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This is pathetic. Quit complaining.



  • KatastrophecyKatastrophecy Member Posts: 10

    To say the speed of the game judges the skill of the killer is extremely shortsighted. The size of the map and the killer being played play a big part in success. A Clown or Trapper is going to get "gen rushed" a lot more often than a Billy or Freddy on Cow Tree. The strength of the tiles on a given map and how closely they spawn next to other tiles is a factor of success. Not being able to exert pressure on some of the largest maps in the game with some of the strongest tiles in the game as low- or no-mobility killers does not mean the killer is not skilled.

    There are a lot of ways this game that can be more fairly balanced for killers, and gutting Ruin is not one of them. Again, if unmitigated, survivors consistently got 4K'd within the first 3-5 minutes of the game, there would be massive survivor outcry. But at higher tiers of play, when lower-tier killers are having games finish at 3-5 minutes from gens being popped so quickly, it's just the killer's skill because they're bad killers, not map size, killer balance, survivor perk loadout... they're just not skilled. 🤔 Have you watched Otzdarva or TrU3 on YouTube? Consistently high red-rank killers who showcase games where survivors turbo-rush gens if map pressure isn't exerted perfectly in the early game. They must not be skilled if they're getting rushed, hm?

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    The game should be balanced around the higher skilled players, as they are the role models for the lower skilled players. Because of the extremely poor scoring system, too many low skilled players have easily made their way into red ranks as survivors and can easily stay there - and now the dev's are making changes to compensate these unskilled players because their statistics are heavily skewed from this poor system. For example, this thread and OP - who shouldn't be in red ranks.

    The only change Ruin needed was for it to be impossible to cleanse in the early of the game - because it wasn't too powerful, it was making the game balanced with the ridiculously high repair speed for generators. It takes most killers to cross medium to very large sized maps 50+ seconds, and it only takes 2 survivors on one gen 40 seconds to finish a gen (not including greats, items or perks). Survivors that are good at the game, understand this, and also understand that if 4 survivors work on generators (2 per generator) the gates will be powered in 1 minute and 20 seconds **OR LESS**.

    This is also the entire reason that the top tier killers are all killers that are difficult to detect, and can move across the map very quickly - however against survivors that are good at the game still have an easy time against these killers, because of the over abundance of safe pallets.

    Yes there are some killers with kits that make safe looping difficult, but most if not given the time to prepare (it only takes 1 minute and 20 seconds to power the gates) they don't have the time to deny these loops. Then the ones that don't have to prepare are very difficult to play and have easy counters. Not to mention they also recently nerfed the two biggest of these Killers Nurse, and Spirit.

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    Why should stakeout take up a perk slot on console when it doesn't need to on PC? There's the real unbalance. Not between killers and survivors, but between console and PC.

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    Your data is very far fetched.

    But I don't have the energy to argue about it.

  • shadowlightnignshadowlightnign Member Posts: 6

    Literally nowhere I did I ask for survivor nerfs.

    Ranking system is busted and almost pointless. You don't get any rewards for maintaining your high ranks. The only thing it does is that it allows people with similar skill-levels to be matched together, and even that doesn't happen much cause matchmaking is so whack.

    But this is about the ruin changes.

  • KaelumKaelum Member Posts: 975

    @shadowlightnign didn’t you hear? The ranks are being removed from the Scoreboard. Once that occurs, only SWF will see your rank, and only when that buggy feature works.

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    I'm sorry but what he was doing was pure idiocy. He picked up a survivor under a pallet when there were obviously other survivors nearby and thought he wouldn't get stunned? He also let himself get stunned with pallets several times throughout the chase, which took up time. Yeah... No. He let himself get "gen rushed" (which doesn't even exist).

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    Oh no guys! I don't wanna argue anymore so therefore all my points are wrong. Welp it was a good run cya later.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    I came back to this right after having a match against a team of solo's who spent the whole game performing unsafe hooks, poor looping, and running to dangerous areas. They found ruin quickly, so I killed off the weakest survivor - letting them have it, and then soon after 1 dc's to deny me points since I was outplaying them. I decided not to slug (because the Claud that couldn't loop, and they had a DC). Then gave the last survivor the hatch. In the end game chat the Claud accused me of tunneling. Refused to blame their loss on her team performing unsafe hooks, their poor looping skills, lack of knowledge of the map, or the DC, but because I sacrificed one when I knew they didn't have borrowed time as they all knew the location of my totem - I'm apparently the bad player in red ranks.

    They were all red rank.

    These two scenario's are prime examples of why the game is going in the direction it is. Too many bad players have made it to red ranks, are skewing the statistic's and ultimately destroying the game. Then we have people like Widowmaker8197 in the forums, refusing to add anything to the discussion - attempting to deny truth by only saying "no".

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    I'm sorry but I believe I've replied to several counter points already? It's like you think I don't have a life outside of dead by daylight. I have things to do and people to see.

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    Aww look at you killer mains standing up for each other! Get a room you two.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,616

    Why is NO ONE mentioning French Toast?

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    "Your data is very far fetched". That was my argument kiddo.

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 1,939

    I'm sure they won't leave this game. Cause there's no other horror game out there besides last year. But yea sure some will leave. Survivors said these things before like when ds and balance lending got nerfed.

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    Yeah. When a good killer perks gets nerfed, killers will freak out and threaten to leave.

    When a good survivor perk gets nerfed, survivors will freak out and threaten to leave.

    Pretty balanced if you ask me lol

  • Butcher_PeteButcher_Pete Member Posts: 29

    Sounds like a you problem. The devs shouldn’t have to change the game because people like you can’t hit skill checks. That’s just pandering and the expense of everyone else.

  • KatastrophecyKatastrophecy Member Posts: 10

    You know that isn't an argument, right? That's an uninformed dismissal of actual counter points. FYI, his statistics of game speed are correct, although at the more extreme end of the spectrum—the points still stand. And remain completely uncontested.

  • Widowmaker8197Widowmaker8197 Member Posts: 88

    Fine. You wanna hear me thoughts on all of it? Map reworks: yeah some maps could use reworks that would benefit both survivors and killers.

    Some killers could use buffs to be brought up with other killers.

    Most perks seem fine as is.

    I'm a survivor main so gen speed is automatically balanced ;)

    Tile placement? It's... Weird.

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