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Why do the devs do nothing to help curb toxic behavior from Survivors?



  • scatscat Member Posts: 33
    edited January 2020

    You are just bad and need to adapt to the game. Maybe try learning new tactics instead if reporting people for being better than you. I'm rank 3 surv and 8 as killer and u know what I do when survivors body block? I hit them. When they t bag? I nod. They flashlight spam? I hit them on the hook.

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  • slashnsmackslashnsmack Member Posts: 4

    I love how everyone is chastising you for the list you made and here the kicker i play survivor 90% of the time and i feel bad when i get games with new players (killers) and they get gen rushed or harassed unfortunately its the current state of the game since the only objective a survivor has is gens and then door, i personally avoid swf but i do use it for when i need to farm BP and farm my friends but when i do that i let the killer hook and kill me.

  • siren_sorceresssiren_sorceress Member Posts: 270

    As if killers cant and dont play toxic and use frustrating game strategies. You say you're new. Played surv for awhile yet? I can bully survs much worse than a few flashlight clicks. Heck, I can equip Spirit and be ultra toxic, bm and 4k if I really wanted to. You dont know what toxicity is son.

  • DBDITDBDIT Member Posts: 169

    You should play the other side so you can experience toxic killers too. It's not just one side so, in essence, that is the balance.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,288

    Remove SWF. I guarantee if you removed that mode, you'd remove a huge portion of the toxicity. I've found that swf players are much more toxic than solo, because they have friends that can bail them out when their skill fails. Usually they only bully when they have somebody that's laughing beside them. A solo doesn't have that, and needs to use their brain most of the time.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,307

    same thing could be said about killer head nodding and smacking on the hook. those aren’t bannable either.

    besides, teabagging and flashlight clicking mostly helps you as killer... they lose distance from teabagging after a pallet stun/drop and you also have an extra survivor off of gens so they can spam their flashlight.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,307

    if a survivor teabags then they want the killer to chase them, so they do it to taunt the killer into chasing them over their teammates

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 462

    Right now on console there are teams out there who spam invites to party chat. I ran into one a night or two ago I didn't join and they literally farmed me hard sandbagged windows and brought the killer straight to me while healing.

    Luckily after 2 games of it I got a killer who decided to go after them and leave me alone nice of him.

    The fact is coordination kills the fun. When survivors run builds that synergize together it makes life hell for the killer. I personally ran into a 4 stack that used Breakout/Adrenaline/ DS/ BT.

  • LevitikaLevitika Member Posts: 105

    I do play a balance of Killer and Survivor for reference; I'm well aware douchebag killers exist, and have encountered the joys of a Basement Bubba or Iridescent Head+Infantry Huntress. But just using basic math, statistically there will always be more toxic Survivors than Killers by factor of there literally being four times as many Survivor players in any given match.

    Attacking me or anyone else for expressing frustration with this, claiming that "oh you can just counter it with X, gitgud" or some other nonsense just means you're part of the problem.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,691

    Is the intent of the Survivor to be aggravating or toxic?

  • Gamer29Gamer29 Member Posts: 26

    This is why I don’t play anymore. I can’t stand the entitlement, the arrogance and the poor sportsmanship!! The developers purposely created this. They will never change it. This is game is ruined. It’s become a free for all for spoiled children that have constant temper tantrums to which the developers cater too!!! Fk them and fk this game!!

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,662

    Weird, I think these types of games as a killer are hilarious. You take yourselves and this game far too seriously - instead of whining and running from SWF, make your own fun of it. If teabagging triggers you, that is especially laughable - does that actually hinder you in some way besides bruising little feelings? Getting tougher and dealing with these issues is part of the game.

    Like it has been said already, it's not just survivors who are toxic - you obviously haven't been camped on the hook while a killer just hits you over and over again until you die just because they can; or get body blocked by the killer for 20 minutes in the basement; or left to slug for 4 minutes while the killer just revs their chainsaw over you. And these are not in response to anything the survivor did besides getting caught; since that is the first reaction of most killers is to blame survivors for everything. Killers are supposedly just helpless little victims just trying to eliminate people from the game - no they were just toxic.

    And the thing is removing SWF is not an answer - it will just turn off a large portion of the player base. You think everyone has the fortitude to put up with the solo experience? It takes a special kind of masochist for that.

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 419

    Because it's the internet and nobody cares about anyone's feelings.There are as much toxic survivors and swf groups as there are toxic killers or trollers looking to ruin peoples fun.It's there and it will always be there so there is no point in getting upset.Just take it like a big man and move on with your games.

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328

    As killer main I can say that 80% of survivors are toxic and dont know how to behave. If you win you are considered camper, tunneler, noob, kid, idiot...etc. If you lose game survivors are teabagging you near gate and you are called noob, bad killer or looser. No matter if you win or lose, you are insulted anyway. Im automaticaly skipping engame log with chat to prevent reading toxic chat. Problem is thah if you dont report toxic player immediately by report button, you cannot demand action from BHVR throught ticket.

    My example: I was playing vs 3 SWF team and 1 solo. Standard game. I killed whole SWF team and solo escaped via hatch. After game I skipped chat as usually. Suddenly I notice that someone wanted to add me on steam. I noticed that it was member of that 3 man SWF. I declined což its common that frustrated player want to add you and insult you personaly on steam chat. It was twitch streamer so I watched his stream and I was horrified by his behaviour. During replay of our match they were constantly insulting me whole game (I understand their lang). As I saw on replay they were insulting me aftergame on chat that I skipped. But I continued watching and this group was insulting every single killer opponent after every match. No matter if they won or lost. I got insults like "Czech idiot", "fuc*ing camper, tunneler"or 8yo kid. Other killers got wish of cancer, die soon or fuc*ing piece of sh*t tunneler. 15yo streamer is insulting all around with his same year old group. After this I sent ticket with screen but I got answer that they cannot take action coz I didnt report him after game.

    Survivors are extremely toxic and there should be some automatic system that detect insulting and automaticaly take action like chat ban or game ban.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,307

    both in a way, it just depends on how you take it.

    getting extremely frustrated and mad at their tbagging is giving them what they want, as they WANT the killer to be thinking less clearly and make rash decisions (like tunneling that survivor endlessly or not focussing on other things in the match)

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 773
    edited January 2020

    Pig and Goatface.

    Not that they necessarily prevent anything, but they help me to cope with tbaggers, cuz I will tbag back.

  • randomBobrandomBob Member Posts: 9

    Sounds like you've had a few tough games, we all have these and I agree that it's a ball ache having survivors gang up. Just remember that you can kill them but they can't kill you. Try new killers and strategies to knock them off their game.

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