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Imagine wanting to kill your own game.Unfathomable,I know.But when the choices and decisions made by this dev team go live,I seriously question if they know what they’re doing.The games has been and still is blatantly survivor sided with gen rushes and SWF ruling the world,Now clearly this makes a Ruin nerf completely necessary,right?Keys “aren’t OP”,the hatch is fair,and comms in a game not meant for them makes total sense.In a game called Dead by Daylight,that dares consider itself a horror game,I’m seriously shocked about how hard it is for the killers to,well,kill.When all the killers quit because they get their first hook after the gates are powered,because they didn’t “pressure gens enough”,they get a good reason to quit.When killers quit,there’s no lobbies,so nobody can play,and the game dies.Theres no “oh just use PGTW or Thana or Corrupt.Thats not the point,and those are all inferior to ruin.So,community and BHVR,see you in the gen rush.


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