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BHVR/Milkstone collaboration on DbD sequel?

EntityDrudgeEntityDrudge Member Posts: 178
edited January 2 in General Discussions

Anyone else think Behavior should welcome in the creators of White Noise 2 for developing the next DbD?

In my opinion both teams do things excellently that the other does just okay or poorly.

BHVR is a lot better at:



Community input

And satisfying gameplay for survivors

Milkstone is better at:


Actual horror


Graphics in general

Powerful killers that actually cause fear


If you have played both what do you think? It's possible to enjoy both


  • TheMonadoBoiTheMonadoBoi Member Posts: 160

    I don't think that's happening anytime soon but if they did they'd have to do something to separate both games since it could very easily become a CoD/FIFA situation in which it's essentially the same game with one or two changes.

    Having said this I think it wouldn't be too bad to merge both of these games since as you said they excel at very different things. I think dbd could benefit from having less action sequences so a much scarier approach would be pretty great for a sequel.

  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 789
    edited January 2

    Sequel, no. Spin-off, yes.

    With enough budget and stuff, BHVR and other collaborating studios could make an Outlast-esque game based in the DBD universe, with actual lore and stuff.

    I reckon I would love a gritty, atmospheric Outlast-like, DBD single player game with much more horror elements than the main game itself, and storytelling here and there.

  • EntityDrudgeEntityDrudge Member Posts: 178

    Yeah maybe a spinoff would work better as it would allow DbD to continue running.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,832

    I'm a huge fan of White Noise 2, so I'm all for this. For a new chapter.

  • SilverbusaSilverbusa Member Posts: 9

    Every reason in the world.

    Just to start, there's plenty of code they can't seem to fix but they continue to build upon. The game design lacks good balance and they use RNG, which only worsens things, to hide it.

    The premise of the game is great. Game play can be fun at times. But the overall execution is quite wanting. Just read reviews of the game by people on Steam. Many of the positive reviews come with significant complaints.

  • EntityDrudgeEntityDrudge Member Posts: 178

    You're not wrong. That's pretty much why i said bring milkstone in. They have a much more polished game, and it's balanced. Just no one plays it. Haha sad

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