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would you consider huntress lullaby and third seal to be better then new ruin?

just a question for the peeps on the forums


  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    Huntress Lullaby : no

    Third Seal : only agaisnt solos.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Third Seal is awful.

    Lullaby is decent, assuming it stays up long enough for you to get stacks. It takes more effort to get it to be useful than Devour Hope, which lets you one shot at just 3 stacks.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    Not really.

  • ohheyitsbobcatohheyitsbobcat Member Posts: 1,141
    edited January 2020

    I'd honestly consider new ruin the weakest hex perk now.

    Lullaby is amazing if it stays up. I'd argue it's stronger than old Ruin if it gets 5 stacks.

    Ditto with Devour

    Third Seal is good in slug builds but is really weak to SWF.

    Haunted always has potential.

    Noed is hated but has strong snowball potential.

    Thrill is useful for protecting totems.

    New Ruin is best used at endgame and is countered by going back on the gen or taping it while in chase. Sure, there is potential for longer gen times but nowhere near what normal ruin was. It still has a chance to be found instantly, same as any hex and you no longer get the bonus of people wasting time trying to find it in early game.

    I don't mind Ruin being changed since with this we may get gen changes in general but it should no longer be a hex with its current power. They should either buff the numbers to make it worthy of hex status or make it a normal perk IMO.

    Edit: I may have misread what it did earlier but I believe new ruin will also auto start regressing gens without having to kick them? If this is the case then I'd place it as much better than Third Seal but a meh Hex overall since it makes Pop/overcharge unusable while it's up. Really useful on a 3-gen strat if it could live that long though.

    Edit 2: If surveillance works with it, that will be some good info even in early game as well. Looking at it now, I think it'll have some uses depending on how it's paired.

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