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This is pathetic. Quit complaining.

This is coming from a survivor struggling to stay in rank 1. Stop it. The new ruin changes are needed. Almost every game I play the killer gets 2 or more kills. But no, the killer mains are gonna complain because the devs are starting to realize the game shouldn't be balanced around the killer getting 4 kills every single game. It should be balanced around 2 kills/escaping half your games.

Gen rushing doesn't exist. The survivors are supposed to want to get the gens done as fast as possible it's our OBJECTIVE ffs. The gens already regress pretty fast if they've been kicked but with the new ruin they're going to regress automatically as if they have been kicked. It's like all generators are automatically kicked with the new ruin. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned what it's going to be like if the killer kicks the gens and ruin is up? It probably will regress as fast as one survivor's base repair speed.

TL;DR: We haven't experienced the new ruin in game yet so we shouldn't be complaining right now. Also, gen rushing doesn't exist. Survivors are supposed to want to get the gens done as fast as possible.



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