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It is not worth being a hex perk anymore, it will be cleansed before any generator can get a considerable amount of progress for the killer to kick it (im talking about +50%).

And you can argue that without the old ruin, survivors won't be always looking for the totem, but they spawn in [BAD WORD] areas so they can see them going to - or working on- a gen.

Also Id like some clarification on ruin lvl. 1 and 2: "regresses at 1/1.5 times the normal regression rates" isn't lvl 1 the same as without ruin? And lvl 2 completely useless and a waste of a perk slot?


  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    ruin is horrible. It is destroyed within seconds of play. I hate to see my hex ruin fall in less than 1 minute of departure and the damn gen rush taking care of swf matches of 4 people in communication, always talking about where the killer is for others to just make generators.

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