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Petition to Remove Speed Boost From NOED

NOED is a bad enough perk on its own, for being a “very rare” perk, it’s one of the most popular ones to show up in a Killers bloodweb.

NOED: It’s a one shot down with a speed boost of up to 4%. If the speed boost was to be removed but the one shot down were to stay, I think that it would be a more balanced perk.

Reason: You can’t count on the 3 potatoes on your team to break totems or to go even looking to break the Noed. Most people go down instantly. A one shot down is good enough on its own, having a permanent speed boost until and-if found is a bit too broken. I understand some beginners might need the perk, but the speed boost should go.

Before you go saying, “well why don’t you remove the speed boost from Adrenaline” The speed boost from Adrenaline is only for 5 seconds, it doesn’t have to be found and broken. Secondly, if you’re an experienced killer main, there’s a way to counter Adrenaline if you’ve got the survivor on your shoulder 😎

Would welcome constructive feedback!



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