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Killer mains suddenly forgot...

ImpalaImpala Member Posts: 145
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Killer mains asking for meta survivor perks nerf after the ruin nerf suddenly forgot about Self Care, Decisive, BT, Mettle of Man, Balanced Landing, Saboteur but hey, devs are biased against killers, right? Grow up, while I don't have a problem with the current Ruin, this change might mean that something else will come in the game soon after this change, something like gen speed, they are planning things for the long term for a few months now, so chill.

Edit: The amount of bias in some of you, lol, not even worth having a good argument. Yeah, those perks are still used, some of them are so of them not so much. But overall, devs have been balancing the game for the last 3 years and now after they release stats that show that this game is not actually that survivor sided some of you think you keep posting the same emotional nonsense when most probably you are just a bad player overall. Sad truth. One more note. I don't agree with this change as some of you were saying in thread, but I find it amusing when you call the game survivor-sided and the devs catering to survivors. Don't forget we just had the instaheals nerfed. Be a little more rational.

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