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Why Pennywise ?



  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 546
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    That would be hilarious, imagine, a killer that cant hurt the survivors unless they are the survivors from the dlc

    but I dont see why it would be a re-skin of Freddy ?

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  • OkapiOkapi Member Posts: 839

    I wasn't being rude @Kagari_Leha. I was trying to say that not every crossover is meant to appeal to you personally. The whole point of the crossovers is to bring into the game NEW players and get attention in the wider media. Especially the horror related media/fan cultures outside of gaming.

    I personally am not a fan of the Saw series and consider most of the films to be mediocre torture porn. That doesn't mean Dead by Daylight should remove the Saw stuff. It's not meant for me. Saw fans can enjoy playing as Amanda while I enjoy playing as Nancy and Freddy.

    Everyone gets to be happy! ☺️ Let's all just embrace the fact we're playing a game that has the likes of Laurie Strode, Freddy Kruger, and Ash Williams in it with many more characters to come.

    I for one can't wait until an Xenomorph and Ripley get added. Chucky too!

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 546
    edited January 2020

    Makes sense makes sense

    tho i'll say, yes, it would be a right move from BHVR to get Pennywise's rights, as the remakes were a huge success.

    And why hating Amanda she's the cutest killer D:< jk, play who you want have fun

  • OkapiOkapi Member Posts: 839

    I actually love playing as Amanda, my opinion of her movie franchise notwithstanding.

    I enjoy her play style and design.

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 546

    And none of them are original right ? It's not like they designed one of them

    I can take the Billy/Bubba arguement but that one is far-fetched

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,568

    Far fetched in what way? What difference does it make if they designed them or they are licensed? The end result is still the same. You have two pairs of similar killers. And it doesn't hurt the game at all.

  • MiktheSpikMiktheSpik Member Posts: 75

    You keep saying about how you know theres 2 chainsaw killers and you mean more about the lore of IT and dbd but you didnt mention ANY of that in your description. You are really the one at fault for still not editting and mentioning it.

  • WhTe_Tygre_DBDWhTe_Tygre_DBD Member Posts: 295

    Well pennywise is an alien but in clown form so yh

  • PapiQuentin_PapiQuentin_ Member Posts: 889

    Never say never.

    We never thought Ghostface would get into dbd and he did.... sort of...

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,083

    You're thinking too in the box. He could be a 120% ms killer that couldn't vault windows but could walk under pallets(could still be stunned by them though). Also killers have maps they're stronger on and ones they're weaker on. Lery's is pretty much killer favored for most of the cast. It could be less so for him and honestly what killers actually vault windows in Lery's? Most killers avoid vaulting anyways aside from killer shack. The only one I can think of that would vault would be Legion. If he was 120% ms though he'd probably need 3 hits to be balanced because that's likely way too fast for 2 hits.

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    Yes pennywise can kill adults, read the book. He's killed plenty of adults, he just prefers children because they scare easier and fear is like a seasoning for it. Plus part 2 the first kill was Adrian, the gay guy, who was an adult that never saw it as a child so....

  • Zanely89Zanely89 Member Posts: 134

    I have no problem with whoever movie killer making it into the game. For lore wise, if there is a will, there is a way.

    That being said, sometime people just overbearing with the killer they want and it become kind of annoying at time. Like, we *know* you want pennywise, Jason, jeepers creepers, Chucky, pinhead, candy man etc in the game, we *all* know it. Give it a rest, Dev heard you loud and clear, and they will work it out the licence if possible, no use constantly bring up the same topic over and over again.

    I think the peak of this kind of discussion appears back when ghostface and demo were released, but people do move on and we are getting less discussion about pennywise now.

  • BirdmanOwOBirdmanOwO Member Posts: 43

    Side tangent; I got into this game because my friend who's a big horror fan. Haven't watched any horror movies since then, but im not a movie guy. I do like learning about all the characters lore though.

  • KenshinRyujinKenshinRyujin Member Posts: 5

    If you want details on why Pennywise should be in, check out the youtube channel for Wow such gaming. He did an analysis, power workup suggestion, and lore details. Top that with how he might work with the entity. He's done a few of these, including suggesting Chucky (Child's Play), and the father turned killer from The Shining.

    Not a plug, I get nothing for this, the guy doesn't know I exist, and I could care less if people actually go to the channel or not.

  • Bat134Bat134 Member Posts: 1

    I don't know why people censor their swears like do swear words scare you or something. Dbd is an 18+ game so no point censoring

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185



    Jeeper Creepers (first flying killer!)

    Alien and/or Predator

    Leprechaun and/or Chucky


    And I even seen a Jaws suggestion.

    I honestly would take all of these killers. I've seen Jaws and Alien preworks and they were both exciting.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,632

    He would have to do some weird dream thing or time travel that would make it to where he could get the survivors to see him when they are children. It would be some super boring and pointless chapter.

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,176

    They dont censor it themselves actually. The forums censors swear words. Idk why but they do. Try it and see for yourself

  • Umbrae_pkUmbrae_pk Member Posts: 482

    I don’t know. I guess it’s because people like the movie and/ or character. I honestly hope the licensing agreement doesn’t go through just so that people will shut up about it.

    Sorry, Pennywise lovers, but that clown doesn’t fit in this realm. Pennywise is it’s OWN entity. He’s not a servant and never will be for another entity. It makes no sense.

  • The_Meh_TehThe_Meh_Teh Member Posts: 136

    I didn't know there was already a clown character when I mentioned it.

  • The_Meh_TehThe_Meh_Teh Member Posts: 136

    BTW, is the clown a good character to play? I was thinking of buying him with my shards. Thoughts?

  • SnavelsSnavels Member Posts: 1

    Well, Pennywise isn't just a clown. If you want to get confusing with it, Pennywise (or IT, but I will be referring to IT as Pennywise as to not confuse) is a multi dimensional entity that crashed onto Earth.

    Pennywise is a shape shifter (Literally endless possibilities). It is implied that Pennywise has eaten many other worlds but finds humans to be the best to feed on yet since our imaginations are the most complex. Specifically the imaginations of children. It isn't only limited to children. It could hunt adults if it so chooses, but it mainly sticks to children because their fears are often more tangible and taste better. (in fact, it actually does hunt a few adults in the book.) It's easier for it to replicate say a giant spider rather than replicate someone dying alone, but it still has the ability to do so. It haunts a character named Beverly with her abusive relationships, and terrifies Ben by convincing him that he will die alone and that he's not good enough for anyone. Pennywise can embody any fear and only through extreme mental control can you defeat it.

    Pennywise chooses to be a clown most of the time because Pennywise is it's favorite form (Being scary and being very fun). Throughout the book and movies we see Pennywise become a Mummy, Werewolf, Nosferatu, The Black Lagoon creature, a terrifying painting lady (Judith), Leper, Paul Bunyan Statue, A swarm of locusts, A Giant Spider (the closest thing the human mind can comprehend to it's true form, The Deadlights) anyone who looks into the Deadlights instantly goes insane.

    Pennywise would be a great choice and it could be very very different than the existing clown. It could take on multiple forms with different (albeit weaker) abilities. Shoot, I'd even go as far to say that if it were included, there could be 2 'skins' for it. The 1990 one (voiced by Tim Curry, he is still a voice actor) and the 2017 one (Voiced by Bill Skarsgård)

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,865

    Anything to reduce the amount of Ghostface games will make me happy, to be honest.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398
    edited January 2020

    Pennywise or IT has never been a Slasher. IT is a shape shifting entity from another dimension that feeds on fear. Just like DBD's Entity feed's on hope.

    Freddy was a 'human' serial killer who killed children for his own pleasure. Like most real serial killers, Freddy had an abusive childhood.

    NOES is a Slasher franchise, IT is not and if it was then Stranger things would be too.

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