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A tale as old as time

Forget to Bring decisive strike because I wanted to try a sneaky ninja build

teammate got hooked for the first time, "oh someone will probably save them" *he has kindred

2 other teammates literally crouching doing nothing

I have to run across the map to save hooked teammate before he reaches second phase

killer is camping / proxy camping, I get found immediately, unhooked teammate before second phase

Got downed and hooked first time ... okay at least I save my teammate on time

killer camps / proxy camping because ruin is literally next to me .... okay ...

no one comes to save me until I'm on the second phase then teammate unhooks me when killer is still camping... okay....

gets tunneled by killer right after I got unhooked .... okay ....

getting depiped because the game says "I suck" .... not okay ...

everyone in my team was purple rank

killer was rank 13

it's just one of those days


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