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About the Ruin Change

I'm always open to changes and new stuff, but I have some concerns about the Ruin change. Before you yell at me, that I should wait until tomorrow, before I say something.... I will go to the PTB and then maybe my opinion changes on this, when I see that it works.

If Gatekeeper rewards you for a good 3-gen-strategy then I have no problem with a perk that is strong in the endgame. I can still use Corrupt Intervention and PGTW for early and mid-game gen regression/blocking, but....

.... Ruin is a HEX perk. This means, that it can stand forever or be destroyed in 20s into the match, wich is really inconsistent. Surely you have stats how long a Hex (any Hex in this case) stands. And we all know that inconsistency really sucks, be it because of skillchecks (Autodidact etc.) or RNG (Beartraps, Jigsawboxes). What use has an endgame Hex Perk, that even may not last until the endgame? Look at those games where you use Devour Hope and try to get to 5 stacks before they get it. That rarely happens, be it because of bad Totem spots or Survivors spawning right next to it. And even the best spot is weak when you can HEAR it.

So how should this perk be any good in the end-game if it is destroyed in the early or mid-game most times?

... it is obvious why Ruin is used in 80% of the matches in Red Ranks: You have no real chance to get anything done before a gen is repaired. BNP, Prove Thyself and even a brown Toolbox with some Grand SC can destroy any early game pressure the Killer might have. Add that with a long chase time, and.... well you know what happens. This is worse, when going against an organized SWF.

... it will increase the cases where people die on the hook, because no one saved them. Think of it: Someone is hooked further away from you, your gen is at 50% (=40s =40 units). Normally you would do the gen for a while, say to 75% (=60s), but go for the save when no one goes for it, save your mate and return to the gen. But with Ruin now, regressing your gen 0.5 units/sec, you would rather finish it (=40s total) than have it regressed to ~50% (45s) when you need ~15s to go for the save and ~15s to go back (no camping killer etc.). This is a risk for the survivor on the hook if the mate on the gen miscalculates the time needed for the gen/for the save. This is worse with SOLOs without Kindred or Deliverance, because of the lack of information.

This causes probably more Survivors sticking together (with Prove Thyself) to rush gens and more Deliverance uses, which are an annoyance for killers. Especially for those who don't camp or are close to the hook (in 32m radius). And no one wants more camping killers, am I right?

These are my concerns. What do you think?


  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    hex ruin needs a very strong buf right away

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,743

    @Macmillan Maybe that you need to cleanse ALL totems to get rid of a Hex (or 2 or 3...). That needs at least 75s for all the Totems. In addition to the time you need to find them.

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