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You're joking right?

"very useful in the late game"- It's a Hex totem they don't last more than 30 seconds, what "late game" are you talking about please come back to Earth. Survivors get all the second chance perks in the world but we can't have a perk that let's us find and (quickly) down someone before a gen gets popped by 2 guys who spawned on that gen. I'm not gonna lie there isn't much that would make me leave this game, this is one of the few things that would. Godspeed to any 115% killer without a mobility tool on the many gigantic maps that plague this game. Here's an idea maybe buff the weaker side of the killer roster before nerfing a perk they rely on because they're stuck without a mobility tool to properly gen patrol at the beginning of the game.

This perk is actually worthless and I'll explain why, this perk will no longer stop gens from popping before the killer even has a hope of starting a snowball (especially on the Omega corn maps), this totem won't last longer than a minute meaning there will never be any "very useful in the late game". The only people who say this perk will be useful late game are either lying through their teeth or complete morons, run Huntress lullaby and you tell me how long that lasts before you drop the perk entirely (There's a reason nobody generally runs that perk).

Further proof that if a small group of survivors cries enough about one thing long enough BVHR will listen, but by God us killers (and survivors, I strive to get rank one in both every month at least) want weak killers like Clown, Bubba, and Legion buffed nothing EVER gets done. Patch 2.7.0, you reworked Legion about 8 months ago and you still haven't finished polishing him, half of his addons are completely useless but don't worry guys we're nerfing Ruin.

If Ruin does get changed like that (before the weaker killers are buffed to what they should be) I will be leaving this game and I know others will too. Can't wait for the "wait and see" losers to come around and tell me nerfing the most useful killer perk in the game with an easy counter is good for the health of the game. Yeah wait and watch useful things for killer get completely obliterated meanwhile sound for killers has been a trainwreck for over a month and you still haven't fixed that yet. Basement bug gets fixed in days and people who abused it are banned meanwhile Wake Up wasn't fixed for weeks and nobody who used it was banned even though it was completely obvious they're running it just to abuse it, because otherwise wake up is completely useless. The only time at rank one I've ever seen it ran was when it was bugged but at the same time double mend Legion abusers were banned. Really makes you think where the devs lean.



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