when you find a real pallet you lift it back up. That pallet is the pallet you try to run to.
    • Empathy - You can wake up a hit survivor that lost Freddy in a chase.

  • FearedbytheGodsFearedbytheGods Member Posts: 476

    Look at that kill rate.

    All those killers whining about their nerfs, rofl.

  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325
    edited December 2019

    Wow, that's really impressive. I just got 4k'd by a Wraith so I think we need to nerf him tbh can't believe it happened to me again survivors are just underwhleming. tbh no one ever escapes wraith

  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325
    edited December 2019

    Look at all these people who don't understand statistics and game balance, rofl.

    I can't believe that LF killrate, like damn. I'm so glad to know LF is a top-tier killer due to his killrates. That is how balance works, after all.

  • FearedbytheGodsFearedbytheGods Member Posts: 476

    Yea look at them, even the devs and their 50% marker.


  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,500

    Freddy is a killer that has everything. He's not even difficult to play like nurse. I hear killers say, don't take away a strong killer. But here's an idea. Bring Freddy inline with other killers. Buff some of the weaker killers. And we can talk of an overall buff to all killers if killers need a buff instead of only having a handful of viable killers.

  • Dennis_van_eijkDennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 1,510

    Done that mire than he kills me mate.

    He ain't that hard to deal with if you know what to do as a survivor 😉

  • Dennis_van_eijkDennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 1,510

    That's the problem with the dbd community.

    When there are strong and/or viable killers, people are starting to cry about them.

    Simply because most of them want easy killers to bully.

    But if the need to change their playstyle or think a little outside of the box (like with spirit), then that killer is just OP.

    Even when they have easy counters they want nothing to know about it because they have to change the way they normally play.

    So even if you buff all killer to the point where they are all viable, even then they complain about them.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    I do think Freddy is a little bit overtuned but I also don't want the Devs to nerf him. He'll get Legion'd. Spirit and Nurse nerfs weren't major, those nerfs weeded out the people who were bad with those killers and relied on broken add-ons (since now god forbid you have to be good with Nurse to be effective, she's still the strongest killer in the game). Since Freddy's abilities aren't that strong on their own it'll hurt him a lot more than the nerfs to nurse hurt her and I wouldn't want Freddy players to see their killer become a meme again.

  • SkeletonWitchSkeletonWitch Member Posts: 94

    The major slow down of the game is the most ridiculous thing to me about Freddy, at some point I don’t care about surviving anymore I just want the game to end.

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