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Ruin change will not ruin killer gameplay



  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    I've been playing from the start and I'd say it's probably the third worst.

    Infinite SB was the worst, good luck catching any survivor that can wait 15 seconds then SB away.

    That took three [BAD WORD] months to fix.

    This Doc rework, it's garbage, they are literally taking one of the lowest ranking killers, and taking his power from him, something that was situational and hard to do right anyway, and basically turning it into what amounts to a once per survivor detection perk.

    This patch alone shows that they are incredibly survivor biased.

    Red ranked killers that aren't spirit or billy are screwed now.

    Matchmaking is being covered up so they don't have to actually fix it, which oddly enough favors survivors more than killers.

    Ruin is being basically Crl+Alt+del 'ed from the game for all it's use is going to be.

    Every time a killer gets a massive bug that survivors can abuse we have to wait months for it to be fixed.

    But survivors get bugs that mildly annoy them and it's fixed in a week or two tops.

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    Eyup, because why should murderous monsters that put people on meathooks be scary.

    Everyone knows they should just be glorified babysitters.

  • SlimyTacoSlimyTaco Member Posts: 109

    Wow ita really hilarious how killers are so fragile, its obviously a testing period so we can see which killers ACTUALLY needs buffs. I do damn fine with huntress, plague, and pig in red ranks. It comes down to skill, but not many killers have that so good luck during the testing period lol. Btw thanata on plague is op. Learn to use perks that benefits your killer, not one that covers your weakness and you will be much stronger.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    I play both sides sometimes i enjoy one side more than the other like anyone else

    I play ghostface spirit and sometimes freddy and plague , i know of the sound bug and it’s been there for ages and I’m not ok with that , i know plague sucks sometimes because she can’t use her power, I also have dying and pop in most of my builds and they are completely fine.

    now can you stop calling people they are survivor mains because they agreed with a killer nerf it’s getting kinda silly

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    Your comments and threads seem to put you overwhelmingly in the survivor camp there bud.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    People like you get morid off of first hook and then become a part of salty post game chat messages montage.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Nobody other than survuvor mains inn their right mind would think this is an okay nerf. Tru3, you know him?, watch his video. That should explain things.

  • BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34

    Please don't call each other killer/survivor-sided. It pretty much doesn't matter, conter the arguments when they make no sense instead. If a killermain has good feedback an reasonalbe points about a killer-nerf his main-role doesn't matter (same with survivors).

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    I agree with your points on how they hide matchmaking to not show how bad it is and how bad the doc rework is , it straight up nerfed him

    and I also respect the fact that you feel that the devs are biased , I can see where you are coming from , but I still think that the ruin change will lead to better changes in the future

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Its hard to do that when all the survivor mains have one thing to say. No facts, no valid points just a bunch of same repetitive lines. I've literally said i play both sides equally, survivor a little more. I explained how this is a bad idea with facts and figures. But i got the same response from these group of people we so fondly call survivor mains.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    Thank you for saying that some people still think that others are x sided because their opinion disagrees with their’s

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    Why should I agree with him ? Because he is popular? I get he is a good player but that doesn’t mean I should agree with him , also all he does is complain how broken this and that is ( killer or survivor)

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    It might, it might not.

    One thing i know for sure, that will be one slow painful change. 3-4 months of horrible killer experience at the very minimum, 20 min survivor lobbies, constant Moris and heavily toxic environment.

    When they nerfed DS it was not exactly a nerf so to speak but when ruin is nerfed, it's nerfed into the grave. Just doesnt seem fair, at all. Especially when theres no mention to change of gen times.

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 712

    INTERESTING! So your hag, a killer that moves at 110% movement speed, yea, you don't even use her, she's at level 1. Let me guess, you only use Billy, Nurse, Freddy, and Spirit? Yes, no [BAD WORD] you don't get why Ruin is needed, you have no knowledge of the game.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    He has much more experience than you, he's played every role and every killer more than you. He knows the game balance much better than you. You dont have to neccesarily agree with him, he just has really good points that make sense.

  • BenAcidBenAcid Member Posts: 34

    If they say the same wrong points every time you can easily state why they are wrong. If they don't react/only react with bs answers you can ignore them. I don't want to say you should ignore everyone that has a different opinion, but that pretty much happens right now with people saying "you are not objective, you are a X main". It just doesn't help, even igf it is true. Think that part, don't write it. It only makes the other person/side more tilted/salty.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,558

    I think your severely underestimating the impact of this..however..if this makes bhvr remove certain debilitation from killers *cough nurse* and improve the weaker ones..we all know who they are..I'll take that..the issue unfortunately is realistically this will take a very long while...regardless of how the game is affected

  • Helevetin_nopeeHelevetin_nopee Member Posts: 408

    "Killrate" "Statistics" looking at them will NOT help you balance the game at all.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    I can see where everyone’s opinion is coming from , i get it but I also saw the balance potential that would come due to ruin not being the balance goal , for a long time they have been balancing around the fact that you have ruin in your build , they should have increased gen times with this patch too, but we had to start with ruin , then we can move on to base kit buffs for killers after we see how they do , we just need to test it

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 2,343

    lmao, someone gives their opinion about why the ruin nerf isnt as bad and most people just shut him down without giving any constructive criticism on the matter.

    Just showing the killer bias in the forums once again.

  • UniquecalinUniquecalin Member Posts: 2

    First of all, I am not english so sorry for your eyes (:

    I am a new player here : started in november. I play a lot with friends as survivor. Just start since a weak to play seriously killer. I was a nice killer before just to did daily.

    At the beginning as a new player who hardly success excellent skillcheck I find hex:ruin op. And I can't count the number of time it pissed me off.

    But today I am gratefull the hex:ruin was here. Yes I failed a lot. But now I can easily say I can solo gens even when hex:ruin is present by only do excellent skillcheck.

    It force me too to learn where the hex/totem can be on the map. So another good point ! Now since I play killer its even more obvious to me.

    So to contribute to this discussion maybe it will not ruin the killer gameplay. But it will definitly ruin the level of futur new survivor player. And this make me sad.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    I literally explained how this is bad with facts, you're a whole ass clown arent you.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Its really obvious that gen times should've been increased with a heavy gen slowdown perk nerf. 80 seconds to maybe a 100? Nobody asked them to make gen times to 200 secs. This is yet another time killer problems are put aside until survivors are content.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    And that’s exactly what I said in a previous comment ,100 Would’ve been a nice start to test along side the ruin nerf.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,209

    I think you're right here. Many killers will just change that ruin perk slot for noed. Which in turn will work as a secondary objective as totems will become a priority as Noed will be the new 80% perk.

  • HexMoriMeMommyHexMoriMeMommy Member Posts: 192

    Here is the thing, I would be fine with a Hex:ruin nerf. If it came at the right time.

    But it's not. It's coming at a time when gens go faster than they arguably ever have before, and it's with no mention of trying to aid that.

    I don't need ruin to win, I need ruin to play nice.

    Because the 30's it saves me at in R1 games can be the deciding factor of having to sweat my ass off or play nice.

    But there isn't any changes for times.

    There isn't any changes for maps which have infinites or are way to big.

    There are only nerfs aimed at killers, so it's hard not to feel like you've been lined up at the firing range.

    A nerf like this should have come with a massive overhaul to gen times or map.

    But it didn't.

    It came with a slap in the face that was the doc rework then getting told to deal with it.

    And this comes after a long list of slaps to the face.

    Oni getting gutted of what made him fun after a week. One [BAD WORD] week to gut the killer because survivors wouldn't figure out how to adapt like killers are CONSTANTLY told to do.

    And here is the kicker, [BAD WORD] like this, things that make playing killer absolutely miserable.

    It takes months, in Freddys case a year and some change, to do [BAD WORD] anything for QOL changes for killers.

    You can see why at this point it feels like outright hostility from the devs despite whatever they say.

    Look at what Almo said.

    "New Ruin is extremely powerful late game. It must be a Hex Perk, or it would be OP as hell."

    What kind of [BAD WORD] is that?

    Hex: Haunted Ground doesn't last till late game!

    So what the [BAD WORD] is the point of a perk that is only good late game, that gets destroyed before late game?

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 28

    Would've been. But its not, which is exactly why people are unhappy about it. I would love to play killer without ruin in every game, if gen times weren't so horrendous and if swf wasnt so busted.

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 712

    Look bud, we get what you're saying, and it's sound logic all around. But if you've been dealing with this company for over two years, you know what's up. They aren't going to adjust gen times, they already said this in the past and I doubt they go back on it if they didn't have the forethought to include increased gen times or some other stall factor into the game.

    I mean I don't know how long you've been around, but, and don't take this the wrong way, you seem very naive to the indifferent nature to the relationship the devs have with killer play. I hate to bring up old [BAD WORD], but there is a video of Matheu Cote playing as hag against survivors where he is literally trolled for half an hour and has bright white light flashed into his eyes for at least 15 of those minutes.

    This was about a year and a half into the games lifecycle and only after that game, was a very openly and publicly discussed issue addressed... An issue that existed for 1 1/2 a year that caused some killers to stop playing because of epilepsy and it took over a [BAD WORD] year to address it.

    So no, we don't have much faith in the devs to fix major issues like one this will present. We can't even reliably count on future investigations on gen speeds as they adamantly spoke against adding time to gens because on so many words it would make the survivor experience less enjoyable

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 144

    They have said that they won’t change the gen times before this change,maybe they will now, and I doubt that the dumbest person on this earth would go through with this change without further improvements to the killer gameplay , it doesn’t sound right .

    also I’ve played this game back when it was first released on console for a month or 2 then started playing it again with the plague release, so I know what goes on in this game, I’m not what you call new

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 712

    But you just said you haven't played for that whole time, so basically yes, you are very new because the game today and since plague release is different from that period in 2016 when alot of OTHER [BAD WORD] was broken but eventually got fixed. Hell this game wasn't even owned by BHVR back then, the game literally changed ownership since then.

    And you weren't here for that period where flashlights were broken, infinites existed for too long, endgame wasn't even a thing and survivors could prolong their exit as much as they wanted while the killer was at the mercy of their boredom. You missed a whole lot of [BAD WORD] to be acting like you were here going through it with us all, again it belies your knowledge and experience

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