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Is it possible for a Five Nights at Freddys Chapter



  • SpacingLlamasSpacingLlamas Member Posts: 584

    Definitely an interesting idea though seems it could start to get very complex and complicated to balance and make add-ons for with all the different characters. But I could see it working

  • fnaf_lover2431fnaf_lover2431 Member Posts: 12

    Guys I mean the animatronics literally kill children and stuff their bodies in a suit a suit for christ sack so honestly I think there could be a fnaf chapter because animatronics also tend to kill adults as well if you know the fnaf 3 storyline william afton (a.k.a purple guy) was a killer and supposedly killed children later while trying to fix the animatronics he started to seeing the children he killed then decided to put on a spring bonnie suit the ghost or otherwise known as phantoms killed him and made him into what is now springtrap

    If you don't believe me on the story by watching this video you'll understand how William afton died

  • ToastyyToastyy Member Posts: 169

    This was a fan made image of a FNAF concept on reddit credit goes to u/freddy_fazsack

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 410

    Pretty sure that people are so strongly opposed to a FNAF chapter is because the toxic side of the community.

    A FNAF chapter actually does have quite a lot of potential. The Nightmare animatronics would probably be the scariest killers in terms of aesthetic in the game. There's a lot of creativity that can come with their power. The story is pretty dark and complex too.

    No survivor is fine, because multiple killers in the same chapter and potential for a nice creepy indoor twisted children's place map.

    Plus, more player attraction, which means not players, meaning shorter queue times.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 1,932

    It'd be very difficult considering the animatronics become lifeless when someone is maintaining eye contact with it. This chapter would also be extremely boring just like Pennywise.

  • lynelmanelynelmane Member Posts: 545

    I will uninstall DBD if they add a FNAF chapter.

    The fanbase is so awful, I don't want it to ruin this game.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,583

    I’ve played the FNAF games but I don’t know much about the fanbase. How are they awful? I’ve heard multiple people say the FNAF community is awful.

  • fnaf_lover2431fnaf_lover2431 Member Posts: 12

    Can you guys stop being a hater I honestly think a fnaf chapter would be interesting but if anyone has played fnaf 4 the nightmare animatronics do hate light which in most cases would be useful to the survivors advantage it could make the game play interesting in my opinion so honestly quit bitching about the fnaf chapter because if you think about it. It would be interesting not to mention if you flash your light at the animatronics they blind them it's just an interesting ingame experience

  • SambaSawSambaSaw Member Posts: 136

    This is never going to happen because Scott (creator of fnaf) would never allow his storyline to get interrupted by a game like dbd. If you followed the story you can understand this because it has been really messy and its not yet fully discovered.


    First of all I hope they won't add fnaf dlc cuz I still have nightmares about this game....

    Second,it will be difficult. Since we don't know the full fnaf lore and if the lore is "dead children souls trapped in animatronics" then it will make no sense for a child to kill a human. They only kill the ones that killed them.

  • Bustanut_ChampionBustanut_Champion Member Posts: 53

    Broooo, criiiinge.

    For real though, FNAF set the laziest standard for horror awhile ago and I've hated it since it came out, I never got the scare appeal considering it was just jumpscares with a weak concept. The backstory took ages to be developed and even then I found the entire thing subpar. It makes me sad that it was a lot of people's introduction to horror.

    That being said, it just feels strictly cartoony. I can take a lot of the killers in the game seriously and see them as intimidating, but anything associated with Five Nights has been so watered down - from an already weak and uninteresting base, then it was so overdone with game after game that all I see is a cringy joke when it comes to it's content. Robot scream loud in your face oh god oh heck oh I poopied ooohhhhheeeefrick

  • stink49stink49 Member Posts: 1

    I mean they could do a thing where William actin is not in the spring trap suit but in the spring Bonnie but the one where he killed the children in where he lured them in which makes him a normal murder but in a suit and he has a thing where he can do a springlock thing where he turn into springtrap

  • Nibla02Nibla02 Member Posts: 154

    Why would it be bad ? You just said it the same way that you did not want people to have it. It's a cool concept and it would work since they are also kind of humaniod. What is the issue ?

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 1,040

    Saying "it would work" is not a valid reason to implement a FNaF chapter. Every time it is suggested, the community responds largely negatively and there are always flaws as to why it wouldn't work.

  • Nibla02Nibla02 Member Posts: 154

    What do you even mean it saying it would work is not a reason. Who said that it was ? Fnaf was and still is a very big thing i dont think a movie would be possible otherwise. Has some characters that you could take out as the murderer and a map isnt neccesary to create with them. They have a deep and intressting story that could maybe somehow get into the entity. If you dont like a dlc then dont buy it. Simple as that. And everything has flaws and nothing is perfect.

  • Nibla02Nibla02 Member Posts: 154

    I mean we have 2 Roys in smash so the name shouldnt be a problem

  • Nibla02Nibla02 Member Posts: 154
  • Nibla02Nibla02 Member Posts: 154

    Then do so. You are not alone in this game so how can it even effect you. Selfish player

  • Nibla02Nibla02 Member Posts: 154

    He has never said that. The story is over, that is the reason why he started giving it to other third party devs. He wanted to complete the storyline first and foremost thats why steelwool got to make the vr game and illuminix to create the mobile game.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 1,040

    In your comment (which I quoted) you said "it would work". It's the same thing people keep saying when the idea of a FNaF chapter is met with criticism. The fact that it could be a chapter doesn't mean it should be one.

    The fact that people have to go out of their way to justify a chapter and make it work should be a strong enough indication that it should not happen. Relegating maps as unnecessary and having to take characters from books to make it fit should be a red flag that it isn't meant to be IMHO.

    Moreover, it's not as simple as if you don't like it don't buy it. The content released should cater for the majority, not a vocal minority who are persistent on reviving a franchise that has (arguably) lost a lot of its popularity.

    This isn't even mentioning the fact that the games are massively different, with different stories, themes, characters, locations and gameplay. They wouldn't work well together at all. The argument that it has an "interesting" story is entirely subjective too.

    People could say it is "selfish" that you're trying to force a chapter which they don't want...

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 419

    No....no just no.That would be cringe af i don't want kids horror game and it's toxic fanbase here.

  • lynelmanelynelmane Member Posts: 545

    From what i've seen, the fanbase is 80% 12-14 year old kids who try to force the game's content onto other things. Also, they nonstop produce fanart and fanfics about it, and hate on others who don't like the games or the story.

    I had a friend who was like this. They are not my friend anymore.

  • fnaf_lover2431fnaf_lover2431 Member Posts: 12

    Honestly if were talking about a weapon he should have you got to think animatronics like nightmare fredbear don't need a weapon all they need to do is get you pinned in a corner or something and grab you then just bite your head off.

    Now springtrap is another story I would honestly give springtrap a throwing dagger so when he chases his victims he can throw the dagger and pin them down kinda like Friday the 13th to were you can just place bear traps

  • fnaf_lover2431fnaf_lover2431 Member Posts: 12

    Hey dude actually the fantoms were the one that killed William afton. He put on a spring bonnie suit and what the ghosts did was supposedly spring locked his body killing him unexpectedly here's a video to show you how he died

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 202
    edited January 6

    All animatronics move while you watch them, some slower than others. See FNAF Vr and any other game since they also move to rooms or halls when you stare at them.

    There are still the books you could base the chapter on. It has Springtrap, a rotten, dark animatronic suit with the corps of the killer inside. It has a place that could possibly the map, the childhood home of the main character that was left to rot and the area around it. And for the survivors, the main character has plenty of friends that could become one of the Survivors for the chapter.

    FNsF is not only about shiny colorful animatronics attacking you in a flashy Pizzaria for kids.

    Forgot to mention that the books play in a completly other universe.

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 202

    To the design part, that's why they could go of the books, they's had more creativity and such since Springtrap isn't shown. About survivors, as said they are in the books described and there's a recently released graphic novel of the first novel with pictures of them, even tho in a cartoony style, then again, they could make them fit the style of DbD too. Same for the map.

    I'm sure people just don't want it because either they don't like licensed chapters, don't like the community, can't imagine the animatronic matching dbds style, only look at the colorful not fitting animatronics like Freddy, Foxy or all 4 points together.

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