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  • mynacomynaco Member Posts: 20

    This seriously is incredible... Its completely a connection specific problem which (for me at least) cannot be solved even using VPN as some users suggested.

    You guys really need to get your [BAD WORD] together because it really is a discouraging factor about the game. Can you at least be decent enough to post something about this issue? Or do you straight up think that your customers who are plagued with this idiotic bug are worthless?

    I expect an answer to this. Not from the support team who only say that the devs are working on it. Because they apparently are just working on cosmetics and events...

  • AMOLUDUSAMOLUDUS Member Posts: 29

    same problem here

  • shadowalkersshadowalkers Member Posts: 7

    Fifty same topics have been opened. people cannot play the game because of the systematic problem of the game. However, the developers can not solve a problem for months. if they can't let them go

  • sonofgoblocksonofgoblock Member Posts: 0

    The game was unable to update my friend's rank. It has been weeks now. Perhaps dev can look up for this issue. Thank you. Steam ID: 76561198073928886

  • RainbowLukeRainbowLuke Member Posts: 21

    i have a simple question. does the game update the log of the rank, in the cloud only or also into the savefile we have in our pc? because my hard drive is really weird lately and i don't know if it has something to do with it

  • jackromjackrom Member Posts: 4

    I also have this problem.

  • jackromjackrom Member Posts: 4

    It's frustrating.

  • jackromjackrom Member Posts: 4

    It's frustrating. I have the same problem.

  • jackromjackrom Member Posts: 4

    It's frustrating. I have the same problem.

  • BryzolaBryzola Member Posts: 9

    Once again it has been fixed but came back today after the latest news about the rift closing in a week...

    It's happening on EVERY GAME, I'm thinking of asking for a refund on the game and dlcs for this as it's not delivering what I paid for... and it has been several months since it started!

  • XplsvXplsv Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2020

    Imagine working on a game breaking bug for 6months lmao, i was always preety supportive towards BHVR, but thats just a silly joke


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  • mynacomynaco Member Posts: 20

    well I have tried it with Astrill VPN, several locations and none of it worked for me. Please let me know which VPN software does the job for you.

  • KamikaziKamikazi Member Posts: 108

    I do not have this problem. I've had the game since August 2019, with Stranger Things DLC. The end of December I have bought the Ghost Face DLC and The Shape (Michael Meyers) DLC, and irridecent shards on The Hag killer in game.

    Perhaps you all have a DLC in common? Post your DLC and content specific?

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    It is an IP-specific issue. It has nothing to do with DLCs.

  • YaguinniYaguinni Member Posts: 3

    I'm mad, i'm really , really mad. Every single game i play, either killer o survivor, the error pops up, i can't rank, it's pretty hard to do something with this, and literally every single game, the issue is there. Stop makling cosmetics and fix this,

  • DarktronikDarktronik Member Posts: 94

    It started happening to me. And now I am stuck in Rank 10. Can't go any further because of this.

  • ZoondaZoonda Member Posts: 4

    Any news about a fix?

  • NoTicketNoTicket Member Posts: 15

    My housemate has now gotten this error and he hasn't being able to play for about a week with pretty much no help from support as well.

  • NoTicketNoTicket Member Posts: 15

    If it's an IP issue I would be having the same problem as my housemate as we share the same internet.

  • ZoondaZoonda Member Posts: 4
    edited January 2020

    Starting to think they will never fix this, its funny, it always happens when I will get a pip, whenever I don't get one the error doesn't occur

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  • KlayypeXKlayypeX Member Posts: 2

    Well Behaviour cares only about the [BAD WORD] cosmetic and they dont take a look at their client problems... Maybe 70 % of the DBD players have had this problem already.. And they say: We need more information... What information do you need?? When someone stops playing your game and you lose people you gonna take a look at this problem which we have it from 5 months now..

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    Well this is not a problem, great skillchecks are.

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    Okay that's really odd. Honestly, I don't even know anymore. One thing is for certain, we have no update to this issue so far and I am quitting.

  • NoTicketNoTicket Member Posts: 15

    Yeah, my housemate still has gotten no messages back from them. I've even replied to a comment from MandyTalks in one older post saying it was hopefully fixed in July 2019 and gotten nothing back. It seems like a very game breaking bug that has been around for nearly the length of a year looking at post history about this issue like wtf is going on, at least let your customers know what is happening.

  • faiotnfaiotn Member Posts: 1

    Anyone still experiencing this non sense error ? Plz , let me know . I hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible coz I really love to play this game and I dont wanna quit due to this bullshit error . Thats why . I wish everyone have a nice time enjoying the game without facing this problem . And dear developers , plz fix it as fast as you can . Dont make ur supporters to be disappointed . No offense but everyone got limits , so you know ..... Btw , I am PC player . Error same as other pc players whenever my rank gotta increase , error occured and go back to welcoming loading screen with dbd icon . No error , when my rank decrease or when no pip lose or gain . So , rank only going down or stay . Still low rank with bunches of newbies and noobies who dont even know how to repair gens properly . This is pure disappointment for me . I hope this non sense days are gone asap for all players who got same problems like me .

  • radwulfradwulf Member Posts: 109

    Had this error for over 8 months and it was fixed around oct... and now its back.

  • NoTicketNoTicket Member Posts: 15
    edited January 2020

    yo guys my housemate ended up fixing his with this - give it a go. - SHOUTOUT to Bucky

    The Windows Driver Signature Enforcement (DSE) may be disabled by the system in specific instances.

    To fix this:

    Open Run by hitting the Windows Key + R

    Type "cmd" (without quotes) to open Command Prompt

    Run the following commands: (one at a time)

    bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF

    bcdedit.exe -set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF

    Restart your computer

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    Didn't fix the issue for me. Was this all he had done to fix it?

  • VanVan Member Posts: 4

    Plataform: PC

    Well...this error is apearing for quite some time, and it is getting happening more often now, i dont know why. I just did 3 good games and i was not able to rank up because of the erro. It is really anoying you make 4 kills, os escape after a hard match and dont get your pips for that. Some people said to use a different VPN and others said that doing this does not solves the problem entirely, only smooths it...so does anyone know if there is something i can do to fix it...or i will have to wait for Behavior to fix?

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