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I sure hope that toolboxes and Prove Thyself also gets a handy dandy nerf

pemberleypemberley Member Posts: 1,510

I don’t use Ruin ever just because I never have luck with it, but anyone could see WHY killers relied on it so much.

You shouldn’t nerf Ruin without also putting the stomp on genrush tactics.

If a single perk is used to such a degree that Ruin was, that’s because there’s an underlying problem with the gameplay itself NOT the perk.


  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,031

    While I don't agree that toolboxes or Prove Thy Self needs a nerf. Ruin certainly didn't need one either. I just don't understand BHVR on this one.

  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,052
    edited January 2020

    They seem to be under the impression that people used it to rank up Gatekeeper.

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    Are you ######### kidding? They're going to get a buff.

  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110

    Ha, expecting BHVR to have forethought.

    TOP KEK.

  • Apple2oApple2o Member Posts: 624

    I really don't see how you are going to slow the game down enough now without playing scummy if the survivors are good, and you are playing an M1 killer.

    It was already borderline impossible to 12 hook a team of rank 1 survivors on some of the worst killer maps (blood lodge, Thompson house, haddo, etc).

    My ruin typically only lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes at red ranks, which I feel is still worth it for how powerful it is. The new one looks awful for a perk so easily cleansed in the first few minutes of the game.

    Ruin is only really oppressive on the indoor maps like Hawkins, but that map is already so killer favored it's almost a free win always. Ruin on 75% of the maps? Spawns right in the open next to a generator.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Mehhhh. Fixing the game's underlying issues is too harddddd. Nerfing ruin and making survivors happy is so much easier. At least the gatekeeper emblem is getting changed? Amirite or amirite? 🤗

  • silverwolf4455silverwolf4455 Member Posts: 495

    You mean the secret buff they will prolly apply in stealth without putting it on a ptb... lol hotfixes.

    Prove thyself +20% gen speed.

    And an extra 50 charges to all toolboxes.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,597

    No need to nerf PT imo, but toolboxes need a rework imo. I'd love it if instead of buffing repair speed (which is dull) they affected skillcheck bonuses and dimentions.

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