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Devs: you need to address the real reason people use Ruin

RetryRetry Member Posts: 36

You have to realize why so many people actually use it. You say it's because of the emblem - no, that's just not correct, and I do not believe that that is what you guys actually think. It's gens. It always has been. They are simply too fast. By the time you get to a gen on a bigger map, it's done - no skill involved, you cannot do a thing about it. They just pop way too fast in the early game, there's nothing you can do - you can't pressure gens if you can't even get to them in time to pressure them. The solution to that? Ruin. You don't nerf a fix to a problem without fixing the problem itself.

You have to sit back, and look at why it's actually used - and fix why it's used, before removing the bandaid. If you get rid of that bandaid before the antiseptic has done it's job, you'll get an infection - and that is what is happening right now. You need to address the gen speed, and then rework Ruin accordingly.



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