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Looking for some DBD buddies

Yunalaska15Yunalaska15 Member Posts: 5
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Love dead by daylight just got addicted to it not too long ago hoping to find other like minded adults to play it with and have fun. Any takers? =)

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  • pemberleypemberley Member Posts: 1,434

    I’m game if you’re nice, respectful, and understanding. I don’t take well to people who scream and verbally abuse into their mics.

    I am currently a rank 12 survivor but rank doesn’t matter to me, I just want to have fun games and maybe make friends.

    psn is jaustengirl if you’re interested.

  • djlx417djlx417 Member Posts: 6


  • neslivanesliva Member Posts: 2

    My psn is nesliva ! I’m rank 8-9 :)

  • xlilmissdeviousxlilmissdevious Member Posts: 4

    Add me xlilmissdevious I’m rank 2

  • PSN is therealgermaine3 add me!

  • rantypaidrantypaid Member Posts: 37

    Psn: ranty_paid

    Currently rank 8 and looking to have some nonteabaggin enjoyment.

  • FortyTillFive420FortyTillFive420 Member Posts: 13

    PSN: FortyTillFive420

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