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No one escapes death. What is your opinion?



  • ChunkyymunkyChunkyymunky Member Posts: 6

    My opinion is survivors can just break the totems if they're that concerned about no Ed , the look on trappers face when the last gen pops and his no Ed doesn't activate is way better than a meg flicking her flashlight all game and then rage dcing when she realises she's not that good and goes down 😁

  • Undeadbear13Undeadbear13 Member Posts: 32

    A perk solution to a perk problem in a game centered around using perks as abilities. Sounds fine to me.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,487
    edited January 2020

    Those that can't properly apply pressure or catch a survivor because of easily being mind-gamed need this.

    That's my opinion on it.

  • MiktheSpikMiktheSpik Member Posts: 75

    I want to make my opinion very clear. I think as a survivor main its kind of cheesy like insidious but i dont necessarily think it shoupd be frowned upon. More just because hexes train you to play around them and demote patroling generators (which killers bítch 24/7 about despite making triple extra sure to spend five minutes sitting on to make sure no ones hiding to cleanse as soon as they leave) which promotes a very unproductive gameplay. If you bring a hex you need to accept it might get insta cleansed. And I firmly KNOW killers bring hexes, have them cleansed, then cry. Dont bring the hex or do but dont be pissed cause you cant have perma devour hope and ruin (yes i cant beleive that actually comes out of a persons mouth seriously too)

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 1,196

    Do bones instead of AFKing on gens.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Yes, it's balanced, but it's an incredibly annoying and unfun perk.

    There's no warning and on certain maps, some totems are near impossible to find without using specific perks.

    Some killers it's understandable on, but still BS, and when you combine it with mobility killers (Nurse, Hillbilly, Spirit) or on an Exposure based Myers, then I want to make Decisive Strike lethal to the killer.

    My general philosophy is also "If I can't kill them in normal gameplay, why do I deserve to cheese them in the endgame?"

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    Right, but dead hard and adrenaline are for the best survivors that play great every game. Not at all survivor bias at all I'm sure. Noed punishes bad survivors for not doing the bones, how about that?

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,229

    So many ppl call it a crutch... and many others have said they don't use it (I don't use it as well)

    but IF it's a crutch then so is adrenaline imo

    It's a perk use it if you want

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    Oh no, if you don't "reward me" with a gg i don't know what I'll do.....

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,711

    It shouldn't be totem based. SWF will never allow it to trigger and if it does trigger the most you might get is one until the discord is on fire. Then, all the second chance crutch perks, which are a million times more powerful than NOED are now available to get all four out safely.

    "No sweat guys, I'll unhook him with BT, body block and then he can use DS if he needs to"

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    I got a 3K with noed against a really good red rank team, because the totem spawned RIGHT in front of me. Kinda hard to destroy it when I downed and hooked someone 10 meters away from it.

  • EJmurdermainEJmurdermain Member Posts: 109

    Gambling with perks is not really a crutch (to me) but on the contrary exposes the Survivors who made a huge mistake. No pun intended 😂

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 3,007

    Clearly you will post a sarcastic reply on the forum.

  • TheCrookedManTheCrookedMan Member Posts: 282

    People want to play casually and casual players need dem crutches. That goes for NOED, DS, BT, Ruin, all of that.

  • aregularplayeraregularplayer Member Posts: 906

    I agree NOED is Adrenaline for killers. Adrenaline encourages survivors to rush gens as crazy without caring about healing or cleansing totems, NOED punishes them for that... BUT IMO they are both OP and should be deleted from game files. I never use them because I'm a main solo survivor and I know how frustrating is being gen rushed and see everybody going full health after 5th gen is repaired or getting downed as you are health...

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 6,728

    From my experience whenever I see a killer using noed they are pretty crap at the game

  • DwightOPDwightOP Member Posts: 2,328

    "if you look long enough"

    Yeah, look long enough and it doesn't matter anymore because the time you wasted searching for totems which are already cleansed by team mates could have been used on gens. And since you wasted all the time looking (+ your team mates aswell in solo Q) it doesn't matter because the killer has so much time that even without ruin the team is dead.

  • DwightOPDwightOP Member Posts: 2,328

    Replace "good" with "swf" and you sentence makes sense. Cuz it always activates against solos, no matter how good they are. Or they die before the last gen pops because they wasted time searching for totems which got cleansed by team mates long time ago.

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    And that's usually when it's most valuable. If they gen rush hard, there's pretty much no chance of securing more than one kill unless you have it. If they're doing totems, you at least have a chance at a black pip.

  • TheKnotTheKnot Member Posts: 31

    Lmao. “I’m a pretty good killer, rank 7” Omegalul. If you look at dh as a crutch perk which extends a chase by what 2 seconds? Also dh and ds can be EASILY read that they have it based on movement so as a “pretty good killer” those perks should be cake walks to play against for you. Additionally if you look at ds as another crutch perk boy do I have a story to tell you about old ds. The perk is nerfed into the ground and AT MOST offers 60 second window safety which isn’t much at all.

    you’re arguing for a point that is invalid. Noed is a crutch perk for bad killers. Ds lasts for a shorter time (more times than not) and you have to hit a small skill check box in order to use it. Dh has to be timed right to use properly. What is there about noed that has any sense of “skilled gameplay” when all you have to do is M1. Your argument is invalid and you should be ashamed of yourself for using the perk.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,715

    I wouldn't include fair and balanced in a description of bt or ds at all.

  • TheKnotTheKnot Member Posts: 31

    I play both roles regularly and I’m sorry but do you see what the comment is talking about for the topic? The topic is about noed, if you wish to speak about other perks that are survivor based, go ahead and make a thread about them. If you can read, this isn’t the place pal. Also atleast adrenaline forces you to be active and dh. Don’t get me started. That’s the easiest perk in the game to play around. It’s extremely predictable. Just get better at the game. I’m assuming you finally hit purple ranks and feel like you have something to say, reach rank 1 ever then come speak with me

  • Hex_KillerMainBTWHex_KillerMainBTW Member Posts: 447

    There are totem counter perks though. Small game. You could even run a map using detective's hunch. What more would you want? To make a perk that becomes useless as soon as it's broken become even worse?

  • mmorrow8mmorrow8 Member Posts: 59

    It's kinda funny that when I play survivor I used to get hella pissed at NOED but then I look at my spirit with unrelenting, spies from the shadows, bloodhound, and NOED and remember that the survivors I play against probably hate my guts for using it as well 😂

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    Calm down junior, I already said that it's not up to me to say if I'm good or not, that's really up to my opponents. All I will say is that I have a strong success rate against red rank survivors and I've had more than one red rank survivor compliment my play.

    DH extending a chase by 2 seconds.... Only if used in the open. If used at a loop or near a pallet, it can very much extend the chase by 30 seconds or more. Many times, reading it or not, it gives the survivor enough room to make it to the next loop or pallet. It can be downright devastating to nurse.

    As for DS, it's not a crutch unless it's used when the doors are open. If you down them, they can crawl to the open door in that 60 seconds, and you can't pick them up. Zero counter play.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,383

    My thoughts on NOED: I used to defend it because I used it a lot when I first started playing, but I stopped using it when I learned how to play the game better. It's a very cheap perk and I honestly wouldn't mind if it got removed (along with adrenaline).

    I don't think survivors (at least not most of them) don't cleanse totems because of being lazy. It's probably because we don't have a totem counter. How do solo players know if all of the totems have been cleansed? Perks can help, but it can still be difficult to find them all.

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