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Ruin change will not ruin killer gameplay



  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    Survivors don’t have a “ must have perk in order to survive “ some survivors may love perks and use them more than others because they like them but you can’t say the same about ruin , you don’t equip it because you like but because you have to

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Have you been in red ranks? Ever? Do you not see almost every survivor either have balanced landing(before the nerfs) or Sprint burst?

    Gen time is around 80 second. With new ruin it'll take 160 seconds to regress the gen completely, in those 160 seconds you have to guard the gen or ruin would be useless, it already is in most games because it gets broken within a minute. If you're actively pushing people off of 1 gen there's 2 other gens they can do. You cant be at all gens at the same time, especially if there's not a 3gen situation. You know why people dont run ruin on billy? Because billy doesnt have to walk for 45 seconds across the map to pressure a gen. "Ruin will be effective late game" when has ruin lasted until late game? I play both killer and survivor, I've been playing the game for around 2-3 years. I dont see any point in playing killer anymore, unless you like to get bullied by a 4 man swf with keys. Tunneling is going to become prominent now, because one of the strongest gen slowdown perks out of the only 4 or 5 is gone. Moris, Iridescent heads and Black incense etc are going to be used in 80% of the games. If you think taking away one of the best gen regression, of which only 4 or 5 exist, isnt gonna make people quit playing killer, then you're stupid and possess the IQ of a carrot. If 1 killer leaves, 4 more survivor have to wait longer. I like the doc changes but the ruin change is absolutely dumb, if you think otherwise, you're either a god at dbd or just straight up awful. Behavior wants to make new people play the game but in that process the veterans are going to start leaving.

    Ruin change is what's going to make lobbies 20min+ instead of the already regular 5-10mins.

    Good job behavior, its sad people who play the game have a better idea of the balance than the people who made the game.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    At this point I don’t know if people read my dam thread .

    what I wanted to say is the game needs to stop being balanced around ruin .

    If ruin stays like this What killer would you buff? We know a lot need it but you can’t buff a killer right now since you can’t buff a killer with over65% killrate when the goal is 50%

    so what I would like to see is stuff to slow game down in base kit rather than having to equip ruin every game, like every killer be at spirit/ billy Level with longer gen times , i just don’t understand why people think all I want is for the killers is to be garbage, i gave suggestions to improve the gameplay further after this change but people are so attached to ruin they would rather keep it than see future buffs for killers that deserve it .

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Look at the wording in their post, looked completely baised and we only have people like you to blame lol.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    Just because someone agrees with a nerf to killers doesn’t mean they are biased , I’ve also gave suggestions to improve killer gameplay after this change, hopefully you get more mature and instead of saying people are biased because they disagree with you try to understand their point.

  • Well_Placed_HexTotemWell_Placed_HexTotem Member Posts: 824

    But think of how strong it is end game 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    The effect is basically worthless to anything more than one gen because,

    Lets say there are 4 survivors, one is being chased off their gen so it regresses, three others are still on gens NOT UNDER ANY SLOWING EFFECT.

    So the hex isn't helping where it needs to most, slowing down people so killers like trapper don't get [BAD WORD] on.

    So the theoretical "Creeping insidious threat" of this perk is nonexistent because the circumstance under it working implies that you can chase more than one survivor off a gen, and then if there were any survivors helping, they elect not to go back and continue working on the gen, which the idea of them not doing that ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY KNOW THE HEX IS IN PLAY, is so ass backwards.

    And by the time it musters up the fabled end game pity thrust of a disappointed [BAD WORD], the survivors will have either cleansed it or promptly [BAD WORD] off and cleanse it before it gets more than annoying.

    No hex lasts till end game unless you do something like Bloody coils and Oiled Springs Trapper with Thrill of the hunt.

    Because at it's core it's a hex that is designed to be late game, a very [BAD WORD] late game perk that is outclassed by literally every other hex, in a game that hex's don't last to late game.

  • Well_Placed_HexTotemWell_Placed_HexTotem Member Posts: 824

    If only the game had great perks for finding Ruin and removing it from the game... Perks that veteran players don't need because they know to just check by every gen until they find Ruin.

  • PennywisePennywise Member Posts: 114

    Since when is this game balanced around new player onboarding? All the top tier killers oblitarate new players, I would say even mid tier killers as well.

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    So, when do you think they are going to touch survivors over-reliance on deadhard, DS, Bt, Adrenaline, Prove thyself?

  • Well_Placed_HexTotemWell_Placed_HexTotem Member Posts: 824

    Devs: we made a mistake nerfing Freddy because newer players were having trouble

    Also Devs: hey we're destroying the best killer perk because new players can't hit skill checks or use Small Game

    Also Devs: hey Doctor is doodoo but we're gonna make him even worse because new players don't like madness or screams giving their position away as they Urban around the map

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    I wouldn’t call it over reliance because survivors don’t need many perks to survive, but if you were to tell me how about nerfing ds and borrowed and add base kit answers to camping and tunneling ( you know , like what I suggested for killers and ruin) I would agree with you

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Go read their post, they said "benefits of new ruin" and listed 3 benefits all for the survivor. If thats not baised i think you need glasses my friend.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    Yeah the doctor changes were terrible they gave him a 3 second cool down after shocking someone where he can’t use his primary attack, when the shock effect is less than that , like what’s the point?

    Thats what’s bugging me most

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    I play red ranks.

    I would bet hard money, like my entire steam invo that in the last 100 matches of DBD that there would be at least 2 ds's and 3 dead hards at red ranks per match.

    Because they are the meta perks.

    They are the survivor go to perks because they are objectively better.

    And thats fine, because like ruin, they had counter play.

    The only one I'd tweak is DS because if I hook another survivor, that's not tunneling.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    The game is balanced around new killers since the start of 2019, the year behavior started to try to increase their player base.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    This change may seem biased now, sure, but think for the future of what they can do to improve killer gameplay instead of balancing around ruin .

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    People talk about fixing gen times but they havent even fixed their hitboxes, yes they favor killer but i still dont like getting bullshit hits all the time. Dead hard is poo on Dedicated servers. Its high unlikely that theyre gonna be able to balance the game anytime soon, most "high end/good streamers/veterans" dislike the change as well, unless ofc theyre survivor mains bc they whine about everything.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 2,965

    Ruin getting nerfed has not removed my ability to win. I will still 2K-4K with Legion. However, it removes my ability to play nicely. I will have to sweat in order to have a chance.

    Tuennling and slugging will become much more prevalent, mark my words.

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    See, the problem is, if gen times were looked at I'd agree.

    But they won't be.

    Sounds have been broken for what, two? Three months now?

    Grabs are fubar.

    If that was an issue for survivors i'd be fixed in a fuckin week.

    The basement bug is a prime example.

    But no, they won't be looked at until killers make a mass exodus or something and by that point the games dug it's own grave.

    I know for a fact that there are about 30-40 people who are already on the "If this change goes through we are out" crew.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Exactly, I'm not gonna let the last two survivors do gens and get out when they have 2 dcs. Yes I'll bring in moris every 2nd game, yes I'll not feel bad moring people off of first hook. The only thing that was keeping green rank survivors from getting into red rank was ruin.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Make that another 10 because all my friends are quitting killer if this changes goes through without immediate gen timing fix.

  • BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34

    I hope I didn't miss an important point in the comments (I didn't read them all completly), but my opinion is as follows:

    I don't want to say things like "omg that will ruin (haha) the game" before I and others were able to test things, but at this point I don't think those Changes are that great. I play both sides pretty much the same and have a mediocre skill when it somes to great skill-checks. And I see it the way most peaople seem to: Look at gen speed or sometghing else for the early-game instead of this (I may post a concept for that later).

    A change to ruin isn't completly wrong, but this one is. Its a Hex-Perk and can be disabled. If you can't hit greats, go find it. Thats what I do (even at Rank).

    Some people say "If they nerf ruin because it is used to much, nerf BT/DS/...

    Those Perks are anti-tunnel and the devs can't do anything against tunneling in a passiv way (at least I can't think of something), its a playstyle (a [BAD WORD] one i know).

    Ruin is a different story like I said before. They can adress the reason why it is used that much.

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    The inherent problem is that the dev's pretty much refuse to look at this from the killers perspective for fun, just look at the patch notes, nothing in them states about playing from the perspective of doctor.

    Only how survivors feel, if you balance around that only, Killers are going to become miserable(Which they already have).

    Look at the nerf's to Oni and the basement bug.

    Both were things that made survivors unhappy, the bug was fixed within a week and Oni was tossed out quicker than a newborn on prom night to make it more fun for survivors.

    It took them nearly a YEAR to make freddy fun again. Legion.

    Man poor legion, I feel like the dev's owe them free blowjobs / whatever girls get and beer for life for how bad they gutted legion.

    Survivor changes always come as quick as they can but Killer changes come as slowly as possible.

    The sound bug that makes killer harder has been out for what, 3 months now?

    You know for a fact that if it was survivor sided that would be fixed within a week.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    The reason they fix survivor bugs quicker is because the player ratio 4:1. More people are affected by survivor bugs than killer bugs. But the amount of focus on survivor is too much at this point. Behavior is trying to shoot for the stars but the game is going to die like this and behavior is gonna trip and fall face into a gutter. But yes they owe legion players a big apology, freddy as well to a point.

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    I get there are more survivors so survivor things should come out faster, but it's kinda like getting backhanded for asking for a second bowl of milk when survivors are working on their sixth.

    If there is a bug that is screwing one side of the player base, it should be fixed at the same speed. It shouldn't be met with what feels like not giving a [BAD WORD] and then flat out hostility.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    I get that the devs are very slow in their balance but can we please stop calling them survivor sided it just doesn’t make sense. Also stop bringing up the fact that they fixed the basement bug in a week as a way of how biased they are , it was literally game breaking more than other bugs , even a week was too long for this kind of bug to stay .

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    You're clearly a survivor main, if it was upto you then you would remove pop, dying light freddy and moris from the game too.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    You are correct and I agree with you. But behavior apparently doesn't think the same. Survivors control the game now and not the killer, the opposite how it should be.

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