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GhostFace is too strong ):

AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,062

Whenever I play against GhostFace he's really frustrating because you can look at him and he just runs at you and you can't do anything unless you run away or throw a pallet.

His breaking out of stealth is better than it used to be but I swear whenever I play whatever role it's always working against me.

I think it's not a stretch to say that GhostFace is OP overpowered and he's just unfun to play against. People say oh this killer is worse but I disagree. GhostFace makes it impossible to get away because you can't even see him unless you're looking straight at him. I have a idea which might fix this broken killer. What if we turned GhostFace into a hex totem so that once it's cleansed the killer just disconnects.

This would put an end to camping, tunnelling and hooking survivors that you are playing against, and also slugging it'll counter that too. I can't believe no-one ever thinks outside the box when the answer is staring right at us.

There isn't enough balance and it is disappointing but I have hope that the Devs will right the wrongs they've made and this game will find itself listening to the playerbase for gameplay changes.

Also thank you for putting the new clown outfit on the free pass on the rift. I'm very excited to obliterating survivors off the face of the entity's realm with it.


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