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I just saw the Tofu's video of matchmaking and I am scared of it.

The playerbase wont grow up or just a little if the devs dont do something...

that made me thinking if they will let their game die. Let me explain quickly why: I was a Paragon player (a dead game wich Epic killed cuz Fornite) and last thing I remember was that they were making bad decisions and I really hope this game wont go in that way




  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,676

    It seems it is slowly growing to me. Don't worry about matchmaking, every winter there is some gamebreaking bug that they can't fix because vacations. At this point it's part of the tradition.

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 546

    naaaah not for now, we're still playing it, and the devs are working on the problems of the game (they even are sacrificing the events for that)

    so yeah, for now it's a bad period for the game, but hey, this game wont die for now.

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 808

    The game really does feel like it's on the decli, killers are eating so many nerfs lately and bugs that hurt killer more than survivor are flatout ignored. Some of their sponsored streamers are total creeps who just making trolling videos and encourage toxicity from survivors. I get nothing but "we don't care about killer fun" impressions from the last few dev communications. It wrecks the whole horror vibe

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    OK sure I'll play less SWF and stop having fun with the game real quick that's how to fix it

  • ArrowTheGreat11ArrowTheGreat11 Member Posts: 306

    I had to stop playing cause I just burned myself out from playing nearly every day for over a year. Poor internet connection, toxic killers, hit boxes, lag switchers, and potato teammates have led to this decision. Hopefully they do fix something to make it less......blah

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 706

    Its too early to tell. I'd say the lack of survivors for matches indicates there is somewhat of a problem. When Killer Q times are LONG.

  • jzinskyjzinsky Member Posts: 112

    I'm still playing other games that have been dying for the last decade..

  • InLeegionInLeegion Member Posts: 12

    I say it’s not dying, matchmaking just sucks

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,615

    People have been saying DbDs dying for years now...

    No DbD is not dying. Issues will be fixed in time.

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,615

    We already know roughly when updates happen so what's the point? They don't need to say anything we have the roadmap.

    There will be a patch to fix a list of bugs before January ends. A PTB will be any time now.

    Then there will be an update in March and so on.

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 899

    Dude the game is currently a bug riddled pos. They need to spend man hours fixing it.

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,615

    They are those man hours are represented in the roadmap. By end of January the next wave of fixing will happen then March as i said.

  • FJSJ_LunarFJSJ_Lunar Member Posts: 230


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229
    edited January 2020

    If a better game comes along like it matchmaker could genuinely kill it, otherwise it will probably be fine.

    What he was talking about is a serious problem though, if all the folks rank 20 - 15 can't find games and just give up trying and uninstall, and no new players keep joining...eventually that would cause a heavy decline in the player base....

    It will be fine for now though, and for the foreseeable future. Games like last year and Friday the 13th are all dreadful or dying and are of no threat, someone would have to make a game like DBD that is just better; as flawed as this game is, there is still nothing as good as it available for it's niche game type.

  • bumbewilderedbumbewildered Member Posts: 15

    You'll know when the game dies because the devs will literally disappear. Considering that they are still actively developing there's plenty of time. Eventually we'll get to a point where there's nothing to add and nothing or more or less nothing to fix, and at that point the devs will just change the meta. If you don't believe me look at Counterstrike. The game has been the same for years and the only thing that changes is map design (it isn't randomized so DBD won't need that too much) and changing the prices on some guns to see if it affects meta (so perk changes to see if it does anything). We've got another decade of the game IMO.

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