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What do you consider a "win" as a Killer?

LevitikaLevitika Member Posts: 99

Inspired by Scott Jund's most recent video, what do you consider the "win" condition as a killer?

What do you consider a "win" as a Killer? 49 votes

Killing all four Survivors
GibberishFibijeanRaptorrotasGrootDudeAnvertoTaigaRin_is_my_waifuprismalorgArtsy_ChipPet_The_LizardsBigTimeGamerUndershot 12 votes
Getting a high enough emblem score to rank up
BeHasUGam1ngga5tlyJohnNorwich19623SebaOutbreakDreaded_Wraith887inferjusCLAUDETTEINABUSHppo8820 8 votes
Four BBQ and Chili stacks
AdelooJawsIsTheNextKillertoxicmeggoTechnicKnifeaToMeetYaXDEnderloganYTzmassaniFilledPizzaToastyyFamicxUncirtyne 11 votes
Having a fun match
White_OwlTragicSolitudeMert_MKBoosted_DwightXxkuroxshiroxXZephinismBrucecastro81ZoldyarKagari_LehaFJSJ_LunarHazDaBoinimesulideLeszeckKotobelkaPokASadGaymerGabbieBenpizzamess 18 votes


  • LevitikaLevitika Member Posts: 99

    *To clarify; by the rank up option, I mean getting a pip.

  • zmassanizmassani Member Posts: 29
    Four BBQ and Chili stacks

    Four BBQ & Chili stacks + a fun and fair match is honestly the best (aka no ridiculous differences in rank etc). I don't really care how many survivors die, or if any, so long as the match itself isn't filled with teabagging and flashlight clicking and the like

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,020
    Four BBQ and Chili stacks

    I had an awesome game as Bubba last night. Hooked everyone twice (I think), made some amazing plays and everyone escaped and I depipped. I don't need the Entity and the survivors telling me I suck when I don't slug during double bloodpoints!

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,331
    Killing all four Survivors

    I actually consider either a 3k or a 4k a win as killer. I disagree with Scott that the win condition is subjective. It's not binary, admittedly - DBD has what you might call "degrees" of winning - but the win condition is clearly defined nonetheless. Killing survivors is plainly identified as the killer's ultimate objective, which is synonymous with a win condition in every game that I know of, in the game's rules. The same has also been heavily implied, if not stated outright, by the developers themselves on numerous occasions.

  • Arbmos1998Arbmos1998 Member Posts: 55

    A win is what the game says is a win (Pip System) and it always will be regardless of what people say. You can't play a game of Football, draw 1-1 and just call it a win because you want to. The game has rules to win and in order to meet those requirements you need to complete set goals the game has given to Pip.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,020
    Four BBQ and Chili stacks

    But if you one-hook kill everyone or do nothing but escape, you can "lose" and if you only kill two survivors or get killed you can "win" so it is not as clear cut as football. In football there is a very definite win and lose condition. Footballs "devs" are not going to suddenly decide you haven't really won unless you go in goal for 10 minutes.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 11,136

    Hmm, i can't really choose any of these.

  • KnifeaToMeetYaXDKnifeaToMeetYaXD Member Posts: 65
    edited January 3
    Four BBQ and Chili stacks

    I do as the BP guides.

    (but in all seriousness I consider killing at 3+ survs a win)

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 513
    Having a fun match

    I take the fun match options for multiple reasons

    i dont want to slap BBQ on every of my build, some matches are just not possible to 4k even witht he best effort you could make, and the emblem system isnt accurate as some killers are at disadvantage, like Plague (just did a 4k with her, no slugging, multiple hooks aaaand : Entity Displeased yay :D)

    so i guess just having fun is the best way to win a match

  • ASadGaymerASadGaymer Member Posts: 14
    Having a fun match

    I obviously try not to displease the Entity but if I'm having fun I don't really care. I'd rather have a match where I displease the Entity but have fun then have a match where I kill everyone but feel awful.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609
    Having a fun match

    When I have an fun match I usually give the last survivor the hatch, so I realy don't care for the 4K

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