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what do you think dead by daylights biggest problem is right now?



  • DebridgedDebridged Member Posts: 27

    Hitboxes & matchmaking are horrible. Also killers lunge is pretty bs sometimes. Last thing would be stability for console & better servers.

  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35

    Maps with to few mindgames. And not just follow the leader

  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428

    1)long lobby ques and matchmaking!!!

    2)maps!!! instead of having 3,4 or 5 styles of one map, maps be completely different to each other, at least another 5 new maps, please!

  • YuyukoyayYuyukoyay Member Posts: 50

    Lobbies too long which wasn't a problem until they artificially slowed down game lobby creation so bad connection players can play more often. Which totally screwed over everyone else.

    Keys and Mori's

    SWF's existing in the ranked mode. Should be custom games only.

    Bad Emblem system. Killer's being punished for 1 shotting even though they are likely to get dsed, borrowed timed, and possibly even deliverenced. Killer's being punished for camping when survivors swarm the hook and punished for camping on small maps when hooked in the middle. Also players leaving games completely garroting your score.

    No latency protection whatsoever. No ability for the killer to control lag by kicking survivors out of lobby. No ability for killer to kick swf's out of lobby.

    No individual character ranks. Especially for killers who are low level not playing even remotely close to each other. Also a problem due to grinding perks and addons being a thing. So you are likely to lose until you grinded a certain amount.

  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428

    for the people that say swf! i have started to do this in the last few months and i always help the non friends. when swf don't help non friends they are probably the ones that don't help the team in solo anyway.

    maybe restrict swf to only two friends so it's fairer for the killer.

  • SekiShaoSekiShao Member Posts: 1

    (English is not my mother language, so dont tease me for expression mistakes :) )

    I'd like to say that the biggest problem is a serious conflict rooted in our game's design.

    A tactic is now widely applied in the game, which is, that all survivors repair the generators as fast as they can. While they ensure their escape by doing this, it has also caused that, in order not to let down the evil in the world, killers must either take add-ons to slow down the speed of repairing, or choose those hateful ways to ensure the victory, such as slugging, though this still cant balance the killers' victory rate. To protect the expected game experience, as a result, the survivors are weaker and weaker in the latest versions, which actually aggravates the full-speed repairing tactic as there is not a better choice. Thus the killers can only continue their controversial behaviour. This is a vicious circle and is ruining players' game experience, while in fact, we just need to ban the max-speed repairing tactic to end it.

    (I am not saying that repairing as fast as possible is against the game while this is surely survivors' object, I just want to say that survivors are going too far with this.)

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 103


    I'd just add a few more :

    • Killers' auto-aim on PC, either cucks you like a madman or remove survivors' ability to be slippery and go for jukes.
    • Bloodlust past tier 1. Ok I get it, when you're not a god at the game, looping is annoying for killers, but BL got introduced to compromise the BROKEN amount of pallets there were on maps back in the days, also entity block is a thing rn, so even windows ( Except for god windows, they're clearly unhealthy for the game ) are not broken anymore.
    • Killer nerfs that are just no targeted right at all. Spirit's one was decent, but still lacked a true touch of her gameplay. Also RIP Oni's flicks, he definitively needed some work but he's not as fun as he used to be.
    • Lobbies and pre/post-game setup that are still a pain in the a**. It's one thing to have bugs gameplay-wise but you're not even in the game and you already encounter bugs.
  • FunCatFunCat Member Posts: 6

    I think that right now there is 2 thinks who totally ruin the game.

    first : matchmaking totally broken

    i played against rank 4 to 6 or 20 to 18 as rank 10

    i almost all the time get unbalanced game and it really annoy me

    never saw that in 2000 h

    And second things are challenges

    lot of players are disconnecting once they know their challenge became impossible to do.

    But i think that nothing can be done for that because now devs seems to think only about cosmetics and making money on that.

    I can understand it , but if a lot of players stop to play this game cos it became annoying and not fun at all they will not sell anything.

    I have lot of players of my friendlist who stop playing this game while they was everyday on it.

    And i'm sure it's for those reasons.

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 1,938

    long match making as killers. killers need to be the host again or they should just remove ranks,

  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428

    i don't like the fact that is no curser for the huntress to throw her hatchets. i haven't a clue how you do it without one. exact reason why i don't use her.

    there are so many good reasons to play this game and so many bad. i can play expert in most other games playing as killer in this game i suck?

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 103

    You'd rather me to use the term aim assist ?

    If you really think there is nothing to "help" killers connecting to things, I don't know how I should consider you, I figured it out after maybe 4 or 5 games of killer.

  • YuyukoyayYuyukoyay Member Posts: 50

    Got a couple more after reading and I've mentioned these before but my list was already so long. xD

    Outfit balance is completely awful. Don't think I don't know why I see claudette in red or brown more than any other survivor. It's to a ratio of like 5 to 1. 5 being claudette and 1 being everyone else. Would like a survivor outline that at least makes them stick out a little more when they try to blend in to walls. Sometimes not even being possible to see them. This isn't the same as aura reading but it would not persist through walls. Only direct line of sight.

    POV for killer being too limited. It doesn't need to be the same as most shooters, but it needs to be big enough so juking isn't so op on console. It needs to be this way by base as well. Then shadowborne or MaA can give more to make you more aware of them sneaking around. Basically you shouldn't need a perk to counter a design flaw in the game. It's unbalanced.

    The aim assist is absolutely broken. It locks onto pallets through walls, and will turn me towards them from pretty much any degree angle I was facing. There have been times I turn completely around 180 degrees causing me to miss a survivor completely. Some even seem to abuse this design flaw at times and bring me to areas this happens more often. Basically need to disable it if survivors aren't in direct line of sight and disable it for anything but survivors. Also need to disable it if they are in line of sight but obstacles block the path anyway to hit them. Often the game will drive me to auto hit a wall completely out of my control.

    A lot of killers are made with complete disregard to how they would work on console. Some killers need to be changed so they work better on console without changing their overall playstyle or power. Example nurse would probably play pretty much the same if she moved hag speed but had a fixed distance teleport. Huntress would probably work better with an aimer because it's not possible to muscle memory on a controller. You often aren't even facing the same way each time you use your power like you are unconciously doing on a pc with a mouse. Oni is kind of a nightmare on a controller. The stick doesn't move as sensitively as a mouse so movements you can do on pc do not work on console. Alternatively I would not be opposed to being able to use a mouse and keyboard on console for this game. The consoles do support this control scheme. It's just a matter of programming it in.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,075

    There is no aim assist either.

    When you attack, the game creates a cone in front of you. If you hit something with this cone the game locks onto it, but this only occurs AFTER the hit has registered and only occurs to make it look like you actually hit the survivor/object you swung at.

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 103

    I'm not saying aim assist as if your camera will magicaly turn onto a certain hitbox, but you can sometimes witness weird things happening regardless of the role you are playing.

    As a killer I lunged at someone quickly turning a corner mid animation without me expecting it in the first place, and without flicking at said person, my weapon "followed" the guy trough the wall, connecting to it.

    As a survivor, the amount of time I baited juking on a side and finally committing to a 360° to the other and got struck by a hand following me despite the killer's character facing totally in another direction got me bored to even try.

    I was suspecting the delay and the way they animated lunges to be the reason of those weird hits, but after that thing occured as the killer I can't really say anymore beside calling for aim assist.

  • TheEntity03TheEntity03 Member Posts: 115

    The DBD biggest problem is the Nerfs 👹

  • USELESSUSELESS Member Posts: 1,151

    Survive with friends PQP

  • vux_intrudervux_intruder Member Posts: 175

    The fact that controllers don’t work properly on PS4 and stutter when you’re in chase because for some reason you can run slower or faster instead of just running when you push forward there’s a sensitivity....

  • Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 914

    Poor mad design.

    I hate Ironworks of misery, Disturbed Ward, etc.

  • RainbowPatooieRainbowPatooie Member Posts: 272

    Lobby queues and matchmaking I would say is on the top.

  • DeKillerKillerDeKillerKiller Member Posts: 547

    Biggest problem with DBD right now is Map Design.

    They are either confusing to navigate unless you memorize them (Lery's, The Game), way too big for killers with no mobility powers to traverse (Temple of Purgation, Gas Heaven), or are just generally an annoyance to play in (Sanctum of Wrath).

    I would actually pay money, monthly, just for them to not work on DLC or new content or whatever and just focus on map design. Making it much better for every killer/survivor. So Killers won't have to rely on Ruin, and Survivors won't have to rely on memorizing every map in the game (seriously it can be confusing to find gens in The Game)

  • Reaper_xxReaper_xx Member Posts: 173

    The devs took the easy way out and nerf whatever they can. Balanced Landing was god the way it was. Object of Obsession is good the way it was. All we ask is for the maps reworks, fix the gen speed. And fix the bugs as well.

  • LemeTheMemeLemeTheMeme Member Posts: 402

    I think the main issue is maps. There is a large inconsistency between them, and it's easy to spot which one is survivor sided vs. which is killer sided. I think maps NEED to be the same size, or close to it. It makes balancing a nightmare when you have these huge maps that you need to apply pressure on.

    Not to mention, but Huntress gets progressively worse due to these map inconsistencies. The influx of trees, indoor maps, Haddonfield, weird collisions, make playing her way more frustrating. She defs needs some QoL improvements to make her more viable.

    But back to the topic of maps, I am really against these massive maps that make playing no mobility killers so much more dreadful. Some maps need their lighting overhauled, especially the Yamaoka maps. Also, why does it have the bamboo that makes blendettes literally invisible? and why do I have to rely on audio for that matter, which is COMPLETELY busted.

    Overall, maps need to be more consistent in size and lighting.

  • sunny_008sunny_008 Member Posts: 5

    OH ♥ FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. I refuse to play as survivor unless I'm playing on premade. 2 weeks ago I had a killer facecamping me and then saying "sorry" (oh, but not really) but they had to do a challenge. This game is only becoming a waste of time and so draining. How am I going to be able to get better at playing if I'm not even given the chance by the killers? The game gives you 3 chances. Killers don't even give you once. The problem isn't just the game, the problem is the [BAD WORD] people playing. They mask behind the character being a "killer" and that their only purpose it's to sacrifice the survivors. But there's much more to do as a killer than just that, like putting traps if you play as the trapper, and so on. Breaking generators so you don't get gen rushed. But the people playing is usually very dumb and only think about one aspect of the game and so they make it impossible to play and very boring. It really makes you want to delete the game.

  • FayyarFayyar Member Posts: 6

    Things about DbD that are mostly fine: maps, hitboxes (yes, I really think so!).

    Things that need fixing: bunch of perks being useless, difficulty disparity in higher ranks (killers need to be much better and try hard way more than survs in order to 3k/4k), Decisive Bullshit (it's not an anti-tunnelling perk if I can chase and hook someone else, and the person with DS still has it active).

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